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I have to close my bussiness. I am angrier than I am sad.

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posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 05:16 PM
That sucks, Spain is in bad shape. Good luck! I would have left already a long time ago!

posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 08:52 PM
reply to post by BIHOTZ

If you have to,join the army for the least when people wake up you can use your skills/weapons and defect.

Let the revolution begin

posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 09:00 PM
To the OP. Your problem is that you went to Spain, or any other country. They already do what they're trying to do to us here in the US, which is to tax us out of everything we have. Unless people wake up and vote such people out they will continue to suck us like vampires.

posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 09:21 PM
OP---- A couple of things my friend:

My husband had to close his business last year. It was really hard. It was a successful, lucrative business and kept us happy and healthy for many years. He took a job in the same field for half the salary and we are struggling. I feel your pain.

I want to tell you that right now, its really important to use your intution. Do not make any decisions just yet. Decisions are like apples: you can't pick them until they're ripe. I can tell that you're still up in the air about a lot of things, so hold off on making big decisions now. Let things simmer for a few weeks, maybe find a business mentor you can talk to, pray a little bit, sit still for a while and do some thinking.

Find creative solutions to your problems. Put up a big sign in front of your business that says something creative like: "We're not raising our prices by 21%" Or have a free meal give-away if someone buys ten meals, or I don't know.. you get my drift. When the going gets tough, the tough get going! The most creative and resourceful keep their businesses open in this sort of economy. See how other restaurants have adapted.

My husband's business was in construction management---and there is no more construction here in the US--so we didn't have a lot of options. But you do! You definintely do.

The point is, though, is that you need to investigate options, think through things, talk to others in your business--and don't do anything until it makes sense! Every decision you make right now is huge---and will really impact the rest of your life. Therefore, all decisions need to be made carefully....

posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 09:34 PM

Originally posted by Szarekh
reply to post by BIHOTZ

If you have to,join the army for the least when people wake up you can use your skills/weapons and defect.

Let the revolution begin
or leave your son an orphan and your wife a widow or your care taker after you are blown all to hell fighting for corporate america.
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posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 09:35 PM
reply to post by BIHOTZ

To Bihotz - i'm a moderate visitor to the boards, signed up not that long ago after "lurking" for awhile, but I know you're name is familiar, and for me, that usually means I like your thoughts. That said, I''m impressed by your courage, personal freedom, strong family values, and work ethic - all "rare" things these days. While I've never had much reason or want to, I've had friends who would pluck themselves up from "home" and go make a new one somewhere. To be able and willing to do so is not a common trait at all. I think, given time to take a step back, look at all the positive, and the great experiences you've been through, you'll be just fine on a new path. The unbeaten path is never easy, this is just the first true adversity we've faced in many decades.

Now, to those posters in this thread who say their problems arose through "no fault of their own" - i'll give you that "they" have made things harder, but not everyone has lost their business/job, in fact, the majority are surviving, and many are thriving. Its partially your fault - whether unprepared for adversity, slow to adapt, or whatever the case may be. Many mortgage brokers said the same thing when so many of them were flushed out. The reality is - when things got tough, the better ones, or the ones with bigger "rainy day funds" survived to reap the rewards of a heck of a lot less competition.

Sure, Spain, in Bihitz' example is a mess - not an easy or even moderate example - he's not one of 10%, he's probably 1 in 2 who are. Facing economic oblivion in that environment. But find another place, find another way. There's hope, but its not easy, it doesn't come from a politician or a banker - it needs to come from within. Someone like Bihotz, I'm certain will find a way: hard work, a will to adventure (risk, I.e. Moving to Spain to live out a 'dream'), etc., but those who are just upset because the easy ride has been taken away - you can choose to cry and blame, or realize (not accept, realize) today's reality, and FIND A WAY!

Good luck to you, and to everyone. I know it sucks when you're struggling, and its hard, and depressing. I've been there. But you all can make it, and come out the other side secure and happy.

posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 10:02 PM
21% ? THat's not that bad here is 23%

posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 10:27 PM
That really blows OP.A guy that works his bollocks off to get ahead and with one strike of a pen from a big fat good for nothing politician it is all over.I think it is time to give these politician minimum wage and then.we will see how fast things get done.

posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 10:56 PM
This is just a bit of what the third world countries as mine always suffered from the IMF, the world Bank, and everyone who never cared about their own land and couldn´t what far beyond to the other ones that had difficult times.
I know what you are talking about, here in Argentina we use to had it from time to time, in periods of 10 years more or less, and always the ones that paid that party where the poor ones, but not even Spain cared, not even the EE.UU cared, you used to live in a world of freedom and wealth, but now you may come to an understanding of what has been done through all latin america for more than a century.
The problem is now knocking at your door and you feel the pain coming, is not that i deserve you this, but may be you can all now takes your masks and watch the crude reality in which we were summited by this savage capitalism.
They have taken all from us due to the collaboration of our most corrupt governments and due to our ingnorance and belief in the media.
Now we are not blinded anymore, but it seems that those polite guys that broke every third world country, are taking away every cent of the ancient world and braking america apart also.
You must stand uo and say no AS WE DID
THEY KILLED EVEN SOME PEOPLE DURING THIS manifestation in december 20, 2001
but we stood up and fight and defended what is belonging to us, our freedoms, our rights, our hope


posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 11:17 PM
dude, use whatever money you have, go to the countryside of spain and never look back. Raise cows, chickens, veggies, fruits and trade with your neighbors. European countrysides are wonderful places with great tight knit communities that won't be hit by outside economic forces.

