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Introduction to the Series by FITO: ‘’Taking down the Satanic Strongholds’’…

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posted on Aug, 1 2012 @ 11:12 AM
Greetings ATS. This thread represents an introduction to my attempt at a series that aims to dispel a master-conspiracy – a conspiracy that denies a significant truth, that truth resulting in a real and terrible impact upon Humanity, by dressing it in the guise of an old-fashioned superstitious mythology. The conspirators - and all those who have bought into the lie (formerly including myself) simply state: ’The Devil doesn’t exist’’. My aim is to empower people with enough in the way of suggestive evidence to question the prevailing Western disbelief, in an attitude of open-minded critique.

As for me, I believe there is a ‘Devil with a capital D’ – the leader of a vast, powerful & deceptive demonic host, and that His Infernal Eminence coordinates malevolent spiritual activities against Mankind, which have real, detrimental practical implications for society at large, and for the spiritual health – and potentially the eternal destiny, under certain circumstances - of all of us. I believe that this malevolent entity is specifically bound to be active only upon the Earth and within the mental atmosphere (Noosphere) of Humanity - for various reasons, which we can examine later on in the series.

Now it’s important for you to know that I wasn’t raised in a ‘certain’ religious environment, accepting unquestioningly everything that I was taught. I was raised an atheist, have a 150 IQ, attended one of the best private schools in England, and made choices for myself at an early age (approximately nine years old) that God didn’t exist. I spent my teenage years in rebellion due to parenting failures, and became heavily involved in drugs, drink, sex, minor criminality and the Goth/ Rocker/ Mosh-pit counterculture of the late nineties. I fell out with my parents and got kicked out of home at age 17. I became seriously unwell, mentally, and was diagnosed as a possible schizophrenic, and a definite alcoholic. My problems were not simply a question of organic chemical imbalance – though there was a significant element of this involved in my overall condition due to the drugs and drink.

It became clear (after my eventual deliverance/exorcism under the care of a Christian minister) that I had partly walked into, partly been dragged into, a Satanic trap - and was afflicted by severe demonic persecution, known as ‘oppression’. It is important to note that I was not ‘possessed’ as is commonly portrayed by Hollywood - that being the state in which a person no longer retains lucid control of their physical body, words or deeds. Yes, full possession can occur, but it is extremely rare. It is important to note, as I have stated on several other threads, that I most certainly do not believe that all mental illness is demonic. In fact, I would estimate that only 5% of psychiatric cases are demonic in primary origin.

I understand that many people will reject the concept of ‘the demonic’ at the first mention of the subject. Please bear with me, and see where I’m going.

I would like to challenge people to reconsider their perspective on three key areas of thought, though I will be addressing an element of point c) in my first thread in the series, for reasons that will become clear within that thread. From the second thread onwards, I will revert to dealing with the three points in the order laid out as follows:

a) The existence of supernatural realms of activity influencing Human activity both individual and corporate: I will draw on many well-documented and many lesser-documented examples of sought and unsought supernatural experience and the acquisition of ‘occult powers’ through various traditions. I will examine the attitudes of scientists both ancient and modern with regard to their beliefs concerning the possible reality of an ‘unseen realm’. I will examine several issues that affect many of us in our day-to-day lives to some degree or other, such as lucid dreams, night terrors, ‘gut instincts’, precognition, ‘sixth sense experiences’ (where we sense the presence of spiritual beings – either ghosts, angels or demons, or strange creatures that we cannot categorise with any ease), ‘religious experiences’ (where we seem to come into direct contact with God), out-of-body/ near-death experiences, and so on.

NOTE - If we can collectively acknowledge that there is at the very least the possibility of an ‘unseen psychological/spiritual realm’ and perhaps ‘spiritual forces’ inhabiting it, then we can start to examine further whether a ‘Devil’ might exist – the devil not being a quaint little man with a red suit, horns and a tail, but rather a powerful spiritual being that is motivated to cause widespread death, destruction, and spiritual/ intellectual confusion on Earth. We could even start to ponder whether there is a ‘grand human conspiracy’ to blind us to the existence of such an intelligence, in order that ‘It’ can operate more effectively to bring about the ruin of Mankind. That discussion might need to await the completion of the series.

