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Crop Circle in Washington State - USA

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posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 06:38 PM
On July 31st, 2012 after reading about the Crop Circle formation showing up in Washington State I went outside and looked at the full moon with my telescope.

I saw nothing unusual but then something crossed over in the path of my telescope.

See the attached object in .png format.

You can view the image at the following link that I have uploaded to my Photo Bucket Account.

Taken from various emails sent to Mark Fussel at Crop Circle

It looked like large bird but it could have been a satellite or even something else. It didn't have a tail like a bird either but only wings and a central tubular area that the wings were connected.

It could have been the same thing that created the Crop Circles so perfectly.

Becaus of its design the lower wing would used to center and stabilize the object while it turned around in circles the larger upper wing being the arm that created the field that caused the wheat stalks to be bent.

Its also interesting that Crop Circles are usually seen in wheat fields. Why not corn fields, rye or barley fields. I have never seen a Crop Circle in a cotton field either. There must be some significance between the wheat field and the Crop Circles creator or creators.

Email from Mark Fussel

It looked like large bird but it could have been a satellite or even something else. It didn't have a tail like a bird either but only wings and a central tubular area that the wings were connected.

Well the shape remains me of a American B-2 Stealth Bomber, maybe a new orbital stealth bomber not yet announced publicly

No it wasn't a new type of stealth bomber or fighter as I was using a very powerful eye piece that allows me to see the craters their self.

The object that I saw was moving slow enough for me to catch a glimpse of it. If it would have been a stealth craft it would have been moving far to fast for me to recgonize its shape. There is only about a two second viewing window between the telescopes lense diameter and only something moving slow enough would have allowed me to differentiate the object as a blur or something else.

Here is something else to consider when investigating crop circles.
I grew up on a farm where we grew soybeans, wheat and corn.

I have walked through such fields and I can tell you that if a human did the bending that it would be very difficult to bend each stalk even with a board in the manner of perfection that the crop circles are made. I know how each type of stalk breaks and I can tell you that each type of stalk breaks or bends differently when they are dry and almost ready for harvest.

Each plank used would not be able to be precisely placed to create such perfection as seen in the crop circles.

But what could be used would be a form of Nanobot (very small robots) that can be injected into the stalks of each wheat shoot where a magnet would be used to control the Nanobots movement to injest the atoms within the stalk to control and bend them in perfect fashion as seen in the many images that have not been made by humans.

Another way to determine if the crop circles were made by humans is too use specially trained dogs that are able to pick up the scent of a human. Humans are very sucretive creatures and give off funny smells that will cling to the stalks when a human brushes against them even if the human is clothed.

The notion that humans merely walked along the tire tracks made by the tractors in the field can also easily be upended.

The tractor tread on the tires would leave a very definative depression in the dirt as well as in the stalks their self. This pattern can be seen by creating a mold of the tracks made by the tractor and equipment it pulled.

Once the pattern has been made various points would be located on the display that would relate to the high and low points that the tractor tread made while bending the wheat stalks.

Since the tractor and equipment pulled would only make one pass with the stalks naturally raising back up after the pressure of the tires due to the weight of the equipment having been removed the pattern would remaine the same.

If a human walked over the tire tracks to the area where the crop circles are made they would leave a telltale sign of their movevment as any new pressure and weight upon the stalks would disrupt their natural return to their state of rest after the tires and equipment had passed over them.

I would alert the English Country side to be on the lookout the next couple of months for a crop circle to appear in the UK. Keep those telescopes pointed towards the Moon on full moon nights or any time that moon is out. I think that the Crop Circle Probe might be using some advanced technology to gather energy from the Sun that is reflected off of the Moon to power its systems.

It would also be a good thing to establish a new system of monitoring the wheat fields. There are very cheap cameras that one can buy for under $100 that can be placed to view wheat fields. Wal-Mart is a good choice. These camera's can operate off of the moonlight or their own IR lighting and record sound as well.

I would also invest in creating a system or network where basic telescopes can have recording equipment added to them so that when they are fixed on the Moon they can record it all night long. Make certain that the program created operates by tracking the luminosity of the Moon where the program will turn the telescope on its mount based upon tracking the most light that its lense is able to absorb, which should be the moon.

