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James Holmes' psychiatrist warned others about possible threat.

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posted on Aug, 1 2012 @ 09:19 PM

Originally posted by Daughter2

Not so quick.

Do you REALLY want to send a message to schools and doctors to lock up any who seems strange?

By that logic, posting on this forum should be grounds for involuntary incarceration in a mental facility.

Should we start the process for that poster?

posted on Aug, 1 2012 @ 10:49 PM
I have a lot to say about this incident, but for the moment I am only going to address the psychiatrist and how I feel she fits into the larger shooting conspiracy.

In order to be brief, the psychiatrist is where my discussion will add some thought to other matters that would have to be considered or thought about to be better understood.

With that in mind, let me say what I came to say.

To me the psychiatrist is playing her proper part even though I do think she is any way associated with the larger conspiracy surrounding the Cinema 16 shooting spree where James Holmes is the alleged shooter.

It dawned on me when the psychiatrist was sitting next to James Holmes in court that she recognizes the person sitting next to her, because when James Holmes sought treatment, the fake Holmes was the one making the appointments, saying what needed to be said to get the doctor to report him and act on the threats that the fake Holmes was generating, so that the conspiracy could be fueled in the proper manner.

When the doctor stated recently that James Holmes in early June began his dangerous talk and threats, this exchange of information between the doctor and the fake Holmes was created to later get the doctor to testify to what the fake Holmes did in order to get treatment and or qualify for the many medications she may have prescribed for the fake Holmes.

I realized that for the fake Holmes to be seeing a psychiatrist, that a staged behavior was needed, so that any future testimony will go just like the fake Holmes provided. By affirming the threats and mental instability, it adds to the existing cover story that James Holmes is a mental case, unbalanced and deranged.

I then had to consider that the fake red haired Holmes would have been the person who failed the oral exam and when this part began to get clear for me, it only added to my belief that the fake James Holmes was staging and acting to his psychiatrist according to the plan, so that in the future, the sworn testimony would go a certain way as provided by the psychiatrist. who interacted with the fake James Holmes even though he is not the real James Holmes.

Even the recently added photo and account of James Holmes the faker on Adult Friend Finder was done in June, so with all this being stated and after I looked at a calendar, I was surprised to find that the fake Holmes would have been inserted into the life of the real James Holmes on or about May 20th, 2012 in order to prepare for the big event on July 20.

While to many this will not mean anything if you, like many have a short memory, because May 20th was when we had that rare solar eclipse, when the max eclipse point on earth was over the Big Red X, GCN11133 and if you will recall this is also the day that the snakes on the pyramid in Mexico moves and also when the pyramid aligns with the Pleiades constellation. In fact, there was a lot going on this day.

May 20th is a key date in all of this and while many have not yet see this connection, they will in time because this is when I believe the real James Holmes was taken and replaced with the fake red haired Holmes, so that he could begin the mental condition background that would be needed to add fuel to the premise that James Holmes was mentally unstable.

The psychiatrist own statements shows that the trouble with James began in June and for a fake Holmes to be seeing a psychiatrist and providing threats and odd remarks is to me a sign that a fake Holmes would have been needed for a couple of months prior to the July 20th shooting spree so that anyone who saw the fake Holmes will ID him as the James Holmes currently in jail.

Since the Psychiatrist is to me not a player, her part is to report what the fake Holmes gave her to report on which would include the diary the fake red hair Holmes sent to her.

Please note that July 20th from May 20th is to me another key clue that a fake Holmes was used and is still being used in ways far removed from some typical false flag operation. In fact, while this whole incident may be a false flag, to me the red hair fake James Holmes is a "RED Herring"

Any distraction blather about the psychiatrist competence or disciplinary actions is just that, so please understand that as I already stated, I do not feel she had any willing covert part to play as much as being used for her professional requirements to report about threats made by patient to a mental health doctor. Please keep this in mind.

I hope my discussion will add to the thought process about what role the psychiatrist would have played without her knowledge in all of this that was, but just a small part of the bigger conspiracy that followed and which has yet to play out in court.

Thanks for the thread and let's keep discussing the many facets of this false flag operation.

posted on Aug, 1 2012 @ 10:53 PM

Originally posted by MaxBlack

It dawned on me when the psychiatrist was sitting next to James Holmes in court

I saw a public defender, not his psychiatrist.

posted on Aug, 1 2012 @ 11:06 PM
I don't believe her story. I think it's very possible she is being paid to say this. I found a website that gives a 2 month timeline leading up to the Aurora shootings that I think seems very plausible and makes a whole lot more sense than the official story the MSM is feeding us, given Holmes' behavior since his arrest. Please go here to read this timeline. This may be complete BS but it really does seem very likely.

But if she was treating him and noticed strange behavior from him 6 weeks before the shootings, that timeline would explain it. Just read it and you'll see what I mean and tell me what you think.

posted on Aug, 1 2012 @ 11:42 PM
reply to post by MaxBlack

This is extremely elaborate but you haven't provided any actual proof of all these claims.

The two picture comparison that people are using to say there were two different people...that's very obviously the same person.

posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 12:23 AM
It is so clearly obvious that Holmes suffers from schizophrenia. He was under this doctor's care while he attended
the University. The Dr. alerted the threat team prior to the assault but when Holmes dropped out of school the threat
team as well as the psychiatrist failed to do anything else, such as, even follow up to make sure he had continued care.....She is not fit to analyze my dogs food!!! Each and every member of the threat assessment team needs to be held accountable! She was obviously in over her head with him and did not have the training or experience to treat schizophrenia....Not too many psychiatrists are able to treat this very complex disorder.