This is your perfect chance to get out of the system and stay out.

posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 11:22 PM
reply to post by BIHOTZ

Sorry to hear about your situation in Spain.

When I read this:

Originally posted by BIHOTZ
I run a tight ship. I don't waste money. I did nothing wrong. I can say that. I made money and invested it in my world. Like my father before me.
... I was about to suggest you come over to Germany with your family.

Some of the things you're looking for are standards here, like stability, decent schools, high QoL, low unemployment / crime rates and we also value "loyal hardworking people who do their damndest and never give up" very much here.

But then I read this part:

Originally posted by BIHOTZ
I will not faithfully pay taxes any more. If I can cheat the system I will.[...] I will not cheat my neighbors, but if the government of the territory I live in lets its guard down, I will have a field day.
...and I'm afraid this mindset is not welcome here at all and fits more for living in Greece or the United States IMO.

If you're able to let go of this attitude though, Germany is not far away from Spain.

posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 11:52 PM
Now here's, the problem. Our buddy in Spain is undergoing the very difficulties awaiting most if not all whom are involved in a capitalist economy. It's not the end game. It's the end of the game. The ultimate end of unfettered capitalism. But we need not get political Back to the point. Our Spanish pal has just discovered that his past skills and methods of lively hood, no longer serve him well. what to do? Better start thinking about that your self.

I just skimmed through the post , but I did notice that part about employment in the military. This might become a very popular option for many.But I'm afraid that the past is receding quickly and each new present is not a return to prosperity but will turn out to be less comfortable, more demanding, less rewarding . What I'm saying is I hope they can keep the lights on.

I personally believe the resources exist to make this winding down less painful, but how we deploy these resources is the debate. Sergio, or what ever his name is, should keep us posted on his progress.

Just remember. In times of want. the stored excesses should benefit not just the few, but the many. It only makes sense.

posted on Aug, 3 2012 @ 12:11 AM
The West has become fat and lazy, really we let this happen right in front of us and did nothing. The answer lies in the "Struggle", once again we must work hard and have little to regain our motivations. I had a big rant to my kids the other night and basically laid it all out as to why the white races are in decline and its mainly due to the fact we have had it too easy for 50 years or more and have lost the drive and passion to achieve at our highest level.

The Banksters have always been there but we voted in politicians that were sympathetic to their greed and we let them change laws to let them start gambling with our wealth AGAIN!!.

From the ashes shall rise something better, only this time I suspect we have yet quite a way to fall before we see the bottoming out of our quality of life.

posted on Aug, 3 2012 @ 12:48 AM
Well just a month ago I could have wrote the same thing. However I have changed my attitude. Even though I have been struggling to make a living for over two years and can't find a job and blaming all the same things you mentioned in your OP you know what I got sick of all the negativity draining all the positivity out of me.

Everyone one of us is responsible for where were are in life. Sure circumstances may contribute but the thoughts that dominate your life is the reason you are where you are in life. The universe will give us anything we want in life based on what dominates our thoughts. Where your focus is is where your energy will be expended and most don't even realize they are mostly focused on the negatives.

Most of us are subject to all the whimsical thoughts of others consciously and subconsciously most of it negative because we do not take control of our minds and subsequently our lives with focused intent and purpose to accomplish what we want. We are like a boat on the ocean with no rudders oars or sails or motor at the mercy of what ever waves come along. When you take control of your mind it is like hoisting the sail or firing up the motor and heading to a specific destination.

So I have put all the negativity aside stopped blaming everyone and everything else for my predicament even hoping for collapse at times and am working on focusing my mind and efforts to becoming successful and wealthy yes even in this sucky economy!

Why? Because to proclaim there is no use in creating wealth because they will just steal it is just an excuse to not take action and accomplish the things we desire. You can take your wealth and prepare much better for hard times then if you are broke. Buy land and have it paid off invest it in building a self sufficient homestead and set an example for a future society!

The worst enemies of success are fear indecision and doubt. If you let the crooks in power keep you in those emotions then they win. Don't let them win. Form a plan have a definite purpose and then vow to never give up until you have accomplished it and you will be successful sooner or later despite what goes on around us!

Refuse to let negative thoughts enter your mind and press forward no matter what. And please do not join the military and become a tool of oppression for those you despise your better then that. Come home to America and open a Spanish bistro or something, you can do it and make it successful. Put a portion of the money you make toward a more self sufficient life style and you will feel much better about your self and help create the society of the future!

If you want some inspiration and some good techniques in doing this and putting it into practice read Napoleon Hills "Think and Grow Rich". you can also type in his name on youtube and watch some of his videos... Good luck now stop being a victim and start being an owner of your life and create the destiny you desire!

