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My general

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posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 02:28 AM
My general is there waiting. Like the good hunter, waiting. The panther in his shadow. The lion in his prairie. He is ever ready. He is ever willing. His will is like his army pushing forward. His resolve like the steal of their trade.

He is his people´s champion. As long as his sword and his shield are firmly gripped in his hand, free men will walk his land. As long as the reins of command are in his grip, we can be led to victory. It has been done before with less history echoes speaking to him over and over. If he is our last loyal patriot, we would still follow one more one last time.

He is our last humble hero but stands as mighty as our enemies assembled in their gala.

His loyalty is never wavering. His courage he never questions. His warriors are like roaring lions under his command. His people the most noble. His honor, immaculate. For god and country is his bond.

His war is his people´s. His heart is committed to his people and their legacy. His duty is a sacred tradition. The defender of his people. From times lost, to now, he defended his tribe from wolves to his kingdom´s throne from evil men of ruin. He now defends them from the greed of the opportunistic hands of his people´s enemies. He protects his tribe form other tribes of ruin, their kingdoms of defeat.

If he would just lead us, we would follow him to freedom.

His people, his treasure. His country, his sanctuary. He exists. He exists. Out there in a sea of armies and generals. a enless sea of Kings and noblemen. He is there, for us waiting. One last hero. One last champion for us if ruin so be unavoidable.

To be buried with the dignity with which we lived. Defiant of tyrants. Slayers of goliaths. Keeper of the righteous and the meek. The cold and tired. The spark of the light of life in mandkinds eye.

We will follow him and his rally call.

Lead us into our salvation. Deliver us from our enemies and grant us the peace that you yourself have earned.

Our general lives. We will answer his call. Even if he be the last. With him we shall stand.

So say we all.

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