b) The relevant evidence from modern psychiatry that demonstrates a strong case for the actual existence of the evil psychic/spiritual entities known as demons. In addition, I will draw on case histories of ‘religious exorcisms’ and the ministry of spiritual deliverance when carried out with the approval of psychiatrists, under strict conditions of operation, and fully medically supported throughout, with carefully defined standards of aftercare. I will demonstrate that in a percentage of mental health conditions, the actual realities involved are far stranger than conventional Western science typically allows for, and this fact is evidenced by the actual recovery of patients ‘treated’ with spiritual deliverance, who were once thought to be incurably mentally ill. I will include the testimony of respected mental health professionals, and that of the people who have performed the exorcisms, and that of those who have been cured of their terrible afflictions via the unconventional ‘treatment’ of spiritual deliverance/ exorcism.

NOTE – The aim of this section is to dispel several myths surrounding the mentally ill - both those who suffer organic conditions, and the relatively small number who suffer genuine demonic affliction of one sort or another.

c) The circumstantial ‘evidence on the ground’: I will examine patterns of degradation in the moral standards of various societies in the modern age, the ebb and flow, decline and resurgence of certain religious/metaphysical belief systems down through the ages, the failures of philosophy or philanthropy (either ancient or modern) to resolve the fundamental problems of society, and the dogged persistence of the strange pan-eminent Human experience – that of ‘temptation’. I will examine the nebulous grouping of philosophies and practices that constitute the New Age movement, and will examine concepts such as ‘relative morality vs. absolute morality’, ‘relative truth vs. absolute truth’ and so on. I will be asking questions of what we might expect to observe in the sphere of religion, if demons are assumed to exist, in all nations and throughout all time, specifically looking for signs indicating that we live in a world under siege – a world invaded by hostile ‘spiritual’ forces, which actively seek the destruction of humanity...

* continued below *

posted on Aug, 1 2012 @ 11:12 AM
c) continued...

...I will seek to put forward whatever evidence can be found to point to their nefarious activity – including their implementing of false belief systems, and the related instigation of institutionalised perversions (such as child abuse and the brutalization of women). Their hand in corporate violence perpetrated against specific people groups will also be investigated. I will present a full explanation of the Judaic and Christian faiths as they were supposed to be put into practice, and I will demonstrate that the failings of people down the ages to live according to the doctrine of their faith is likely to have both general human and very specific demonic causation, evident due to trends in the resultant ‘heresies’ or ‘false doctrines’ – or in the simple hypocrisy & self-righteousness - which are, and always have been, sadly widespread in the Christian world at large. We will look at the implications of what is meant by the fulfillment of Judaism in the ministry of Christ, and we will look at the strange timing, contradictions of doctrine and inherently flawed ‘end-product’ of the revelation to Mohammed in the form of Islam.

NOTE – please do not attempt to interject with comments about this specific set of aims (comparisons and explanations of Judaism, Christianity & Islam) until after you have read the material I will present. My argument is comprehensive and logical, based in a full exegesis of the theology of Judaism and Christianity, and an analysis of the theological contradictions and actual facts (in terms of human consequence) caused by the superimposition of Islam upon the foundation of the original, genuine Abrahamic faiths of the Middle East. I will demonstrate that Islam offers up too many vagaries, inconsistencies and inversely moral precepts when contrasted with Judaism (which it is designed to imitate) to be considered a genuine ‘Abrahamic’ faith. I will suggest that it is, in fact, a clever demonic counterfeit, designed with a specific set of aims in mind. I will present these aims clearly, and demonstrate that there are myriad indications, even within the Koran, which support the theory I present. This is a highly controversial statement to make, and I would not make it if I did not believe I could logically and theologically justify it. Bear with me, and all will become clear. I am under no illusions. By making these opening, preparatory statements, without even going into the details of the theories (theories which I am not alone in holding, but which are rarely voiced due to fear), I would – were this not an anonymous forum – be at risk of rapid death at the hands of fundamental Islamists. I am firmly convinced that part of my responsibility to others in this world is to ‘expose the works of darkness’, and it is with that aim alone that I undertake this whole project.

