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The tragedy of a nation

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posted on Jul, 31 2012 @ 01:06 PM

My country has died. My nation is broken. I am of a generation to wonder the earth without a home. Our leaders are fickle. Our people are poor, ignorant.

The sun burns them, winter makes their flesh shiver. We run from here to there, looking for a safe place to hide.

Our defenders hunt us like dogs and pass hell before our eyes so as to break us. We are humiliated and left naked on the floor of a court blaring in mockery.

Our princes watch satisfactorily as our people slave away like cripples walking with the plow latched onto their shackles and our task masters laugh and laugh as they shred the whipping boys back if they be not pleased with the harvest.

Our leaders see our starving children and scorn them and blame them for their disgrace. They take them from us and create misery for all trying to satiate the devils lust.

We walk in progression to the funeral pyre and cast ourselves upon it. We go wailing and wrecked, almost running to the death they have prepared for us. The fire erasing our tragic story of defeat at the hands of our terrible enemies. Punished by them as they pass like vengeful sadistic executioners taking pleasure in prolonging the pain they cause.

Our best and brightest sent to become dealers of death to the world. Not even the memory of what our country was will be preserved. The world has seen our misery and they mock us. They celebrate our heroes deaths and every thorn in our path for what our leaders have made us do to them.

Our rulers and those that command our lives have stolen the honor of our warriors. They use heroes like a pirate hires a cheap hand for his ship. They call them dumb animals while sending them to fetch our neighbors wealth and peace. Our generals command the destruction of our legacy into an unmarked grave no one will ever want to remember.

We are poisoned and beaten. The sweat blood and tears we give to our country are cast to frivolous waste and spiteful theft by devil-men for meaningless smiles and laughs.

The black heart is forever tortured by its always longing but never satiating with true love. Like hyenas forcefully sucking the milk form a mothers breast after devouring her young before her.

We are like the ravaged bride on her wedding day, walking down a desert rode in a blood soaked dress. In tatters and feeling like it is on fire with the blood of her husband.

We are like the naked and scared child scampering in filth trying to end the agony in his belly. His eyes red and not yielding another single tear. Bruised and rotting. A mirage of death masking itself as an innocent life. Children being cast slowly into oblivion, one hungry day after horrifying night, feeling the life leave their little shattered and pitiful flesh.

Our country is dead. We are like the exhausted slaved going to sleep in chains, pulling the dirt over their graves like bed sheets. Resting their heads on a sharp stone and grasping onto their fetters in fear.

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posted on Jul, 31 2012 @ 01:28 PM
reply to post by BIHOTZ

Talk about depressing. That is very poetic of you my friend, but I assure you there is always hope. We live in a once great nation, with great people lurking around quietly, we just need to get those great Americans to bigger places. I agree about a lot, but the truth is we can never be the same country as the country that fought for its independence in 1776, those were a rare and circumstanstial breed.

posted on Jul, 31 2012 @ 01:30 PM
Over emotional hyperbole.

As usual.

Beware of instigators.

As usual.

posted on Aug, 1 2012 @ 01:14 AM
reply to post by Pressthebutton

yeah, the 1700s are long gone. I am not sure what you are referring to. That we need revolutionaries?

That would be the logical result of all the facts we are faced with as a country. Too bad we are a generation of complacent cowards that just worry about getting our dick wet and being seen as "cool" by mindless morons.

Elections are absolutely rigged. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE for the American people to vote anyone into office. Our representatives will never vote someone into office that will change a thing. eh, Tell me different and I will call you a liar or retarded.

Look to Obama´s hot mic recently for example. Romney will become POTUS. That scum bag will look out for corporate America. If you think differently then you are just naive and starry eyed.

Nothing will change. The deception is complete. Look at the poster after you. People are heartless and cavalier about their countrymen eating garbage, living in cars, kids in filth.....yeah It is over emotional....

YOU HAVE TO BE DEAD not to feel something after seeing your people and the state of our country.

Maybe he lives in an ivory tower or has a neat little justification and excuse for it all.

I am not that good a liar. 25% of US kids live in poverty. So many people have lost everything. We are paying g debt for the biggest fraud ever and if we don't our security forces throw us behind bars.

You have to be some sort of bastard to look at our country and think it is " AS USUAL"

Sorry, I am not such a self gratifying intellectual to see my people living in misery and say, oh let me not get over emotional about it. I am a hard ass.

OUR COUNTRY IS RUINED AND IT WILL NEVER RECOVER. If you think differently then fine.,

I don't need to lie to myself to feel better. We will never be rid of generals that dream up things like operation north woods, or that send U2´s over Cuba so the pilots are shot down and we can go to war.

We will never end corporate welfare since the going myth is that we would end existence if we stopped funneling our public wealth into private hands.

Call me emotional. Yes I love my country and it is sad to come to terms with the fact that it is unrecoverable.

You say it will change. HOW?

Our vote.....hahahahahahahaha
We rally and camp outside the white house....yeah and we go to jail and are labeled transients. Then Fox news shows up with our governments blessing to make fun of us a little.

Or how about we all gather up enough money and try to bribe our politicians. Because if not I fail to see how we will ever compete with corporate lobbyist. Do you have a couple billion to throw at policy makers on our

then you are just talking nonsense. I, the emotional fool has a better grip on reality then you......

Or it not true.......? Yeah. war?

Like we will EVER stop fighting for Israel. Our own leaders are CITIZENS of Israel and are openly Zionist in many cases. That political organization calls for the violent removal of everyone in their way......the middle east.

We will die in the middle east and burry our wealth in its blood soaked sands along with our best and brightest. That is not a lie. We will never end these wars. They have no reason to not keep that cash cow. If you insist you are labeled a terrorist by homeland security and the FBI takes you away.

If someone tells you that everything is fine, they are benefiting from the BS. They want you to go back to work and make them money to spend ruining the world. If they tell you to have hope.....they are naive.

This has to fall before we get a shot at our government again. Plain and simple. They own too many security forces that are as heartless and carefree as MR. usual who posted after you.

They own too many politicians they have been doing with as they please for many decades.

Did I miss something?

Yeah, this is normal and having an emotional response about the F-ing reality of things is out of line...

dude, keep your head up. I think you will be happy no matter what. Good.

Other guy acting like cavalier con artist. You know better. I don't have to lie. You do. How honorable do you feel?
just ignore us, your people. As usual you are the best and we are maggots. sorry sir. You are such a hard man....
here is a star for you......add it to the other worthless ones you will receive for being part of the problem.

next time I will write something about how wonderful things are.
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