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Each one is unique [APWC]

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posted on Aug, 6 2012 @ 01:42 PM
My friend told me that there were things around us which did not move. Being a young wave I hadn't had a chance to see the wonders a stationery object. Everything around me always moves, nothing stays in one place for too long. I have even heard of tales in which there are waves 100 times taller than I am that always move. I had to see these objects which did not move.

I felt the wind blow on my back and knew if I could grow larger I too may be able to see the mysterious world known as land. With all my might I pushed against the wind-which in turn made me taller. I stood as tall as I could and before I knew it I could see the land people talk about. I could see colors I have never seen before, and I could see strange animals covered in colors running and even playing not too far from where I was.

I don't see the harm in getting a closer look. So I began pushing against the wind with all my might and with a whisk I was rolling toward the shore. I was curious why so many objects stayed in one place without ever seeing the rest of the world. I am the only curious one?

After leaving I couldn't find an answer why so many beings are content with staying right where they are now. Have they no questions that need further asking? I felt sorry for these people who stood their ground for so long, and were mislead, only realizing it at the edge of it all.

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