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The Church of Scientology and the Holmes Connection.

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posted on Aug, 3 2012 @ 10:54 AM

Originally posted by St Udio
reply to post by thesmokingman

in my pursuit of trying to uncover motive, means, red-headed Joker Holmes
i look in way different directions.... like the actual elements in Holmes' immediate lifestyle which would allow him to delve into the zaney idea of changing-the-past by way of Temporal distortions/illusions which was the focus of his being given the opportunity to do a Doctorial Study Grant with money from the NIH

here's the dope:

Holmes got Grant money to persue his Doctorate studies,
he began to get money including May-June-July administered by the University of Colorado Denver
the $21,600. annual money (for a 5 year Doctorial Study term) should be disbursed in equal monthly sums by the UCD

Holmes it is reported had a part-time MacDonalds job

Holmes had a staff Psychiatrist in his support or care

reportedly, Holmes spent close to $20K on weapons. ammo, protection gear, booby-trap bomb materials...
reportedly, Holmes tapped into the Grant money for $26k ...even as he was just beginning his Study Grant program which he was failing according to the Oral exam result, after which he bought 2 rifles the next day.

did the UCD give him a $26k chunk of grant money for 'personal expenses' because the staff Psychiatrist recommended it or what ?
it seems that the grant monies from the NIH (national institute of health)m should have had more closer oversight behind it than what appears on the surface

relevent reading:

i suggest reading these links, and the connecting dots which allowed this psychotic who was focused on 'Temporal Illusions' to not be vetted as a solid candidate for Doctorial Study Grant money and a free hand in a short time to spend the monies on a murder rampage scheme...

after taking 100mg VICODIN before the Movie Show
and after he withdrew from the Grant Study Program after only a very short time
then, on top of those 2 things, he sent a notebook to the Psychiatrist that outlined his forthcoming rampage at the theater
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It is being revealed that the University Staff Psychologist...who at first did not investigate the Grant recipient close enough....
eventually went on to Alert the Campus Security that Holmes needed attention...

...Aurora, Colo., shooting suspect James Holmes came to the attention of the threat assessment committee at the University of Colorado but no further action was taken because he left the school more than a month before the attack that killed 12 and injured 58, sources told ABC News. ...

in two posts i alluded that Holmes was not properly vetted for security reasons in doing Doctorial Study
the campus at Denver, the Psychiatrist on the Staff, the NIH which awawrded the multi-year tuition-study grant monies....(and the rumored DARPA lead in giving the award to Holmes one of the six priveledged recipients of the Reality Studies) a

ALL were slack in their duties, exscept that progressive thinking combined with the notion of political correctness disuades any delving into the lifestyles and activities of anyone...
there was no accountability for Holmes who began acting psychotically, started to wear trench coats, buy guns & rifles, get refused acceptance into a local gun club.... as a post graduate student-study individual

one just does not give access to $100k and unsupervised activity to a post grad student to do independent research on exotic distortions of reality studies...let alone access to the doses of VICODIN he apparently was psychologicall addicted/dependent on for a period of time before the theater-massacre
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posted on Aug, 3 2012 @ 08:43 PM
Here's another article that is forthcoming.... kinda blaming the UCD for not keeping tabs on the post graduate that was doing Doctorate Study at their Brain-Research area of study

Movie theater attack: Did school drop the ball?
Associated PressBy P. SOLOMON BANDA | Associated Press – 4 hrs ago

i think both the university that was in charge of the funds disbursement was sitting on their hands
AND the Psychiatrist on the UCD staff (colorado university denver) were lax in their authority...

and i say it wasn't about the guns/rifles/ tear-gas, body armor et al...
it was about the psycho getting access to VICODIN and any other 'Meds' which are available to most anyone that can pressure their doctor to prescribe them...

the guy 'Holmes' was evidently living high on the hog with a $100k grant and doing prescription drugs (anti-depressants)
for quite a while... and he then conjured up the reality that he had become the 'Joker'. quit post graduate studies. warned his counseler/ himself armed to the hilt...and commenced to carry out the fantasy he thought could be changed into something he would be proud of instead of a rampage with scores dead or wounded

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