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Recurring dream with shooting rampage

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posted on Jul, 31 2012 @ 02:54 PM
Recurring Mass Shooter Dream

So, I had this dream several months ago, and I remembered it vividly, but I often have dreams where I’m outgunned, or surrounded, or helpless in some way or another, so I just sloughed it off as stress and such. I’ll describe that dream in a moment, but the reason I’m posting this thread is that I had the same dream again about a month ago, but it was more like a sequel to the original dream, and I didn’t remember it clearly, I only know that I had the dream and woke up concerned about it, couldn’t remember the details, but again, I blew it off. Then the Aurora, Colorado thing happened, but I didn’t connect that with my dreams in any way.

Then, Last night, I had the 3rd Sequel to this dream, and it was vivid, I remember every second of it, and it forced me to remember the first two, and now they are all 3 in my head, and I want to share. I couldn’t go back to sleep after the one last night.

I’ll start with why I feel the dream is important. I know the shooter’s face (female, short hair, stocky, gregarious, and loud), I know her profile (single, lives alone, but with many friends and an active lifestyle, gun enthusiast, out-going and personable, but also stubborn and set in her ways), and I know her motivation (hate for men, men’s toys, and specifically “man caves”), and I know I was a specific target, as well as men in general, but she wasn’t afraid to kill women and children too, and I know she preferred to use her handgun first (I’m pretty sure it was a 50 cal Desert Eagle, but it could have been a .45 1911), but she also had a fully automatic gun that did the majority of the carnage, and I know it was in a very large and crowded store, not a mall common area, but maybe a Dillards, or a Bass Pro Shop, or something like that.

So, here is the gist of the dream….

I’ll bounce around from last night’s dream back to the previous ones, because last night’s was the most vivid and explanatory, even for me.

It started with me sitting on a bench in a large lobby type area, with people all around. Almost like a food court at a mall, but it wasn’t a mall, but it was much larger than a typical department store. This lady walks past me and pulls out a big semi-auto handgun, and started to shoot people. I was startled and scared, hit the ground, pulled out my own gun, but I couldn’t shoot her. There were people in the way, and then when I would get a clear shot the trigger was too stiff and I couldn’t pull it, and then I got closer to her, but all of a sudden I knew my gun couldn’t stop her, I wanted to shoot, but the trigger wouldn’t move, and then she walked right over to me and shot me! It hit somewhere on the left side of my torso, below the shoulder.

It hurt a lot (even in the dream), but I was still able to function, and I tried to pull the trigger on my gun again, but it was too stiff, and she was about to shoot me again, so I just grabbed her gun. We wrestled with it awhile, but eventually I remembered some Krav Maga video from Youtube, and I snatched the gun away from her, but before I could turn it on her and shoot, she started just spraying the room with machine gun fire. I had to run, and she was following me, but shooting other people along the way, and taunting me. She said I knew she was coming back for me, and I should have never survived the first time, and that is when I remembered the dream before this one. (I’ll get back to this point in just a moment.)

In the last dream, which I didn’t remember at the time, I only remembered being deeply disturbed by a dream, but couldn’t remember the details, but in that dream, she shot me 30 times. (I remember the number distinctly.) It was a similar public area, with a similar shooting spree, where I had attempted to stop her, but she walked up and shot me point blank. The first shot hurt a lot, but it didn’t disable me, and I fought her, and she shot me over and over, and each shot hurt significantly. Real Pain, not just dream pain, I mean I remember the loud pop, my head ringing from the noise and concussion of the blast, the bullet burning through my flesh, the uncomfortable lump inside my body, the aching that came afterwards, the blood, the fear, wondering if I would survive or not, and wondering if I should keep fighting or let go and lay down. I remember the whole thing for each and every shot, 30 times, but I kept fighting her, and she kept shooting me, until I eventually woke up.

So, back to last night’s dream, she was apparently coming back for me because I refused to die in the last dream, and here I was fighting her again. She kept ranting about “Men and their Toys,” and how she was going to “destroy every man cave out there.” The machine gun sounded like a chainsaw, it was relentless, and she was intentionally targeting men, but she killed a few women and young teens as they ran away, but she was walking around looking for men to shoot. It seemed like forever before she ran out of bullets the first time, but when there was a pause, I grabbed my gun again and ran out and tried to shoot her, but I couldn’t pull the damn trigger (it was just too stiff), and she started sawing away with the machine gun again and laughing maniacally. I had to run back to cover, and I ended up in one of those family restrooms, there was one stall and a sink, and the door had no lock, and I could hear the saw of the gun, and the people screaming and running outside. I finally remembered the gun I had taken from her and I got it to slide and rechamber a round, and the hammer was back, and I knew I could pull this trigger, but the noise of that sawing machine gun was affecting me mentally, and I didn’t think I could fight her. I could hope to get a headshot from close distance, or try to catch her during the next reload, but people were dying, and I was getting sick to my stomach and weaker and more afraid, and I couldn’t wait for a safe moment or I would fail.

