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FBI raids homes in search of "anti-government literature"

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posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 01:31 AM

Originally posted by muzzleflash

Originally posted by camaro68ss

The problem is the people are brainwashed and wont rise with you. you'll be the only clinching to your copy of the constitution as they drag you out of your house and arrest you for hold a anti-government document.

Im with you but at this point theres nothing you can really do
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Drag me out of my house?
To where?

The furnace?
Nah, it won't get that far.
Not this time.

I learned my lessons from WW2.

And the spray paint excuse is bogus. Thousands of kids are graffiti artists and it doesn't require the FBI to raid them??? For spray paint? Couldn't local police handle it normally?

This incident has political motivation for the raid written all over it.
If it didn't, they wouldn't be listing "anarchist" related topics with the "suspected crime" getting mixed in now would they? This is an attack on those who disagree with the government, clearly.

Absolutely true. Earlier today someone pointed out a similar observation, like yours, on this thread:

I believe it was reported that a twit was arrested because he harassed an olympic athlete, online.

The story does come across as such. Someone pointed out that the twit also made death threats, but that it was buried in the story such that the coverage implied that police action was taken for mere insults.

Now, with that rollout, the computers at NSA scan for compliance on all online venues. This is like oprah saying 'I'll never eat beef again', and watching tuna cans fly off the shelf via preferred cards (Jewel), and datamining who is complying with the master, in this case, channel 7 and oprah (tptw). Do they trust us? When should we tell them the tuna's bad for them, etc....

With the story at hand, it is the same thing. The write it at various interpretative levels, and do scans on who's saying what and so on. The machines are there for a reason and this is a small small task for the analysts. You better believe that this structuring of composition is a way of picking up slack in the tug of war game. If we all say stuff like 'oh noes, we'd better watch what we say!', then they get free rope. The computers are looking at book sales, listening to all conversations, analyzing all keystrokes, and it is timed to scrutinize in synch with media stories such as these.

The implicit threat is clear. There is much rope to be lost by how we respond, people. They'd rather not have to use sneaky logarithms, but this is specifically how they craft their 'legislation'. Anything worth killing ought to at least still have a pulse, you know? It's no fun for them if we don't struggle a little bit. But not too much...we don't want to make them realize they are truly we? Looks like it's against the law to have your own thoughts, does it not? And they have drones in the workshop that can and will read minds, sorry to say, which emboldens them to speed things along. Imagine an economy that simply builds drones....? Is that what we are headed for? You are only allowed to live if you can pass through the battery of technofascist devices chertoff's invested in?

Nine thirteen's is a hundred and seventeen....

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posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 02:10 AM
So if they arrest them arent they considered political prisoners? Cause they dont agree with certain politics

posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 02:17 AM
Isn't much of ATS "anti government literature" ?

Heck, this thread could be construed as such.

And another thing...I can't believe anyone would stoop to defending the legitimacy of such a thing. I guess no matter how stupid and evil something is, there will always be at least one craven bootlicker eager to slobber joyfully as he laps Big Brother's feet.

posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 02:26 AM
reply to post by benrl

I'll be praying for those who continue the struggle for sure. You guys need all the help you can get.

posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 02:39 AM

Originally posted by Leftist
Isn't much of ATS "anti government literature" ?

Heck, this thread could be construed as such.

And another thing...I can't believe anyone would stoop to defending the legitimacy of such a thing. I guess no matter how stupid and evil something is, there will always be at least one craven bootlicker eager to slobber joyfully as he laps Big Brother's feet.

Hmmm... Thats an interesting way of describing someone who doesn't go for militant and openly violent tactics at otherwise peaceful marches. Fascinating respect for each other we seem to have.

If Black Bloc blows something up and innocent people get hurt in it, we'll be demanding the heads of the FBI for not having stopped it. Now if these guys are innocent, they'll be back out. Quickly, if they are the wrong people all together. Recall the Michigan Militia? The system DOES work fact, more than some would like to admit. It might be shocking, but law and order types see the system as working for the accused far too often. Perspective it something else, eh?

Now, if there should ever be a militant and openly violent group that ends up getting innocent people know, hypothetically, since I'm sure no groups we know have discussed such things, then I would very quickly and very totally support and even give more to the effort against such a menace to the nation.

