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Tekkron - Kara

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posted on Aug, 3 2012 @ 12:47 AM

"They labelled us, dissidents, food peddlers, anarchist whatever they called us we were just surviving, scavenging off old technologies this is what was left of the human race after the event that changed everything."

"We knew it was coming, we all watched it evolve, I remember a lot of talk about this or that, but we did nothing about it, we just talked."

"Like a tank they rolled right over us, crushing any resistance. Sure a few brave enough tried to stop it, but they where prepared and well organized. Like sheep they slaughtered millions of us with bio weapons. Now all that's left are the few who survived and escaped on the outside. Not everyone died though, They took the ones that chose to go, the generations of propaganda and the encouragement of the unconscious addiction to their money was enough for the weak to follow. Some say they where the chosen, I say it was a weak decision based on self preservation and fear."

"That was 238 years ago, now we fight for what is left. it is a war between two factions of human beings. while GenTech provides for the "Chosen" humans that now live in the mega cities fortresses around the globe, what is left on the outside shelter under the protection and banner of the Tekkron. Though we have an edge, we have evolved, without the shackles we realized what we are, what they had hidden from us for eons."

The students watch with intense interest as Kara finishes explaining the overview of our history.

Her eye's, crystal blue, depicting no bodily pollution, fit and muscular she has seen many conflicts against the GenTech Corp. She was one of the first, a warrior and leader defending the weak and helpless, she commands the Amero national division of Tekkron special operations forces.

She is 218 years old this summer and well versed in communication with the Source. A lot has changed, humans where no longer stymied by the old ways, we have evolved in more ways than one, but it is only a few that have mastered the practice.

"That is all we have time for today students." The teacher announces, "We appreciate your time Kara." The students begin to pack up there books, "No problem at all, anytime." Kara smiles and waves to the students as she leaves the room.


This is just an intro to the rest, hope its worthy.


posted on Aug, 3 2012 @ 01:31 AM
I feel like a little worm on a big hook......
You better have endings for these story's,
or at least be working on em.

posted on Aug, 3 2012 @ 08:02 AM
(Going Hunting..)

"Walk with me,
What have you got?"

Kara walks a long the tunneled shaped corridor towards the command room followed by her sigcom officer.

"Intel reports from the southern sectors inform heightened activity of GenTech troops in the area, Summer patrols no doubt, nothing out of the ordinary all things considered."

She stops short of the doorway to the command room and faces off against the officer.

"That's not what I was referring to, what of my son?"

That split second pause, suggested something ill, she can read the body language like a book.

Her piercing stare, crystal blue,

"There's been no ping from the southern command on this for the past 10 hours, The last packet received; They had completed the mission but since then his squad went black, recon hasn't reported anyone leaving from the southern Citadel since then, so they assume his crew are still on the job and are currently standing by for further packets."

She watches the question's flash in her mind as if it came from the crown of her head,

Did he make it out? did he get it done?

"What's the mission count..?"

She's attuned to the feeling swirling inside her, something is wrong.

"15hr.34minutes.. and counting"
She grits her teeth.

"Too long.."

Barking orders as she enters the command room, officers stand fast and salute as she passes.

"I want all of his mission intel, and current recon data of that Citadel Now! Spam them to my personal Giga com, Let the southern command know I'll be in country within 18hrs,

Get the boys together, were going hunting.."

"Yes Ma'am!!"

The Boys,

Ex-Ray Squad, of course .. what else.
Hardened elite warriors, that would die if commanded to, to protect and serve the greater good of the Tekkron Generation, there mixed heritage stems from the American Navy Seals, Marines, and Rangers, when the event went down people chose sides because of the horrors they witnessed.
These are men who stand for the just and now follow Kara into Hell.

She watches like a movie in her mind, emotion is the real vision here sight is secondary so the image always seems blurry.

Like a light had been turned off, the energy leaves the area fast, but before it goes she hears that two toned pulse.

The feeling of falling, then the Flash of white light snaps her out of sleep,

Looking around, letting her vision adjust to the interior of the eagle eye's personnel transporter, The engines in full motion. A heavily armed and armored soldier stands as a silhouette above her, The whisper "2 minutes to move." Shades of red against the cabin wall as it soon switches green.



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