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Did the US cause Fallujah's birth defects?

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posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 06:16 PM
nah, the iraqi's in fallujah have been having 3 armed babies for decades now.

posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 06:19 PM
you have to wonder who thinks those things up lets stick some du in this mmmm .fluride in the water some aspartame in this ? sick man war crimes who are the nazis now

posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 08:31 PM

Originally posted by randomname
nah, the iraqi's in fallujah have been having 3 armed babies for decades now.

Do you have any proof of this??

posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 08:35 PM
reply to post by ninjas4321

Oh? Like they had birth defect data before the war did they?

posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 09:17 PM
Dear Ninja, ATS Readers, Writers,

S&F for bringing this AGAIN to everyones attention..yeah, to most of us it is kinda old news, but so what...It is good to be reminded of unsolved, or unprosecuted crimes.....

So here we are 12 yrs or so into this poo post 9-11, and that isnt counting the previous pre 9-11 skirmishes..and massacres.

Do you, (rhetorical you), feel SAFER NOW 12 years later? Still cant find that truckload of LOST FREEDOMS?
Like having your world and life be an OPEN BOOK to intrusive government snoops, and whatever? Great isn't it!

And now we are bankrupt and so corrupt... and actively engaging and enraging three large armies and their leaders. Iran, Russia, China... MAKES SENSE TO ME!!! NOT... geezus... hard to fathom really. Alice in Wonderland economics, and testosterone squirting, and bloated chest posturing by ALL involved... sigh. God help us...

Oh Ninja, you must be new to this alternative news arena?... no worries... it is ALWAYS fantastic to see another sheep turn human and leave the mesmerized flock, of robots...repeating Main Stream Media sound bytes, thinking they are being intellectual and keeping INFORMED.. HA!

Yeah man, some oh my god pics been out for a long time.. search for them only if you have a strong stomache..

The depleted uranium rounds, when it contacts steel at those velocities, it turns into this killer radioactive mutant dust s**T..(after it blows the tank or whatever to smithereens);. that will make you get cancer and have kids that look like a pineapple and jellyfish cross.

So hell yes, it can be "linked" to the depleted weapons used in the area. Sad eh?

Yes, a international court would most likely call it war crimes..but "historically" for anyone to get hit with war crimes, they have to have LOST A WAR, and been captured alive, and brought to trial.

It took how many years to drag in the SOB who slaughtered thousands of SERBS, ??? You cant tell me they didnt know where this SOB was at all that time. HE ran out of payoff money, and someone cashed him in for reward..

Me thinks history will show in the FUTURE; that many war criminals of this current world mess, got away SCOT FREE, and holed up IN SOUTH AMERICA like some of those in the 3rd Reich did post WW2.

Yes the military does employ brainwashing, and quite heavy on the patriotic.. I know, was there, during Viet NAm.

The military takes the oath to protect Constitution, and OBEY Commander in Chief. It is the democratic form of electing a leader, that we are supposed to elect the right guy, one who will NOT lead the nation astray, or into foolish waters, or trample on the God given rights stated in the Constitution.. yep, it SOUNDS real good dont it; but it all turns into bull#...when...

The "Powers That Be" ONLY give you TWO choices, and BOTH suck like a HOOVER VACUUM CLEANER..lmao! You get to "choose" between two bought and paid for political whores, and who YOU think will be the lesser of two evils. Great huh? You still wind up with an "evil lesser"!

Many I know write their Congressmen and ladies in protest and anger...Years ago they would at least send a "canned response" with a rubber signature stamp by some good looking tart of a secretary..HE/SHE NEVER read your letter! If they write on this upcoming bill, send them THIS CANNED RESPONSE..etc.

Nowdays, and for a long time, they dont even give a poop, and NEVER respond... it dont matter that like 75% of people inthis country are really tired of all this war crap, bankrupting the nation, losing our moral compasses..being villified as the 21st Century NAzi's even, and they GOT PRIME examples for the correllations too! dont look good in post WW3 for many of our neocon leaders..if the "west" loses big time.

While you can PROBABLY gather lol.. I am major anti-war.. yet still a conservative person.. very staunch on some things, yet easy going on

I still have the upmost respect for our fighting forces.. and yes, they are JUST FOLLOWING orders, cuz well, that is what soldiers do, period. They also DIE, get wounded, and/or surrender, or go home screwed up in the head from what they went through or witnessed happen.

Situations DO get thrust upon people and is not the innocents fault.. they are just the sacrifice for the day, when the hell comes to their doorstep. ALL to achieve some cabal of elitists goals...

I have always prayed there is an extra hot spot in hell for those who are the real guilty ones. Soldiers are sorta guilty but WAY less so by proxy.. WHO throws/sends these fine lads into the fury of conflict, to be wasted on the field of battle, or to forever have their minds a tad twisted from it all, scarred even? Who foments and finances? There is your beginnings of a WHODUNNIT war crimes list..

