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Anti-hunting mob urges Team USA shooter Corey Cogdell to shoot herself, advocates violence against f

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posted on Aug, 7 2012 @ 11:33 AM

Originally posted by Kastogere

Originally posted by trysts
reply to post by grey580

She's a disgusting human being, all proud of her privileged state of being able to murder harmless beings.

Gee your so right, she should murder harmful beings as soon as possible. And the most harmful beings on the planet are people....lets turn her loose in harlem and see what kind of trophy she can bag. Would this be acceptable to you?

Or does beef broth make yer stomach ache?

I don't know what you're trying to say? It appears your thoughts are not clearly organized.

posted on Aug, 7 2012 @ 11:43 AM
I am a old fashion country boy, born and raised on a .22, long bow, and compound bow.
I've been hunting, fishing and love my guns.

But even I view siting around 50 or more dead birds I just shot, pretty excessive, I mean I fail to find a point to shooting more than you'd eat, use. I dunno max is 1 to 8 for any single / family person's needs.

But to say the things that were said to her, is beyond human, it's asking for a electrocution from a static shock, ridiculousness. I find it funny how the animal protection people are normally more violent than those they go after.

Little too primal for my taste, we evolved for a reason, it wasn't to kill everything for sport, but it also wasn't to act like a animal either.

Does everyone understand that nature is a thousand times more brutal than humanity?

Yes humanity is violent, but most of us whom have evolved care about one another on at least the level of which we wouldn't want to cause harm to one another.
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posted on Aug, 7 2012 @ 12:18 PM
reply to post by grey580

Well.. That is a lot of game. I mean.. no limit? I support hunting, I don't care to do it if I want game meat, but I don't do it because I love to kill, it's for food.

Don't get me wrong those anti-hunting people are idiots, but geeze that pic shocked me a bit. Sure she may have given the meat away to the poor, but I don't kill animals for anyone, but me and my family.

Can anyone say.. what did she do with that meat? If it all went to waste then she does deserve to be shot in the knees.
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posted on Aug, 7 2012 @ 12:18 PM
reply to post by Moneyisgodlifeisrented

Exactly man. I came in here full ready to defend her and I saw that pic and was like.. christ.

posted on Aug, 7 2012 @ 02:34 PM
reply to post by trysts

More organized than you can interpret, its surprised more members here aren't fluent in it.

posted on Aug, 7 2012 @ 03:00 PM

Originally posted by RealSpoke
This lady is complete garbage. What a waste of life, energy, and food. Why would you take somethings life just to take a picture of it?


Do you honestly think that she killed the birds to take their picture?

I know that makes it seem worse for you to state it in such a way but it is hardly based in fact.

Truth is we have no idea what happened, what was done with the birds - if she bagged them all or if it was a group effort.. I understand is fits the anti-gun/hunting agenda to make it out to be hate fueled killing but can we have some perspective please?

posted on Aug, 7 2012 @ 03:15 PM
reply to post by Golf66

Heat is the factor you cant leave anything you plan on eating in the heat. Theres a difference between hanging meat in a cool dry place and lying it in a heap on the ground in the heat.

posted on Aug, 7 2012 @ 03:19 PM
I'm not against hunting, but I am really put off by that.

The reason why is simple, if all farmers hunted like that those magnificent birds would be extinct by now.

Hunting should be done in moderation, for survival, not trophy hunting.

What she's doing is over hunting. It's wasteful, especially if those birds are not going to be eaten, or given to people who could eat them.

I'd much rather see fake targets, such as clay pigeons, rather than that kind of crap.

But as far as those people who are against hunting goes, I don't care if they're against hunting, but wishing her harm is way over the top, and very deplorable, and hypocritical.

posted on Aug, 7 2012 @ 03:48 PM
Trophy hunting is wrong. If you can't or won't eat it, then don't shoot it.

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