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The endless cycle [APWC]

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posted on Aug, 6 2012 @ 08:20 AM
I watched you grow into the man and woman you are. I watched your smiles and laughter dwindle away as the imaginary society slowly left it's mark in your lives. You pass by me every day, without a single hello, or an acknowledgement. You are all grown up, and yet... you have forgotten.

You have forgotten me, when you sit on the soften grass. You forgotten me when you suck dry my darkened blood. You forgotten me when you played along the beach while my tides washed gently your fragile feet.. Sometimes I feel you might remember, but you pick up your cellphone instead. It's okay, I understand, It's your boss, you needed to pick that phone up. I still love you even if you don't remember. All mothers love their children, even if they do forget.

It is lonely these days, but I have company. The sun, however, is not feeling so well. He's been angry lately, Perhaps he caught a cold? Would explain those nasty flares that keeps popping up. Surprisingly, he smiles when his arctic children awe's at the result. It makes him happy knowing you are happy.

I am feeling sick too. The sun promised me I will feel better soon. Perhaps he is waiting to help when his flu is gone? Poor thing, every day he spreads his love, only to be ignored. The moon isn't doing so well either, hasn't spoken a word since its creation. But she helps me keep the lands clean with her ability to influence my tides. During the darkest of nights, she displays her majestic light, guiding souls into the correct path. Even of she too get's ignored, I know she is happy deep inside to know her children too are safe.

It is okay my loved ones, I love you always, even if you do not remember us. We understand you are stuck in the endless cycle of monotony. We understand your struggles. Take what you need, we will love you, even after we are long gone. We hope you will survive and we hope one day you become as majestic as us.


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