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As Though Folly is Love...

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posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 12:55 AM


As I stare into the Eternal Vistas
Yearning for a love to set me Free
Forever, I wander through Seven Seas
Seeking the Truth, Forever my soul is beckoning me

Wanting to Rise above the Mist
I cannot lie, my eyes sometimes seem to miss
Illusions of Grandeur, they do persist
Blind-sided, and too many, Ignorance is but Bliss

I beg Him who sits above, help me to fly away
Away from this prison I AM in, trapped in it's four walls everyday
Lost in the Darkness, trying to find The Way
Hoping, praying these dreams are not in Vain

But if they are, then I beg you, strike me down!
Lest I continue to shed the tears of a Sad Clown
And within my Sorrow, by Misery I drown
And without thy Grace, no Happiness is found

My Existence is Journey
Yet I run forth down the Road, so quickly and in hurry
Through Trial and Tribulation
Like a a torch my Spirit is burning

Rebirth me, O' One who sits high above!
The Lazarus of Joy, take the flight of the Dove
This path of self-Genocide, where Innocents willingly shed their own Blood

As though folly is LOVE
As though folly is LOVE...

March on and travel ever forward, I continue to do
The obstacles are ahead of me, too stubborn to move
Hesitation overwhelming, yet still, I know I MUST PROVE
The Knowledge is within, and the Wisdom is through TRUTH

The Fire is ignited, the pain has yet subsided
Through error of my ways, now I AM no longer divided
Ever-grateful, thy Spirit is Excited

Still I rise above the plains,
Still I break through the serpents chains
Dodging its venom, its lusty fangs
Eternally aware of the unbroken Flames

As though folly is LOVE...
As though folly is LOVE...

No intelligence abounded within the masses
The youth is Stagnant, no relevance within the classes
No hope for the future, whimsical is their minds
Now is time to open, before YOU are LEFT BEHIND

With no other to blame other than SELF
Too many are afraid of guidance, and of the blessings of HELP
Too quick with their temper, they shout and they yell
I sigh, for is that not how Jericho fell?

We need a miracle, and the time is NOW or NEVER
Because Self-destruction is what is holding us together
He cries from above, He begs for our Mercy
Dead from our hunger, parched from our thirsty

Yes, It is time now to rise, to grow and to FLY
Otherwise, the History we are making NOW will be DESPISED
No future for mankind, only the roaches will be left...
No others to blame, but those who are DEAF

As though folly is LOVE,
As though folly is LOVE...



Until next time...


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