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So now we got a school

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posted on Aug, 1 2012 @ 03:33 PM
Continuing on from my last post.

Let's pretend we came up with enough money to provide students a basic lunar campus. The people all around the world pitched in and we came up with enough money to build the first school on the moon.
First thing to consider is these kids need to eat, every day, several times a day. They need water, they need food and they need a place to exercise so they do not lose their muscle mass.
That means WE, the people who sent them there to learn, have a responsibility to ensure those needs are met.
Ever see those commercials for the SPCA, lady gets on the screen showing you abused animals then asks you to agree to a $20 dollar a month donation. and people give.
How about on PBS when they ask for pledges to keep the hundreds of stations running, and producing the shows they create. and people give
What if they instead showed you the students living in a lunar dormitory? Learning things that were impossible to know in the confines of the Earth.
What if they told you that your $20 dollar monthly donation helped insure the supplies they needed to survive were delivered to them.? Would you donate? Please do not answer for other people only answer for yourself... would YOU donate.
We now have space companies, they are here, they still do not know why they are here, but they are.
The government can get things into space for about $3500 a pound. We all know that number can come down a lot if privately done. That means that we can send our students a ton of food for about $700,000, but lets call it an even million dollars to make math easier.
Do you remember happily paying $3000 for a 100mhz computer, $200 for a 16mb stick of ram?
Do you doubt that the costs of what I am putting forth to you will decrease as time goes on and technology improves? Also keep in mind the great expense we go through right now, to bring people together to play sports at the Olympics, money thrown right out the window for no other reason than to see who swims the fastest on that given day,

It is all about the numbers really isn't it?

There are 311 million people in the USA alone. If the donations averaged for each person in America just $1, we could send 311 tons of food. That breaks down to about 1700 pounds of food a day.
The American people alone could feed over 100 students on a lunar campus.
If the whole world is in on it, the numbers become staggering. There are 750 million people in Europe, almost 25 million in Australia and 1.3 billion in China.
The power of 1 measly dollar can take us from being stuck on earth to our kids becoming the first people living on the moon. But not if we sit around waiting for the government to do it for us, we can do it for ourselves for just a dollar. Now imagine if that number averaged out to $2 or $5.

posted on Aug, 1 2012 @ 04:07 PM
What would we get in return for our $1.
Think about how many people would be needed to make this work. I am not saying that it would give everyone a career, but just think about all the people it would take to maintain the brightest and best of our young people.

Business that makes the food, business that make packages for the food, business that take the food to campus.
It is nothing short of the start of a space based economy.
If we start with taking the 2 brightest students from each country per year, that means we need to have 130 students per semester, and 3 semesters per year.

This gives the students in each country a goal, a reason to be the best they can be, because they want one of those 2 coveted spots. In no time at all it would grow to 5 spots per country and not too long after that a place that anyone can go to.

But what would it mean for me? I won't ever go to class on the moon. What would I get for my dollar?
Every man, woman and child would get something. Something worth far more than a dollar. Something that I am not sure you can put a value on yet well worth much more than any donation you have made, be it a dollar or 10 million dollars.
You get the ability, no matter who you are, no matter where you live, no matter what your lot in life is, to go outside and point a telescope at the moon. You get to take your kids and grandkids into the backyard with you and for the first time in the history of man say to them,"See that? See those lights? That's a school,"

posted on Aug, 1 2012 @ 04:10 PM
Please continue your thoughts on your EXISTING THREAD HERE. Only one thread per topic please.

Thank you

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