This program can be ran off of a Toshiba C655 with 8GB of RAM.

I'm not certain if there is any equipment on the market that allows recording equipment to be attached to a basic telescope such as Telestar telescope but if there is then it would be a cheap way of getting as many viewers to record the Moon as possible from alot of different angles across the UK.

What makes me think this is that when a full moon is out its light would cast enough light on humans trying to make Crop Circles because of the shadows that would be made.

But with an object such as I have seen there would be very minimal shadows cast if any at all thus allowing the probe to go about its work even if a passerby notices strange areas of the field laid over which most would think that the wind has caused.

Here are a few guidelines to follow when determining the crop circles originality.

1. Did the crop circle appear after a full moon, half moon, quarter moon or crescent moon? If so then it was mostly done by an alien probe. If a crop circle appears after a no moon night then it would be 50/50 most likely done by humans but that doesnt say that it still wasnt done by a human.

1a. When Crop Circles are created and found either after a type of moon or no moon at all it could be a sign from the makers of the circles to the location of something important . "For here between the light (moon) and the darkness (no moon) you will find me.

posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 06:43 PM
Maybe what the circle makers are telling us is that when the sun and moon are at an equal state of equillibrium meaning that both are present in the sky at the same time that the area between them where the smallest distance is that if telescoped are pointed in that area that the circle makers homeworld will be located.

2.Did the crop circles show up after a windy night? If so then perhaps humans could have created the circless hoping that the wind would blow away their scent from the stalks.

3.Extend or extrude the crop circles all the way into the night skies until their pattern of arrangements intersects with possible planetary alignments which could the aliens way of showing us where they are or where new planets that are habitable are located. Extrude the crop circles through both sides of the Earth so that their patterns can be used at both ends of the axis of linear plotting.

4.When crop circles are found take a circle template and place a circle in between the two circles drawing a circle half between the two points of contact. When such connections have be made between all of the circles on the perimeter erase the center to discover something new.

4a. I have done this with various crop circle patterns and have found many new things. One I found what looked like a large headed human bowing towards me with a sword with its point towards the ground in the center of its body.

Others merely ended up being scribbles and without coherence.

The true crop circle makers will have left behind hidden information in their circles for us to find while the fake crop circle makers will not know of the hidden message therefore making their designs seem confusing.

posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 06:44 PM
looks like that picture is not really representing

posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 06:53 PM
The reason why I say such a probe could be using Nanobots is because such technology is being used in the treatment of cancers where the same process of the Nanobot being controlled by mangets and then ingesting various fluids of the body that is then used to create a propellant to move the Nanobot via magnets is being tested in German labs.

Such technology would already have been developed by a race that would use that magnetic fields of Earth to place their probe where the Nanobots are deployed from the upper wing of the probe and while the probe turns in a graceful dance the control mechanism of the probe directs its magnetic fields in such a manner to bend the wheat stalks with such precision that can only come from bending the very molecules of the wheat stalk from the inside.

When a human steps on a wheat stalk we do not have any control over how the molecules are displaced inside the structure of the the stalk but a Nanobot Swarm would be able to precisely place each molecule to make the wheat stalk bend over at the exact place it needed bent so that the wheat could still grow and be harvested while conveying the message.

posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 06:57 PM
reply to post by cayote

The image that I saw was mostly dark because of the light of the Moon.

I am currently redoing the image adding some things that would make the image that I saw seem more like a probe.

What was interesting was that on the top of the cylinder there was a brighter light that glowed differently than the Moon's light did.

If the object had been a bird then the light from the Moon which is a reflection of the Sun itself would have been absorbed by the creature.

But since there was a reflection of light at the top of the cylinder the object was most definately metallic in origin as most birds do not reflect Moonlight during the nighttime.

posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 06:59 PM
reply to post by cayote

yeah I agree with you that picture is kinda weak. Give me something I can sink my truth seeking teeth into

example :



have some pride this is ATS...............

posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 07:00 PM
Please contribute to the existing thread on the WA State Crop Circles - H E R E -


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