It is important to my mind that the examination of Satanic activity & strategy is not limited to a single section of what I have stated in this introduction. I appreciate that some people will hold very strong beliefs regarding certain sections of what I have indicated to be my areas of concern. In replying, I will not emphasise any one area of contention over another, and will try to dedicate time and space to equal responses for all who reply. Please, however, be aware that I have a life, a family, responsibilities and limitations, and I will not be able to constantly respond quickly to posts made – either in this introductory thread, or in the subsequent series. It is my intention to make my OP’s as comprehensive as possible, in order to preemptively address as many queries as possible prior to ‘open debate’. I will refuse to respond to aggressive or generally demeaning comments. I will expect reasoned argument and links to evidence supporting your claims, and I will expect rational analysis, not rambling tirades about how wrong I am. In particular, I do not expect to be called an Islamophobe – insofar as the word is commonly used, as a derogatory term of slander. I am not against any one person or people group, unless they have applied fundamental doctrine/ clerical instructions to their lifestyle & culture that run antithetical to the [generally acceptable standards of morality**].

**IE – it is immoral to sexually abuse a child, in any circumstances. It is immoral to permit the sexual abuse of a child by someone else, under any circumstances. It is immoral to leave the known abuser of a child unpunished, where those who are in authority over the perpetrator know about the abuses. Another example: It is immoral to mutilate or kill your wife, under any circumstances. It is immoral to permit someone to mutilate or kill his wife, under any circumstances. It is immoral to leave the mutilator or murderer of his own wife unpunished, under any circumstances, where the actions are known to those in authority over the perpetrator.

* continued below *

posted on Aug, 1 2012 @ 11:12 AM
Concluding thoughts and explanation of my current beliefs:

This thread series represents the culmination of ten years’ critical thought on the subject of supernatural realities, covering a wide range of subjects, many listed above, regarding our tendency as a race to become subject to ‘Satanic Strongholds’. These strongholds are effectively defined as areas of human thought and activity that have been deceptively manipulated by demonic forces to cause deep-rooted and long-standing problems for large groups of people across large geographical areas. They include political/ ideological/ religious or occult-based principalities, and have an inordinate level of influence over the behaviours of vast swathes of Humanity, in extremely negative ways.

Why do I care about this sort of stuff?

I became a Christian after a series of dramatic ‘power encounters’ with the Divine in my late teens. I was utterly convinced, age 20, by my actual experiences – convinced that God exists, loves me and forgives my many offences – both those committed while under the influence of the drugs, drink & rebellion during my teenage years, and those which I have been unable to shake in the years since my conversion. However, in spite of my absolute conviction of the reality of a loving God, I found it very hard to intellectually resolve many of the ideas accepted by practicing Christians.

The fact was, that I had experienced the life-changing reality of God through charismatic Christianity. However, many Christians seemed unthinking, too ready to accept half-explanations, unscientific in their approach to reality, and blinkered in terms of comprehending the ‘bigger spiritual picture’. It has literally taken me ten years of extremely challenging thought, doubts, inquiry, backsliding, ‘multi-faithing’ and eventual recovery to a Christian standing to determine my position on many of the most contentious issues of the doctrine and practical outworking/ expectations of my faith.

I don’t have all the answers, and anyone who claims to have all the answers to non-empirically verifiable questions is not telling the whole truth. They may have access to the source of all answers – but there are limits to our knowledge, for specific reasons. The main reason? We are human – not divine. When it comes to matters of faith, we need… faith. Faith is belief in the existence of a God who is unseen, who cannot be measured empirically, who requires us – if we desire to know Him - to engage our conscious will, driven by optimism and hope, having confidence that the evidence for His existence will be forthcoming in our actual experience once we determine to hold out for it – in faith.

Faith is the only equal access solution to the main problem of being human – that of our inherent lack of an indwelling knowledge of God and His ways. If it were not so (that faith was the only way to meet with God), then only the wisest, or the best-behaved, or the most scientifically advanced (or…) would be able to come to a knowledge of God in the course of time.

God is for all people, and can be met with through a simple act of faith. The simplest and the wisest, the richest and the poorest, no matter the creed, colour or race – all have equal access, through the same principle of faith. Particularly because there are so many complex delusions and deceptions out there ('thanks' to the demons), it is ultimately entirely logical - and, by the standard of a loving God - necessary, that the Truth of redemption is universally applicable, easy-to-access, free, and can be attained regardless of one’s personal circumstance or prior condition.

