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Perhaps its ALL about Nibiru

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posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 10:34 PM
Can you visualize this scenario?

4000 years ago before Nibiru/the 10th planet crossed our orbital path the elite leaders of that time had already built a series of tunnels and megalithic structures to live in in attempt to survive EMP and seismic catastrophes that wiped out 90% of the population and all of the civilizations that existed 8000 years ago during planet X previous pass.

They still had scant records ( like our bible, baghavad gita etc) to warn them of the previous pass and their research revealed not only the destruction but also ideas on how to survive and profit from The Destroyer.

Nibiru maybe composed of a metallic, and highly magnetic material and the resulting radiation wipes unprotected minds clean like a magnetic degausser would erase a VCR tape. The population that survives unprotected by lead /or living deep underground wander mindlessly about sort of like a zombie apocalypse.
The good foresight and research by the elitists reveal that upon their venturing back to the surface world some childlike innocent humans may survive that could be "used" as slaves who would foolishly believe that the elitists are "gods". Of course to play it safe these elitists removed all weapons from the hands of the masses before the planetary crossing to further insure their safe return to the surface.

What the elitists did not consider was the texts they used for research mentioned other beings, spirits or aliens?
The elitists discounted this as myth or fiction but upon venturing out of their hiding places to reclaim the surface they discovered that the aliens had the exact same plan and had previously executed this plan during the previous event.

Of course a war followed (very similar to biblical accounts of a war in heaven) and the aliens were run off but the elitists took a beating and the humans who were to be taken advantage of had their "eyes opened"

Fast forward to Today............

Perhaps Nibiru is a myth or is real? Perhaps we are plagued by supervolcanoes or we inadvertently open a portal to another dimension experimenting with supercolliders?

But the other events occur as they did in an ancient past?

posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 10:54 PM
I may be wrong, but a planet sized object with enough magnetism to wipe everyone's mind clean would probably dislodge Earth from it's orbit, rendering the planet useless after Nibiru's very first pass.

Good theory, though.
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posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 11:54 PM
reply to post by partycrasher

I really like your style..

I have thought from this angle and still do now.

I am not sure it is nibiru,
or a black hole,
or a star,
or a dimensional rift,
or imagination,
or pole shift,
or what...

But I have connected these same dots many times.
Your story line has a VERY odd ring of truth to it,
Somewhere deep down in my soul...

posted on Aug, 3 2012 @ 07:52 AM
It wouldn't need to be a Niburu. It could be any global cataclysm they knew was coming, whether natural or artificial. I have read similar theories to this one before.

My thoughts... If those with the money and power in this world thought they could pull something like this off, they most likely would try. But it would take a network of the richest, and most powerful men/women in the world. They would need to be ruthless, merciless, and heartless. But above all, exceptionally cunning, and have the best minds in the world at their disposal. They would also need a damage control team, and a propaganda arm to keep the masses as ignorant as possible, and to help cover unavoidable mistakes...Oh wait......

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