I was about to run out the bathroom door and start firing, but then she stopped, and she started talking to me. She didn’t know exactly where I was, but she knew I could hear her, and even though the door was closed, I had a clear picture of the dead or dying people scattered about, and her walking calmly and talking to me and swinging that gun around.

This is where she referred back to my first dream, which I remember having several months ago, and I remember being upset about it at the time. It was a similar shooting spree, but I don’t remember her being female or any particular sex or description, and I don’t remember being her intentional target. In that dream, I was a bystander sitting in a booth somewhere; maybe a café or something, and I tried to stop her by using my gun. She only had the hand gun, and she was just shooting random people, and I was shooting at her, but I couldn’t stop her; I could only distract her. I remember being somewhat effective in helping people escape, but then at the end of the dream, I was out of bullets, and she had zeroed in on my hiding spot, and she was approaching me fast, and I knew I was going to die, but instead I woke up!

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posted on Jul, 31 2012 @ 02:54 PM
So, back to last night, she referred back to that first dream, how this was my fault. I made myself a target, I barely escaped her, and then I refused to die in the second dream when she kept shooting me, and no matter how much it obviously hurt, I just wasn’t dying to satisfy her, and it was driving her insane, and so now she was back again, and she wasn’t leaving until I was dead. She was talking slow, and methodical, and thoughtful. Her maniacal laugh and ranting was over, and she was obviously getting tired from all the machine gun spray and carrying the large gun, and I heard her right outside my bathroom door.

She is right outside my door, I have a thin stall wall there, but it won’t stop the bullets, my gun won’t fire, but I have her gun and I have confidence it will fire. I put my feet up on the toilet seat, my back against the opposite wall, I close the stall door, and I slide down the wall so I’m not obviously visible from the top or bottom. I experiment putting the gun just over the door to shoot her in the head, but it won’t quite work, I try to make sure I’m out of sight, but I think she will see me very quickly. I see the door start to crack open, and I’m ready to shoot or to die, but then it closes again quickly.
I know she didn’t have a chance to look in, so I get the feeling she is just baiting me to come out. I wait. My thighs are burning, I’m scared, I start to second guess the gun, and my position, and whether or not I have any chance at all………… and I also start to realize it is a dream. I don’t know why, but at this point I start thinking that this is where I usually wake up, but I’m not waking up? What the hell is the deal? What am I supposed to do? Then the door starts to open slowly again, I see the top of her head, I realize the machine gun is not pointing through the door like I expected, and I can get the handgun up over the door and get a headshot, but for some reason I feel like I’m not supposed to shoot her yet?

At that point I woke up.

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posted on Jul, 31 2012 @ 02:55 PM
After I woke up, I started to wonder if that was even the shooter’s head? Maybe I wasn’t supposed to shoot, because it was the wrong girl? I also realize that this was not only a recurring dream, but a third installment with each one building upon the last, and that frightens the hell out of me!! I also remember all the pain from those dam gunshots in the second dream, and I realize how real it felt.

Then, after getting up and getting ready for work, I start to think about the Aurora, CO shooter, and the people in there, and my discussions on ATS, and I wonder if this is a precursor to something.

I also realized the rarity of a female mass murderer on a rampage, and I realized how detailed my recollection of her actually was. I could recognize her easily if I saw her. In fact, she seems somewhat familiar, and I’m afraid I’m going to see her any day now.

I bring it to ATS for posterity sake. The details in her looks, the details in her background, the ranting she did as she shot at us, and the real pain, and real emotion I felt was not usual for me in a dream. Some of the aspects were common, like me feeling helpless or not being able to shoot back, that happens in a lot of my dreams, but they are never so detailed, with the backstories, and the motivations and such.

I’m afraid it was something that could happen in real-life, so I want it here on ATS. If there is a female mass shooting rampage out there, especially if it involves a 50 cal handgun, or a machine-gun, then hopefully someone will remember this thread.

I’m also curious about any interpretations of the dream from ATS folks.

posted on Jul, 31 2012 @ 03:46 PM
I just searched google for a story of any shooting rampages involving female shooters, and I only searched quickly, but I didn't find any stories. Has there ever been such a rampage where the assailant was a female?

posted on Jul, 31 2012 @ 04:19 PM
Sometimes dreams that recur or that involve massacres are not harbingers of doom or prophetic dreams, sometimes they are what I like to call working dreams. Do you read any esoteric books? Self improvement?

Your subconscious could be working on you, helping you to grow into a higher version of yourself.

posted on Jul, 31 2012 @ 04:27 PM
reply to post by Iamschist

I hope you're right. I don't want it to be a prediction, and I'd like to think I'm always working on creating a higher version of myself. I have solved a lot of problems during my dreamtime, so I know stuff happens during that subconscious phase. Maybe you're right.

posted on Jul, 31 2012 @ 07:31 PM
Bumping my little story for the evening crowd. I was just showing it to my Mom to read, and I thought I'd see if anyone else was interested in commenting.

posted on Aug, 1 2012 @ 11:35 PM
Imo We live in a feminine society.
Men are not supposed to be masculine here.
I think GOD made men strong and women beautiful. It is acceptable for women to use their beauty to manipulate a situation.It is not accepted for men to use their strength to manipulate a situation.
My guess is that your mind knows that society is against your true nature and that the final strengths we have left are being eroded thru government.
I wish i could convey my point better but one thing for sure i hope this is not a glimpse of an upcoming event.

posted on Aug, 1 2012 @ 11:48 PM
I don't think it was anything prophetic. It was probably just ingrained in your consciousness because of Aurora and the fact that you had a couple vivid massacre dreams, so it came back.