The universe is constituted in such a way that it displays hints of the presence & handiwork of a supreme, living, caring and purposeful being; or at least, so that it demonstrates a dynamic creative force in operation through inherently GOOD fixed principles and rhythms/ cycles, which may have been implemented by such a being.

Mathematics holds many clues. Aesthetics holds many clues. Quantum Physics is an exercise in intellect and humility, when properly understood. Life itself (& its sometime supernatural mysteries) is the biggest clue as to the reality of the Deity. Direct revelation from God is claimed in many traditions, and we must use both our natural discernment, and a careful analysis of the quality of, and outcomes of, our experience, as our guides in determining which is the correct course when seeking to meet with God. We are unable to logically discount God as a possibility, and so we are responsible for seeking out any clues that we can find to guide us to the Truth.

* continued below *

posted on Aug, 1 2012 @ 11:13 AM
...Of course we can decide that it is more convenient to disbelieve in an omnipotent deity, or indeed in the rebellious spiritual ruler who is the object of this thread series - but that is another topic entirely. Deciding to disbelieve opens up a whole new game of ‘inverse faith’, and some extremely intelligent people have made it easy for less critically-minded folk to accept their analyses in favour of atheism with joyous abandon, content that they are now free from any obligation to examine the purpose of life – because ‘so-and-so’ has comprehensively shown that it is unnecessary, seeing as there is no logical need for any God to exist in order to have implemented a purpose; it’s equally likely that the universe is all a cosmic accident. Therefore, the cry goes up: ‘’Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die.’’

But what if it's not that 50% chance which is correct? We cannot absolutely prove or disprove the Deity; therefore there is an equal chance of His existence or non-existence. We need to be asking the questions about the other 50% of the balance of probabilities. Agnosticism is the only intellectually honest opinion, at least until experience supersedes the ambiguity, and all doubts are dispelled in light of the Truth.

In this series I will attempt to address some of the more challenging ‘big questions’, and I will point out others who have approached the same questions – often with much greater skill, and achieving far better results, than I could hope to achieve as a humble forum member here on ATS.

Disclaimer: I am not racist, elitist, bigot, homophobe or a paid shill.

Enjoy the series!

(Part One to follow within 3 days)…

posted on Aug, 1 2012 @ 11:52 AM
I can not express the enthusiasm with witch I anticipate your forthcoming trilogy The following quote by a man of great wisdom might be used as your motto : Buckminster Fuller says : " Faith is much better than belief. Belief is when someone else does the thinking. "

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posted on Aug, 1 2012 @ 06:46 PM
reply to post by SpinDoctor

Thanks for the support. I knew that many people on ATS wouldn't have the patience to read such a long-winded OP, which is only the introduction (heck, this is the age of tweeting after all) but I'm still amazed that this has garnered only one reply!

I held my breath while clicking onto the thread just now, thinking there'd be a few comments from people who were offended at my proposal. Not that I'm looking to offend people intentionally, but it's fairly obvious that certain sections of society will find aspects of the proposed thread series highly offensive. Anyway, we'll just have to see how people take it when I lay out the actual arguments. I hope people get involved in the ensuing debate - it would be highly disappointing if people didn't have the patience to discuss these matters at any length.

Maybe people are simply conditioned to react with disdain when someone states that they believe in the reality of demonic powers. Who'd have thought conspiracy theorists were such a closed-minded bunch?!

Reptilians, Illuminati NWO, Life on Mars, MK Ultra, Possible false flag attacks on the Olympics, the Philadelphia experiment, Moon bases, Mayan prophecy, Love and Light channelling from Zeta Reticuli, slander of Ron Paul, Bilderbergers, Bohemian Grove? Yes of course, all of the above - we love a mystery/conspiracy.

Demons? Don't be ridiculous! That's so 'first century'...

On the other hand, it's quite possible I'm being boycotted for daring to criticise Islam for the second time in recent weeks on ATS... Or, maybe people are scared they'll be convinced by my arguments, and will have to take a multi-tiered 'reality check' as a result..?

Until people start adding comments I won't know the reason for the apparent lack of interest..!

EDIT TO ADD - There will be plenty of pictures and charts/ graphs etc in the main series threads. You won't be faced with another wall of text, I promise...

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posted on Aug, 1 2012 @ 06:50 PM
reply to post by FlyInTheOintment

I believe you have to "believe in something to give it power.