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posted on Aug, 3 2012 @ 12:56 AM
reply to post by nixie_nox

Yeah......I will feed my kid your pity.

Do me a my planet.

I hope things are always so sunny for you.....sun shine...

I left because my family is originally from Spain. I didn't bail on my country. I never traveled, had this opportunity and took it. I left 5 years ago.I want to go home because we all know things will get worse as they are unbearable now and I would rather be with my people when it all goes down the crapper. Although the tough guys and hard-asses like you are a deterrent.

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posted on Aug, 3 2012 @ 12:58 AM
reply to post by Skywatcher2011

living in Spain unless you deal with the cartels and drug dealers

please find a map and realize I AM IN EUROPE.....not south america...

thanks I guess.....I´ll try to stop my bitching.....

posted on Aug, 3 2012 @ 01:04 AM
reply to post by syrinx high priest


3 huge ones closed right in my next to me in my area....they are being filtered by what....?
I guess compared to the others that closed I maybe they didn't please the cafe Gods as I did?

posted on Aug, 3 2012 @ 01:43 AM
I have to thank everyone for the advice offered. I know I still have options and I am fighting tooth and nail.

I realize I can hold off for a bit and I think I will do so. I have been spreading the word since I posted this and I have some interesting offers. What I am going to do now is let them sweat it out and see if they meet me half way. Again, thank you for your kind words, they are in no small part a big source of my hope.

I think people need to realize that what you call "bitching" is people talking. I don't know how you solve your problems, but I do, and I "bitch" as you say, when things are about as sane as a Looney toons cartoon.

I have come to the conclusion that I can't let this or any situation change me. I´ll be damned if I start compromising now after everything I went through in my life to get here with the state of mind I have.

If I change anything it will be for the better. Thank you to those that let me realize that there is no price to our integrity, and our word. That we only have our word in this world.

I sat down and drew up a new margin for what products I could up the price to. Others I can't touch, I modified the quantity. I can't do much else.

In the end, taxes will go up again, people will continue to lose their jobs around me, and I will have to just close eventually. Until then, I am looking at what my options are. I am still undecided and really just feeling it out.

I have to be realistic and cover my ass. I tend to be impulsive, and have to just relax, take it day by day and keep doing what I am doing.

I see new faces every day, and people love coming to my place. I can work with that. I know I have a great product because I make sure of it and people go out of their way to tell me. I have customers cross half the city just to come to my place, passing countless other cafes bars and restaurants on the way.

I realize just how much hard work I put into this place and I have a new outlook on the whole situation.

Things are bad, but if I just hold a bit longer I could outlast all my competition that honestly, should have closed me down long ago. They are in the same boat as me, but I work my own business, don't have half the overhead as them, and people appreciate what I am doing here. That is enough I think.

I am not down and out yet. I realize that. It is just overwhelming at times seeing how things are progressing.

I think it is the atmosphere. Protests all around me every day, the same conversations, more people on the street, ect.

I see all this and look at my family and far away are we really form all that? I talked to my dad, he has his own businesses in NY that if push came to shove, I could work in.

It is a huge step backwards for me. I worked in them since I was 9 and I might go a little insane but I will feed my family. That is the most important thing. I won't make much, but I don't need much.

As far as the military, well. I still don't know. I took the tests the army offers online and scored really well. I got a great job list within the army I could do, and that is why I was considering it too. I took a posters recommendation about the air force, and I am considering what my options are there as well. I have always had a dream of joining, but gave it up long ago since my math was not so great. I realize now it is more than enough. Don't trust guidance counselors!!!!

Either way, I can't go back to my HS job as a permanent solution.

well I am waiting for the breakfast crowd and have allot to do yet so I am off. Again, thank you guys so much for the ANIMO. You guys are a great community and I have to say, I have nothing but love for you all. Big hug from Spain.

Hold it down.

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posted on Aug, 3 2012 @ 02:56 AM
Sorry to hear about your news. Must be tough out in Spain at the moment. My parents have a place out there and have noticed how quiet things are getting. Even the tourism seems to be slowing down. I hope things work out for you.

posted on Aug, 3 2012 @ 04:42 AM
Have you considered low cost specializing. Like just selling flat breads with filling, or jacket potatoes with fillings, pancakes or something regional, one product with the filling being the choice. Like a gimmicky thing to suit the clientele, like if it's a tourist area, capitalizing on maybe British food, that's always popular with Brits in Spain (or anywhere), or opening late for revelers if it's that kind of area, breakfast openings with coffee and pastries, get inventive with drinks that look refreshing in clear cups and put the pictures on the posters (thirsty people in hot places seek nice drinks a lot). I would major on advertising, boards, posters, offers, you could flier pubs or clubs, kids offers, you could make it a local hub, with local trade or ad boards, maybe if you have an old pc, some net access, advertise on local net sites. Create another USP focus, like if you know any artists, show their work like a gallery, or a little area selling local delicacies, like handmade chocs in pretty boxes, handmade postcards or birthday cards, locally made small leather goods / jewelry or something that would sell.

I know you maybe considered all this already but sometimes it takes suggestions for inspiration, and I didn't read all the thread so maybe these have been suggested before.

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