That is weird though about how real the pain was.....I think I've felt heat in my dreams, but never real pain. Also just curious, was the chick someone you know or was she an invention of your mind?

posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 12:35 PM
reply to post by getreadyalready

Since when have you been dreaming about me?!

All kidding aside, your dreams are the manifestation of your own personal fears. Circumstances of being outgunned, or otherwise helpless lead me to believe that you have an issue with lossing control. Gongrats, you're a male and a preper. When these dreams bleed over into your personal life is when it becomes a problem.

I think the dream sequence you describe includes several elements from my posts on ATS, as well as the Aurora shooting. It may also be elements from other posters. Your brain is holding onto these random bits of information and spitting them back at you in the form of dreams.

If it is becoming a problem, get help now rather than later. Manifestation of fear can end many ways, and very few of them are good.

List of elements and original context
I mentioned that anyone that qualifies can purchase the guns used in the Aurora shooting from bassproshop.
In a private conversation I mentioned that you may want to consider a manbag or a fanny pack for carrying your weapon because you feel a fullsize handgun is too heavy and bulky. I told you the merrits of a large purse.
I claimed a handgun would have been worthless in the Aurora shooting, and that the gunman's arsenal reeked of an online forum crawler researching what SWAT or military would use (your handgun was worthless).
My general character is that of the person you mentioned, with the exception of violent behavior. I've actually never been in any sort of violent altercation as the aggresor.
I mentioned that the closed door of the movie theater could not stop bullets from his weapon (bathroom stall door)

I think maybe my conversation with you recently have hurt you. I'm sorry, but I'm not your shooter. Your brain made it up from subconcious memory. Let me know if you want to talk about it.

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posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 01:02 PM
reply to post by AnarchysAngel

But this is a recurring dream that seems to have taken place before and after the events in your post.
Am i right?

posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 01:06 PM
reply to post by deadeyedick

I'm not sure. Most of my elements are in the more recent dreams. I think I may have upset something that was already a problem. Perhaps recent recall of the previous dream has changed the information in previous dreams. Getrdy and I have discussed the human memory several times, he knows this.

Regardless, I think his mind is messing with him.

posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 01:12 PM

Originally posted by deadeyedick
reply to post by AnarchysAngel

But this is a recurring dream that seems to have taken place before and after the events in your post.
Am i right?

You're right, 2 of the dreams occurred before the Colorado thing, and most of those conversations occurred after. Also, AA previously had pictures of herself as avatars, and they look nothing like the shooter in my dream. Also, there is always an ongoing debate on ATS about the effectiveness of small-caliber concealed guns, and I've debated that many times for 3 years on ATS, and I am fully confident in my .380. I used to carry a .45, but I truly believe my .380 is just as effective. In the dream it wasn't the caliber that was a problem, it was the fact that I couldn't squeeze hard enough to pull the trigger. Perhaps AA is on to one of my fears though, I really should get to the range more often!!

I love AA (and her previous ATS incarnation), but I don't think this was about her. I'm not scared of her, don't see her as violent, and don't think she harbors any hatred toward me or men in general.

I'm sure these dreams had elements of some recurring control issues. My scary dreams often have me surrounded, or outgunned, or out of bullets, or something like that. I HATE feeling helpless, so that seems to come up in my dreams a lot.

This one was different though. I didn't wake up at the times I would normally wake up, and I actually experienced the whole thing to the end, and it was more than just anxiety, it was physical in nature. I was physically ill in my stomach after being shot, I was shocked and appalled and disgusted and moved by seeing the carnage. I was actually afraid, and that never happens in my dreams, even in the end where I know I'm going to die, it is more of a realization, no fear. In this dream it was tremendous fear.

I'm sure ATS and regular contributors like AA figure into my psyche more than I realize, she probably did have a part in it, but it feels a lot more significant than what I'm used to in my dreams.

posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 01:14 PM
reply to post by MisterFister103

That is weird though about how real the pain was.....I think I've felt heat in my dreams, but never real pain. Also just curious, was the chick someone you know or was she an invention of your mind?

I think it is someone I have met a few times, but I can't place her. I feel like I know her, and I am certain I would recognize her if we met, but it is not someone that I see regularly.

posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 01:19 PM
reply to post by getreadyalready

Maybe my mind is playing tricks on me.
Hate that. What makes it even worse is that I remember almost everything.

I have no intentions of hurting anyone, but you have to admitt the number of things present that have been mentioned between us is astounding. Perhaps we have some sort of psychic link? Purely circumstance?

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