If you dwell on it too much, it will become reality.

posted on Aug, 1 2012 @ 07:08 PM
reply to post by Sulie

- So if I believe hard enough that someone will come and give me a million pounds, it will come true?
- Or, if I believe hard enough that the world outside my house doesn't exist, it will cease to exist?
- What if I started to believe with all my heart that I could no longer understand the English language?

Surely you're not suggesting that demons can only exist if people believe in them? Like the fairies in Peter Pan?

I didn't believe in demons at all, and yet somehow the bastards managed to get a stranglehold on my soul when I was in my late teens. I know of plenty of people, and have ministered to some, who were similarly afflicted with demons, and who didn't believe in demons until they began to manifest through them during deliverance ministry. I'll be addressing the way that demons make a determined effort to operate unnoticed in the Western world. They are masters of deception; it is in their nature.

posted on Aug, 1 2012 @ 09:04 PM
Remember, more people read threads than those who actually comment on them. In addition to those of whom are not members and cannot star or flag your thread.

If you have been led to make this thread, which I fully believe that you have been, then those whom are intended to read it will find it.
God will do the rest.

Now, I will go finish reading your OP...

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posted on Aug, 1 2012 @ 09:26 PM
Sir, you have my attention.

I will closely follow your thread and comment if/when the time arises.

Good luck!

posted on Aug, 1 2012 @ 11:18 PM
Wow, sounds like your series is going to be quite the read! I'm very interested in just this kind of topic, and you sound like a very intelligent/thoughtful person, so I am eagerly awaiting what you have to say. Thanks for taking the time to write all your thoughts out!

posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 04:20 PM
I am very interested in in your series.

It's about time this was covered in the way it seems you suggest you will.

I admit I believe in demons, the devil. I could accept it might not really be the devil and that it's possibly a dark force that finds its way into a persons mind and will present itself under the guise of mental illness. It seems it could be more about the mental illness being a result of the infestation, rather than it being the other way around.

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posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 07:12 PM
Thanks for the words of encouragement. It might interest you to know, that after posting this thread, on going to bed, every single member of my family present in our household was woken by severe nightmares. Me, my wife, my aunt, my two sons.

We recognised it was a kick-back from the demons, so we prayed against it, and have agreed in faith that it is important to finish what I started, in terms of this thread series. It might reach only a few people - but if it helps a few, then it was worth it..

Last night (second night after posting the thread) I was seriously attacked in my dreams, effectively hypnotised in my subconscious by some demonic force or other, and began talking in my sleep - things were said which would never, ever be said my my conscious mind, and my wife became very scared. We know it was a Satanic attack, both due to the content of what was being said, and because I was in a state of sleep paralysis of some sort, and could not be woken up while the attack was ongoing. Lesson to be learned? Only what we already knew: His Infernal Eminence does not like being challenged or exposed by people of faith!

Although I was attacked last night, thankfully my family were okay, and all had a refreshing sleep - except for my wife, after the attack on me - she was obviously very worried after that happened. I won't post the content of what I was being led to say, as it is quite dark.. We prayed about it today, and I/ we have had an extremely blessed day, particularly me in terms of total absence of demonic nuisance. My ministry is quite centrally focused on taking down the Satanic strongholds, and I pray for spiritual deliverance for people afflicted by demonic persecution - so I am used to an almost incessant level of demonic harassment. To explain, I do live in the freedom of Christ, but the experiences I have are akin to the apostle Paul contending with a thorn in the flesh - it is external harassment, which I am aware of due to the spiritual gift of discernment. Basically the demons hang around and try to intimidate me whenever they get the chance - it's not oppression in the true sense, where people are in spiritual bondage to them.

The series will go ahead, despite the intimidation attempts.

God bless!

posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 08:15 PM
reply to post by FlyInTheOintment

If you have a nightstand, leave your Bible open and turn it towards the side of your bed that you lay your head. Turn it so that if you were to lay on your side, facing your nightstand, then the words would be right-side up and able to be read if you lifted up your head.

Have your wife do the same on her side. As you fall asleep, simply talk in your mind to He Whom always listens, but do so confirming Ephesians 6:10-20.