Black Bloc IS that menace, in my view. If the FBI is hunting Black Bloc, as that banner is being used today, more power to 'em and Godspeed. It's about time they chase a REAL Threat and not the ghosts of Al Qaeda's past they've been playing games with for a decade.

posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 02:43 AM
reply to post by silent thunder

Holy #. I am probably not going to sleep well tonight. I fear for the people. I pray and hope for a resolution. Has our nation really come to this kind of "shut-em-up" behavior?

I know it's not that easy for warrants to be issued... so in all reality I am going to assume there was definitive cause. What kind of anti-government statements were they making? Possibly something else was discovered?

posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 02:54 AM
Obama probably got together with hillary and holder and said "the people are discovering all of our corruption and secrets"

"we better claim all the people that are whistleblowing and complaining are just anti-government"

The media is helping them.. The FBI is enforcing the massive cherade.. Yesterday I watched ABC news for awhile off and on and counted them using the anti-government moniker 14 times .. And it wasn't the same stories being repeated either..

Using key words and getting people to associate those words with a negative image like "anti-government" seems to be the most successful one I have seen used in a while..

I really doubt there exists very many people who are actually anti government... I sure don't know any.. But I sure do know a ton of people against all the corruption and perversion of our rights, and the constitution.

posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 03:18 AM
reply to post by Wrabbit2000

Yeah I thought that too. Maybe it was justified....but literature is usually labeled anti government when it is political.

If we arresting based on political literature being anti central government.....are we going to ban history books even listing the articles of confederation or other similar revolutionary war historical material for its inflammatory wording and blatant government defiance....?

If it was like....making bombs for dummies, then ok. if it was like Marx, or something else.....then no. That is blatantly unconstitutional and the constitutional contract is then null and void. That state then resorts to its own constitution for authority with the blessing of the people of the state that made it. If one state put its foot down....others would defend it.

If the constitution is no longer in effect and is not the source of authority for the federal government to operate within any state, then they must resort to their state constitution.

Political literature cannot be made illegal. Unless the federal government wants to contest that they no longer need respect state rights, and so our rights.

You can't legally do something for which the law expressly prohibits. Especially if you come in the name of the law. Then you are criminal and MUST BE DEFIED.

If we could know the details in an open court with their peers then we could decide. Until that is allowed ALL ARE PRESUMED INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. We owe our citizens that no matter what the federal government says concerning that issue.
We decide and the state cannot change that since all have that incorporated into their state constitution. It is a valid point to start with. Any state authority enforcing their right to defend their people will set the precedent to save our country one state at a time.

Let us vote on our allegiance to keep the union as is or not based on the federal governments adhering to the contract that establishes it.

if not, then we vote no confidence and seek a similar contract with our fellow states. Preferable a constitution modeled after the ones we gave to those countries we rebuilt with the martial plan. The complete and unabridged Eisenhower constitution to be the bases for a new union.

Take the NWO from them and make it our own creation. One based on our principals that they cannot usurp the role of.

A new world indeed. In our image not theirs.

We are lacking nothing. They have given us all we need. Time to step up to the plate. This is your time to shine. This is why you are where you are. To be the voice of reason. This we all say together in one voice.

resist tyrants.

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posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 03:31 AM
I thought we all lived in a Democracy...

Or are supposed to anyway.

posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 03:38 AM
wtf i m anarchist whole my live i were black allmost everytime are they go to arest me fore having a meaning on things ore wering black # the fbi and all other copz and #

posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 03:49 AM
portland, olympia and seattle. the anarchist trifecta!

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posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 03:49 AM
reply to post by BIHOTZ

If the anti-gov papers were all that was on the Warrant or even the primary things, I'd be up in arms with everyone else. However, direct references to primary offenses already committed and several other items that are serious and may justify concern with all things considered are what make the difference.

The Anti-gov material in terms of instruction ... well.. Inspire is pretty anti-gov... and if you know what it is, you know what I mean. If not, google. I won't link to it even if I had a working one but it's one example that's on the open web. That ...I could see the FBI going downright ape over, if also in context to crimes and in relation to a known/self declared militant movement.

