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The Underground - A Hidden Reality and The True Story of Phil Schneider

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posted on Aug, 7 2012 @ 09:24 AM
reply to post by Druscilla

Well, I agree that there are plenty scam artists out there to make money off the gullable, but being open minded doesn't automatically make one gullable. I personally haven't paid one cent nor have I said I believed anything. I neither count not discount anything until I know it to be fact. Until then I remain an open minded skeptic!

Now on to something else, later!
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posted on Aug, 7 2012 @ 09:29 AM
I'm not trying to defend this guy's story because it's VERY out there (but entertaining
), but I have a question.

I want to know, and seriously, if anyone knows how difficult it would be for the gov to erase anyone's work credentials. If YOU work for the gov, how hard is it for them to simply say "no you never worked here," and erase your records. Is that an impossibility? Is that something that the US gov would not do because it is against the law?

I'm just saying, because if you, me, or this guy is deemed a complete liar due to another greater lie, then a situation turns all the more tragic.

posted on Aug, 7 2012 @ 09:47 AM
I do not know why some of his talk included the subject of aliens, surely 'flying saucers' had a big influence in his family because his father was a government insider, but I also don't know why Ron Rummel talked about aliens visiting, especially since some astronauts believe it true also, if it was a disinformation attempt to hide secret human technology.

Phil said that 62 of the DUMBs were built to house aliens, that is an obvious fabrication. it is clear that humans do not know about alien intentions and that the truth is the easiest thing to keep secret. Phil is convincing when he talks about the 1979 event, each time with stone cold eyes saying the aliens 'are mortal.' That is an interesting detail because possibly if you had seen an alien you may have thought it a ghost or something. His story doesn't change. John Lear had always thought that an alien was giving a class of some sort to scientists, and a security guard walked in breaching the alien's security.
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posted on Aug, 7 2012 @ 09:51 AM
I have read about the Groom Lake incident and the Dulce Manuscript.
Seen Mr. Schneider on some videos telling his story also, but I am in no way saying that
I believe any of the stories presented...and vice versa(not saying they aren't true).

I think that almost everyone in search of the truth has come across this material at one point or another.
We should all make our own conclusions. Lord knows that people and institutions do NOT lie! There has NEVER been a cover-up of any kind. No disinformation out there.It never happened because our government said it didn't. The end!

I happen to be the daughter of a Marine that participated in an event that never happened. The Bay of Pigs fiasco. Dad was 2nd Force Recon out of Camp Lejeune.And what he tells me happened, I believe! But out there on the internet, in official documents, many books...they all tell a different story. None of them say what he says happened!

So, I take everything with a grain of salt and consider the fact that sometimes crazy people do really tell the truth.

posted on Aug, 7 2012 @ 10:24 AM

Originally posted by Druscilla

Originally posted by WAKEYWAKEY
reply to post by Xarian6

How did he die, when no reference on wiki, any links anyone

The video you posted in your OP certainly contains this information.
The video you posted in your OP runs more along the lines of supporting and defending the Phil Schneider story.

The link you posted regarding the Phil Schneider Hoax does next to nothing in gathering or presenting evidence regarding his fabrications, but, if anything asks questions leading toward support of the fraud.

In reality, Phil Schneider was a complete pathological liar, a brain damaged schizophrenic, and a total fraud.
He may have actually believed the stories he told as being true, as is the case with many schizophrenics, but, such stories have no basis in reality.

Certainly the man's death was controversial, but, the controversy lies more so in how convenient his questionable demise in many eyes seems to validate his story, securing extra income to his estate postmortem.

One example of his lies that can be easily verified is his claims regarding his father.
He claimed his father was an SS Uboat 'captian'. Uboat commanders, for ther record were not called 'captians', but 'Commanders'.
The evidence lies on a site titled In the MYTHs section you'll find a number of entertaining stories that have circulated around the web regarding Uboats. - Mythis section
Concerning his father:

Kptlt. Otto Oscar Schneider on US secret projects

There is a story floating around that this said U-boat commander worked on some highly classified US National Secrets after the war. I believe he is reported to have been a commander of a VIIC or IXC U-boat in the Atlantic during the war.

The simple answer to this one is that there was no U-boat commander in WWII with that name. Only 2 commanders with that last name in the war; Herbert Schneider died while in command of U-522 and Manfred Schneider only commander the small XXIII boat U-4706 for the last 3 months of the war, never on patrol. This story is just that, a story.

In other words, Phil Schneider's father was NOT a Uboat commander.
The German military was extremely thorough when it came to keeping records. Records of every Uboat that was ever conceived, built, planned, constructed, or partially constructed are on file, even the super top secret experimental Uboats.
All of these are on file and accounted for, including crew manifests, commanding officers, weapons and armaments, tours, accomplishments, insignia/conning tower art, and the where/when fates of those that were destroyed.

Sites like are looked after and moderated by hobby/enthusiasts who are quite the sticklers for historical accuracy regarding their favored subject. Similar sites exist for vehicles, aircraft, ships, and many other weapons of war from all the nations involved in WWII.

Phil Schneider's stories are lies.

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Man you're an expert on a lot of subjects. Instead of trying to debunk everything that doesn't fit a certain agenda, why not post something interesting that no one here knows? Got anything good?

posted on Aug, 7 2012 @ 12:21 PM
reply to post by Bilk22

You're more than welcome to read over the thread I started on the subject of city destroying explosions in neolithic and bronze age culture here:

I've also an excellent thread about plans and designs out there that are available for anyone and everyone to build their own antigravity flying saucer craft here:

You may also be interested to learn, as part of your ongoing education, that you can click on someone's avatar or name to see their ATS profile where then you can then take a look at the posts they've made in other threads, as well as the threads they've authored.
You might know this if you spent less time criticizing personalities and attempting to make an effective argument for or against an actual topic.

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