I cannot say that this will end any negative dreams through your subconcious altogether, but I would be greatly surprised should you ever encounter sleep paralysis again after making my above comments part of your nightly routine.

posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 08:54 PM
reply to post by stupid girl

Thanks SG - I will put into practice what you have suggested. I realised also that I need to get a little more prayer support; I only have one guy who prays regularly for specific issues as and when they come about - I've referred to him on here often, though not by name - he was the one who came to pray with me every week for eight months, traveling for an hour and a half each way every time, while I went through a period of severe depression (October 2011 - April 30th 2012). He has a ministry of deliverance, and we are now actively working together in that ministry - only now, seeing as the Lord has healed and delivered me, I travel to him every week to go out on street evangelism campaigns, and we pray for those who come to talk with us.

I was contemplating the issue of protecting the subconscious mind as I lay awake tonight, insomniac because of my intense back pain, and began thinking about the piercing of the side of Jesus as He was on the cross. The mingled flow of blood and water. I wondered about whether there was any special significance to the water, and began to feel suggestions that it represents the Living Water of the Holy Spirit, welling up from the depths of our being - our subconscious. I asked God to bless my subconscious with any particular anointing represented by the piercing, so that I could effectively 'swim' in the living water as I go through my dreams (I dream vividly, every night, and the dreams start as soon as I go to sleep - often the Lord will minister to me as I dream, sometimes prophetically, but they are also a target for the Enemy).

On praying that prayer, I suddenly became aware that the intense, chronic back pain which was keeping me awake in the first place, had suddenly stopped!

Absolute truth - I have been in agony all night (it is nearly 3am here in the UK), and the moment I prayed for my subconscious to be protected by that particular anointing, the pain stopped - completely. I don't think it is a permanent healing; it is more likely a gift for tonight, so that I can eventually get off to sleep. It could be a physical indication of the promise for subconscious protection, I don't know yet. Either way, I plan to investigate the 'piercing anointing' further, to see if there's any ministry related to it recorded online anywhere, and will pray over it some more, to see what else comes up (or is that 'comes down'..?!) in the way of revelation.

Much love and blessing to you & the family SG, chat soon,


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posted on Aug, 3 2012 @ 08:26 PM
reply to post by FlyInTheOintment

I just checked the time zones and I started between 8 and 9 pm, my time, which would have been between 2 and 3 am your time last night.
Having said that, I will post my dream I told you about in another reply, as it is quite lengthy and may take up more than the space allotted for a single post.

posted on Aug, 3 2012 @ 08:34 PM
bumped to read later
thank you for sharing

its hard taking down even the satanic strongholds
you cant fight fire with fire

the key is to expose them for what they are
wish i could have the Ark of Truth from the Stargate movie

posted on Aug, 3 2012 @ 08:50 PM
My personal opinion about dreams is that they are our brain's way of "re-programming" itself while we sleep. Taking the bits and pieces of seemingly unrelated, unused information and filing it away to "compress disk space" and rid itself of "fragmented files", so to speak.
However, I also believe that dreams can sometimes be meaningful, especially recurring dreams, or dreams in which you are clearly given some sort of understandable, coherent information regarding something that was previously unknown, or previously not understood.

That is what I believe happened last night to me, so take it for what you will. Lately, I have been forgetting my dreams, even though I remember them vividly upon waking in the middle of the night. So in an effort to make certain I remembered this dream, I wrote it down in my journal in the middle of the night last night before going back to sleep. This is what I wrote:

Just woke up for the second time this morning since my dream and it is 3:38 am. Had dream within last half hour and decided to write this down. Have had several dreams lately, only to wake up and not be able to remember them. Usually wake up between 3 & 4 am.

We can't get pictures of "them" because "they" don't have an "image". Their image is only what we perceive it to be. My dream was of photos taken at a beach, I think, and/or some sort of hotel pool, a nice, resort-type one. I was being harassed by one of "them" leaving me phone messages, to let me know it was watching me.
Also possibly attempting to interact with me through/using other people. Asking me questions to taunt me, to illicit fear/anxiety. Questions were of a teasing/taunting nature such as, did I like it when so-and-so or such-and-such happened or when I saw/heard/etc something that had actually happened.......things were asked for the sole purpose of verifying that "it" was indeed watching the events of my life.