I'm as much a skeptic as anyone on the Gov and there is far far too much going on that no one should stand for letting slide but I don't see every single thing the Government does as being necessarily wrong simply because part of the Gov is doing it. Here? Well........ Some groups in America have no interest in anything good for America. That's just the way things are right now.
I hope we get follow up posted on this.

posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 03:58 AM
One tool to help us all is to learn an obscure languge. One not so common. So you can communicate right in front of the freedom takers. Perhaps to coordinate your escape. Because they will come for us all. Sooner than later. I really hope I'm wrong.

Molan labe is all I have to say.

posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 04:09 AM
reply to post by BubbaJoe


I'm sure some indeed are. But you are overstating it by several orders of magnitude to say that most are "evangelical Christians" or "racist".

I've been to several of the rallies and meetings of the Tea Party...and a good number, dare I say the majority, are nothing of the sort...sorry.

Though it could vary from region to region, I suppose.

You see, this is the problem with politics today...all too many lump "everyone" into one convenient bogeyman. All Teaparty members are thus... All Occupiers are this... All dems are whatever... All reps are yadda...

...and on and on and for ever on. No wonder nothing ever gets accomplished. We're all too busy finding bogeymen to blame, rather than friends to work with...
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posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 04:09 AM
Thus it begins openly now .... damn glad got out long before it reached this point... I truly feel sorry for those there who have no escape from whats coming ...

R.I.P America land of the free .... you were a great country ...

Welcome to the Totalitarian States of Amerika - dissent and free speach not allowed ...
remember citizen Big Brother is watching YOU ....

the dark days have arrived boys and girls ...

truly this is the saddest day in history for america and the world ...

posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 04:28 AM

posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 04:32 AM
Looking at this from across the pond, the whole issue of searching for those responsible for the damage etc, is nothing more than a smokescreen to cover the intelligence gathering. After all, if they were out to catch some black clad rioters, then why the need to sieze literature, computers / hard drives etc, if not to mine them for information - emails etc - from / to people with similar political beliefs, thus swelling the already huge databases they have on dissenters.
The whole "black bloc" issue is nothing more than an undercover operation anyway, as has been proven with witness and video evidence. Those causing the violence and damage at otherwise peaceful protests, getting clean away and even being seen allowed back through police lines when it all kicks off.
It's common knowledge that the police, almost everywhere, have their undercover guys working within protest groups, often participating in and organizing events, and passing along the information to base so the snatch squads know who to target for arrest and beatings on the day.

To be honest, anyone who doesn't already realise that we are living in essentially "soft" dictatorships already, is delusional. The whole political system is a smokescreen where we are offered simple choices of who to vote for, but where both main players / parties are beholden to the same elites that really hold the power - almost globally.
They WILL NOT allow any threat to their power base and, as people are waking up to the harsh reality of this system, so they are using the enforcers more and more, and passing new laws under which they can operate to crush that opposition before it can get properly organised. Selling it to the general dumbed down public as protecting their freedoms and demonizing the protesters isn't working so well, so they are ramping up the action. Essentially, they are now having to rule through terrorism to keep power. I only hope there will be a tipping point where enough people wake up to what is going on. Unfortunately, that could either be peaceful or violent, depending on how strongly those at the top desire their continued enslavement of the rest of us.

posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 04:38 AM
I don't know what you guys are complaining about. A FEMA camp full of ATS members would be fun as hell. Imagine the political discussions that would partake over a game of dominoes. Plus all the shills would be put in protective custody so you wouldn't have to worry about them.

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posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 04:51 AM

Originally posted by RealSpoke
I don't know what you guys are complaining about. A FEMA camp full of ATS members would be fun as hell. Imagine the political discussions that would partake over a game of dominoes. Plus all the shills would be put in protective custody so you wouldn't have to worry about them.

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I shouldnt be laughing... but very true ....
though after having been born in one of the americans internment camps for japanese ... I have no intention of ending my life in the amerikans new FEMA camps ...
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posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 05:22 AM
Holy Mofo!

The war is on! And has been creeping up that way for some time!

Time to take action folks.

I partake in an Anon protest on Aug 25th Birmingham, let's see if UK activists are met with the same aye?

Well, we know from previous exsperience we will.

Ill be sure to report back.

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