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Why is it that people think we cannot CRITICIZE ISRAEL? Israel is NOT A RELIGION, It's a Nation..wi

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posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 04:21 AM

Originally posted by something wicked

Originally posted by g146541
I have always known that the terrorist state of israel was a nation and not a religion.
They get away with alot as they fly under the guise of many banners, state, religion, ethnicity, Etc.
Screw the terrorist state of israel, I say stop all aid, financial and military goods and see just how "Gods chosen people" do.
There will still be enough jews and semites to go around, they won't go extinct.

I tried so many times to respond to your post in a way that wouldn't just get culled, but it's hard. I think there is a site or many sites out there where you can practise being such a scumbag, why don't you go away and find one?

MODS: if you even think about my post on this, please look at what I am responding to -

"There will still be enough jews and semites to go around, they won't go extinct."

Clearly the work of someone who is either in need of a reality check. I hope this bag of 'SNIP' actually gets to live in the real world one day and learns to appreciate his neighbours (but I actually doubt it, ).

The original thought was the jews/semites/isrealis/whatever banner tthey are flying under for the moment at hand always cried about "they are trying to wipe us out"!!!
The terrorist israelis practice the methodical annhilation of the Palestinians, soon there will be no Palestine and it is already being written off of the maps.
Is it ok to genocide one people and not the other?
And you would call me names...

posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 09:06 AM

Originally posted by rootbranch2012
You're doing what the authors of the NT did. They took some basic facts and then added, subtracted, twisted and fabricated as they saw fit.

Fact - God, the Creator made a covenant with Abraham and his seed, Isaac and Jacob ever after to give the Land of Israel to them. That's a fact. It's called the Promised Land for a reason. Why do you think it was called the Promised Land? Because someone felt like using that name because it just sounded interesting?

Read. Understand. Learn.

Now I see that you are probably Jewish, so we can not have any kind of discussion. We will never be on the same page, nor have a basis of understanding. Yes, I read, understand, and learn, but you have yet to do so, for (as I said) the OT plainly states that YHWH divorced Israel and then Judah for their sins, and cast them out of the land they had previously been promised and given. They deserved it, but Jews seem blinded to it. You need to see what YHWH has told you, not what you think He has said. Do you not think it possible that you have taken some basic facts and added, subtracted, twisted and fabricated as you saw fit?

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