The pictures were taken by [David] & belonged to him....he could not see what I saw, but was initially very fascinated/curious by what I claimed to be seeing. When I looked at certain pictures that showed a particular individual, if I kept looking at it, the face/clothing/appearance would slightly change. Face & clothing/appearance changed independent of each other.
[Terry] was there and I was excitedly explaining this to both of them, but neither could see what I was seeing and were beginning to lose interest......then it dawned on me---don't look at face, hair, clothes, how we normally inspect & record a person---just look at the image as a whole....all at once.

If we attempt to examine/research them or try to "see" them by looking at them as we would a person, by looking at their separate aspects which make up the whole, everyone will see something different, thus what they really are can never be "proved" or further examined/investigated....people lose interest and no further understanding is gained because they see nothing remarkable, they only see what they perceive, even though it may be different for each person.

[Terry] began rapidly flipping through the pictures, I could see/was seeing through his eyes.....he was seeing the morphing image---young man, woman, differing shirts, no shirt, tall, short, beard, no beard, old man, girl, muscular man, features resembling animals, etc.
[David] still couldn't see and began to get angry----wanted all pictures back, getting impatient.......I had the stack of pictures and had been trying to sneak one of the better ones into my pocket while going through them looking for the ones that had the particular individual in them.
I remember understanding that [David] was no longer "alone" in his judgment anymore due to his increasing agitation and growing, unreasonable rage....and it was only moments before he would know what I had been trying to do (ie: sneak a picture without his knowledge, with the intent to share what I saw with others so I could teach them/show them/share with them what I had discovered).

At first [Terry] was unable to see the truth of what was in the picture and was ready to ridicule me and totally lose interest. But he was willing to truly make an effort and give the benefit of a doubt to the possibility that there was actually something valid to what I was trying to show him. Once he did that, once he put his faith in the possibility of there being something that existed that he didn't understand, even though [David] was sitting next to him and had already made up his mind that it was nonsense and what I was talking about was just my imagination, and began to seem like he was beginning to panic in his overwhelming and seemingly unreasonable desire and need to get those pictures back in his possession, [Terry] did not allow that to influence his actions, he did not simply take [David's] word for it and chalk it up to nonsense without further examination and coming to the truth of the matter on his own terms.

posted on Aug, 3 2012 @ 08:54 PM
I am honestly enthralled!

FITO, I never knew such a wise and faithful person was behind your avatar.
But with reading your OP, I have become curious and eager to read more.
You seem genuine and sincere, a rare trait these days, and I am anticipating the series.

I have to go back and read through it all be sure I don't miss any of the substance.

Very good kind sir...very good.

posted on Aug, 3 2012 @ 09:08 PM
A separate part of this dream series was also this:

Also.....doors, rooms, lights.
I went to get things from my "old room" that was in some sort of hotel or resort, a place that had many rooms that people were staying in. But it was a dark, used, and old place. Many rooms had been abandoned.
I was moving to a "new room". Between the new and old rooms, there was a series of doors and rooms that I had to pass through back and forth as I moved my things from one place to the other. Some of the lights in the rooms worked, some didn't.

I was quickly trying to move my things from one room to the other, deciding with each pass that I needed less and less from my old room......less & less of my "stuff" in the old room seemed necessary/worth the effort to move. On my last trip through the rooms and doors, the only thing I had and decided I needed, were my children.
They were clinging to me, afraid of the dark rooms, crying for me to turn on the light before we rushed through it to the next room. I sensed urgency, possibly that we were being followed or chased, something looming in the rooms we had passed through. I was scared, but not terrified....only hoping with each flick of the light switch that we would not encounter succeeding rooms of darkness/broken lights and have to find our way through in total darkness.

My "old room" seemed surrounded by some sort of "threatening presence" so I felt like I had to work fast. There was someone in the room accross the hall, they were laying in a bed still sleeping. It was the girlfriend of the guy that lived in that room. I knew she could hear me, but she never moved or acknowledged my presence, she just stayed in bed under the covers and continued to sleep.

The surrounding "threat" started to breach my old room as I frantically gathered my things, and tried to manifest itself through items in room-----dolls, clothes, etc.

I was talking to God, outloud, describing what I believe and why I believed it to be true....His Word, His promises.

The "threat" was unable to manifest itself in the presence of Truth, and kept slithering/crawling/squirming back into the darkness under the bed, searching for something else to attempt to manifest itself through.
Me claiming my beliefs was the only thing that kept it at bay, however it was an ongoing battle until I left the room for the last time.

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