Thanks, Pax
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posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 12:25 AM

Originally posted by paxnatus
It is so clearly obvious that Holmes suffers from schizophrenia. He was under this doctor's care while he attended
the University. The Dr. alerted the threat team prior to the assault but when Holmes dropped out of school the threat
team as well as the psychiatrist failed to do anything else, such as, even follow up to make sure he had continued care.....

Did you miss the part where when he dropped out they had no control over him any more?

posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 12:42 AM
The notebook fiasco really got me to believe that the doped up psychiatrist (she was busted for writing prescriptions for xanax and other strong pharmaceuticals for herself and her husband) was a pawn and never saw Holmes, and in fact made up the story. I'm sure there is plenty in her life to blackmail her with.

Monday, July 23, she says she got a package in the campus mail from Holmes. The latest Holmes could have mailed that package was Thursday, July 19th. Upon closer inspection, it wasn't from him. But wait! There really IS one from him, looky here! And it has stick figure(S) (not a lone gunman) shooting other stick figures. At first the school tried saying it was in the mail room since July 12th, but the postmaster said it was delivered Monday, July 23rd. Why would it take that package from the 19th to the 23rd to be delivered? There is an obvious discrepancy in their timeline for that package to have been mailed by Holmes. Actually I thought it was a plant before I heard it was the second package she said was from him that day, when I heard there was more than one shooter in the cartoon. The wrong package raid cemented my thoughts on her being a fraud, and finding out her past made my head explode.

In perusing other sites, I found this:

Holmes' defense attorneys claim he was a "psychiatric patient" of the medical director of Anschutz's Student Mental Health Services prior to the Aurora shooting; however, the prosecution disagrees with that claim.[36][37]

Holmes is apparently saying he never saw her.

You must remember that a lot of what we are taking as gospel truth came from the police who were arresting him, even the belief that he was drugged out of his mind on Vicodin is from police, the Joker comment-police. I have a strong hunch a small group of police officers may have been in on this for several reasons I won't get into here unless someone is interested in my thoughts on the matter, and it didn't occur to me fully until I looked into Oates background. The coincidences just keep piling up.

That said, it would behoove you to do a search on Oates and see what his past job was. If you're good little conspiracy kiddies, you'll be goin' hmmmmmm....

posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 12:44 AM

Originally posted by zeozot
There really IS one from him, looky here! And it has stick figure(S) (not a lone gunman) shooting other stick figures.

That was a proven media lie. They jumped the gun and made up a story about stick figures when, in fact, the package remained unopened.

posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 02:48 AM
reply to post by paxnatus

Clearly obvious? I see absolutely no sign of schizophrenia in him.

posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 05:00 AM

Originally posted by Wrabbit2000
Well, Dr Drug Pad could have called the Aurora PD or Denver PD herself. She's a practicing...or is for now...MD with Psych. She,more than anyone else I've yet heard, has a hell of a lot of explaining to do.

edit on 1-8-2012 by Wrabbit2000 because: (no reason given)

Who knows how many times she might have heard similar threats that amounted to nothing. But, more than that, she might be afflicted with "beaurocratic BS" mindset, which is basically where people follow the rules set up, and that's it. They don't want to act out of the ordinary protocols. It's a recognized phenomenon. Say someone is laying on the ground with a small blood pool around them. People pass by but don't do anything to check. The people following them are very likely to do the exact same thing. People assume the people before them who "set the stage" are doing the right thing.

Con artists know how to use this. They get a partner in crime to pose as an interested customer for a very expensive but fake item. When another person approaches, they run the 'script' and tell them that they are very interested in the item but have to leave to go get the money and ask them if they can hold it. They may say they can come back tomorrow, and that they're thrilled to have found it because it seems like a bargain. Once the leave, the mark (innocent person) will realize that if they can get the money faster, perhaps they can buy it before the other person. So, without really knowing the actual value of the item, and only going on what a con artist seemed to believe, they fall victim to their own greed. Pretty interesting con. The point is that this behavior of predictable...people will often trust the "system" of society around them. If their boss is okay with not reporting it to the authorities directly, most people would not bypass that and go out of their way to make a fuss.

There is also the electric shock experiment, which demonstrates people's willingness to obey authority figures. You can search for more details, but it basically demonstrates people continuing electric shocks despite the subject saying it really hurts, and maybe they said they have a heart condition.

There's a lot of research to back up that how she responded is very typical. Plenty of people would say they've done their part, and trust the authority and "the system" to be set up right. They won't go out of their way to make a fuss, even if she rarely heard similar threats.

A lot of us (we say) would have done something, but the reality is that most people don't.

posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 07:49 AM
reply to post by Kryties

The problem is that a lot of universities use these "BETA" teams to maintain an image. They deal with it completely in house and under the radar to keep their stats clean and their image cleaner. Then when the person drops out or graduates they just let it go. It isn't their problem so they just walk away.

If they actually do anything to a student it is usually mandated psychiatric review , psych treatment, "probation", a seventy-two hour stay in a PEU, or very rarely they expel the student. Rarely do they involve any law enforcement besides campus police. Then they usually only have them fill out a "concerning behavior" report on the activity. If it escalates to stalking, physical abuse, or sexual violence is usually when they involve the campus police in arresting the suspect.

Hopefully this will bring some attention to these programs and force them to be more transparent. I sincerely hope it forces them to make changes that will honestly help protect the other students and citizens of the community.

posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 07:59 AM
reply to post by Kryties

The thing is, in a student such as Holmes dropping out is considered an escalation of his issues. They could have warned local mental health authorities or requested welfare checks from the local police department. There are things they are allowed to do in ensuring that a person that poses a threat to their own life or the community is checked on. Social workers, psychiatrist, family members, and others do it every day.

The "BETA Team" could no longer force him to do anything. However, they could have requested a welfare check from authorities, or dropped in on him in a unofficial manner.

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