There is another "uranum" thing, that over time will bring along milder, yet no less serious mutations..and that is Fukushima..but thats another thread


posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 10:46 PM
reply to post by pravdaseeker


And Its only going to get worse.

posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 10:47 PM
reply to post by ninjas4321

well if you find footage from the falluja war and you watch the helicopters spray phospherous rounds at the city i would say yes Go USA!

posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 10:58 PM
It is looking like we used Fallujah as a test bed for modern urban combat. Evidence looks to be that something is causing an increase in Birth Defects, most probably the DU left behind. War is never a pretty thing, usually it's the innocent that suffer the most. There isn't a good answer, do you let more U.S. casualties occur or do you use everything you have to prevail with minimal U.S. losses?

posted on Aug, 3 2012 @ 01:58 AM
The US has always used Chemical weapons ... you want me to tell you a real horror story?

Think, Mai Lai, Vietnam ... a platoon of soldiers raid a village, and murder women and children... Amongst these children infants. It was reported by several reporters at the time, and since there was a huge anti-war movement i the US, it got attention. There was a congressional hearing on it, and guess who appeared on stand ... yes, no other than Colin Powell. Who said that he wasn't with his platoon at Mai Lai ... ever heard of a soldier, taking a vacation from is his war and then being called to the stand, to witness about what happened in his platoon during his absence?

During the Vietnam war, the US used "Agent Orange", a pestisite that was intended to "destroy" the forrest, which was in the way of effectively fighting the war.

There is no measurement to count the deathtoll from the destruction of food supplies, and direct contact with Agent Orange ... but you can safely count them in the millions. Agent Orange was intended to destroy crops for the rural population, and since this "rural" population didn't have an official registered count, nobody cares that millions died.

This is just the beginning ...

During the Vietnam war, the US also used firebombs on villages that were primarily built from wooden material. These incindiary bombs, were used by US airforce in their campaign agains Germany and Japan. They were used on populated areas ...

10 March 1945: 334 B-29s dropping incendiaries destroy ~267,000 buildings; ~25% of city[6] (Operation Meetinghouse) killing some 100,000

Such bombs as above, were much more effective in the Vietnam war, and were used, as said earlier, against rural aeras. Against an unregisered rural population, where the effectiveness was probably close to 100%, given the kind of housing these rural areas in Vietnam had.

This is the history of the United States, it has mass murdered millions of civilians with chemical weapons, since WWII. And it is protected by it's allies, so it never has to stand trial for it's war crimes.

Let me give you a clue ... murdering Ghaddaffi, is a war crime. Every war, that the United States has EVER participated in, they are guilty of multiple war crimes. This is why they demand, under threat of Nuclear War, to stay clear of the Haag, and other war crime tribunal areas. And why they "demand" on unilaterally controlling it. You did know they unilaterally control the tribunals, and that they are completely immune to any charges?

Let me give you an example ... the "War on Terror" is a crime, in and by itself. Because wars cannot be declared on Adjectives, and they cannot be declared on individuals. Creating a War on Terror, and murdering millions of people, to Capture Usama bin Ladin, is a war. Because "War" cannot be declared, or made responsible by individuals ... because they arent fought by individuals.

George Bus demands Saddam Hussein stand trial for what his commanders did, then so should George Bush stand trial for what his commanders did ... however, that is not the right thing to do. Even though Mr. George Bush is an idiot .. he's not responsible for what happens in the field. However, he is repsonsible for declaring an illegitimite war. Even if George Bush was a dictator, even as such he is not capable of doing it all by himself ... even if surrounded by a handful of loyal idiots, these loyal idiots are still not capable of dictating an entire nation.

However the US has during these times, used the blame game. They let the people of Germany "crucify" Hitler, to free themselves of guilt. It wasn't Hitler who pulled the trigger, it was the German population that did that ... but the US, fools the Germans to think they can "sacrifice" Hitler, and free themselves. The same thing applies, to Iran, Iraq, and China. Mr. Mao Tse Deng, didn't perform the cultural revolution on his own. The people of China did. The US uses these cituations, to make the population feel guilty and then gives them the way out ... by letting them make a "blood sacrifice".

The US and it's allies, are evil incarnate.

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posted on Aug, 3 2012 @ 02:19 AM
Here is an example, of why the US is evil incarnate.

Never since Rome, has "murder" and "torture" been seen as entertainment. But the US with Hollywood, has revived the tradition of Colloseum, by making "murder", "crime" and "torture" a popular entertainment. Today the youngsters watch movies like "Nightmare on Elm Street".

Nobody even tries to claim Rome as being a good thing ... it's a horror story, of ancient times.

But the US, with it's allies, and it's mass production in Hollywood has made war, murder, rape and mutilation a common public entertainment. This population reads news on Hitler, and says he's a bad man, then go to their homes and turn on their TV sets, to watch "WAR, live on CNN". The next news article, "The police shoot man on street, watch it live on CNN". In the evening, people sit down in front of their TV sets, waiting for the news on Bagdad, live ... to see the bombing of Bagdad.

To the public, it's entertainment.

And when it gets too boring, and the fireworks get to be too common. They go watch a movie instead, "The walking dead". "The texas chainsaw massacre". And the next talkshow, "Pat Buchanan, on: should we really murder Saddams sons". We're talking murder here, and it's dicussed publicly on TV, as an entertainment for the public ..

This, ladies and gentlemen ... is the United States of America. Murder, War, Mutilation, Rape ... they are entertainment.

And then these sick people go on and say It's horrible look, she's got bare titties! when looking at a statue. And her titties, must be covered ... live on TV.

Sex is a bad thing, War and murder is good entertainment.

That is the United States of America, and it's allies.

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