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posted on Apr, 26 2003 @ 04:44 AM
With every age comes another revival of fears about the world comeing to an end. They saw events and personaly experienced what they knew too be the end of the world. But the planet wasn't destroyed and the messiah never came to punish and redeam. But did he?
Many people say Christ has blessed them with his very presence, I don't dispute them. But whos to say Christ ever truely left, when a loved one dies we tell each other they never left, but that they dwell inside of us. Or our memories keep them alive, and that we will always have them with us. Can't that be the same with the Christ? Or more to the point isn't that how it is. Perhaps Christ and his message are simply that, besides what does anyone have to lose by liveing by the word of Christ. All he ever said was to Love one another as we would them us, and to forgive the tresspasses of those who tresspass against us. What do we have to lose, nothing, and everyone who meets you will remember you to be a good and careing person. I don't go to church, I find it a heresy, as God only ever alowed one temple to be build for his grace, and solomon was that person. Besides the church is the group or body of believers as a whole. I find myself drawn to topics of the end times, and I find valuable lessons in them. The most valuable one I ever learned,
Was to make the most of time at hand. Meaning don't take for granted what we have, NOTHING, because before we know, it will be gone. And to me thats the end of my world.

Everyone who has questions about the end times heres some good links I found.

long but very interesting

this is native american beleifs, I find them to be too true.

Look up "Jesus Jones - Right here, right now", and listen to the words. That fits me perfectly as how to I feel, but it makes sence too. Please don't blow off the song, it has a valid message.

posted on Apr, 28 2003 @ 01:55 AM
Hey Lurker.. Ive read alot of your posts and you seem to have a handle on your beliefs in the Lord and for that matter Jesus Christ. In this post you said that you dont go to church and that you are concerned about the end of time. I thought I would drop you this line because I care about everyone and tought I could maybe enlighten you on a couple of things. No you dont have to go to curch to be saved or to worship God. [By the way.. if you dont mind me asking...Are you saved?]But the Lord says to be around fellow christians in the church and do good works unto the church for the word of God being brought to the people in the church by God through the preacher is spiritual food for his children..for satan tries to get one out of church away from the word of God...tries to choke the word of God out of the Lords children. So I do believe one needs to go to church to recieve what the Lord has for you and to lead and guide you through this life. I dont have enough time to tell you all the things that I want to about these being the end times...for it is at hand..for the anti-christ is here..for his name is up on him on the net....This generation will not pass without seeing the Lord Jesus Christ return!!!

posted on Apr, 28 2003 @ 06:19 AM
I came across this whilst looking for something else.
Its an exert from a speech made by the Pope in April '98 where he appears to hint heavily that the end times are indeed upon us. Interesting if nothing else.

"History is moving towards its end"


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