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Batman Massacre was an Illusion

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posted on Jul, 30 2012 @ 05:45 PM
I won't discern the fact that it wasn't staged.

But, real people did die, and that wasn't an illusion.

Evidence points to more than 2 people.

Especially with guns and ammo.

And how they conveniently find everything in the open before court.

And, his outwitted decision on bomb making that surpassed past even the FBI's expertise. FBI Must of have hired out of college to get that response.

I agree, he was a smart kid, but not all by his lonesome self, like they make you all out to believe. He had help.

And it wasn't from one of his multiply personalities either.

Common sense.
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posted on Jul, 30 2012 @ 05:50 PM

Originally posted by W3RLIED2
reply to post by Vandettas

Emotions aside.

You think these people getting shot was a trick of the mind?

How the hell did they end up with bullets in em, than?

Every single person in Aurora have a telekinetic power to materialize bullets in a crowded area?

Some people should check in for CT scans..... Often.

Slow your roll chief, don't go off on me. ._.

I said I understood him, not agreed with him.
Even so, just because someone asks a question nobody else asks, doesn't mean their crazy.

posted on Jul, 30 2012 @ 05:58 PM
reply to post by Fox666
I'm with FissionSurplus, as far as playing along and not giving you a hard time.

People are being all sensitive about (somewhat reasonably so), but you're just asking a question and they're responding based on assumption. Possibly well-informed assumption, perhaps, but they're only operating on what they've been told - not what they know.

Regardless, I'd like to see a source for the Holmes quote you provided - is that possible? It's definitely an interesting thought, and I'd like to look into this theory a bit. It may not have been a false flag situation by any government entity, but may have been something Holmes or someone else did on another level that affected reality somehow...

Can you give us a link or such to simply review on this theory?

posted on Jul, 30 2012 @ 05:59 PM
reply to post by Vandettas

I havnt gone off on any one, yet.

I don't mind theories, speculations, or any of the usual. There is a lot of wild stuff on ATS, some I can get behind and others I can't.

This is absurd, though. Real bullets, real lives affected, and it's a mind trick?

I'll believe that when me shiz turns purple, and smells like rainbow sherbert.

posted on Jul, 30 2012 @ 06:05 PM
reply to post by W3RLIED2

I love sherbert.

posted on Jul, 30 2012 @ 06:14 PM
reply to post by Fox666

I like a good conspiracy...but this is EXACTLY what is wrong with the 911 forum too.. Once fantasy and science fiction are tossed in as theories, logical debate is impossible.

It wasn't in my mind. People are dead. Kids too. Our time would better be spent looking at the killer....not us.

posted on Jul, 30 2012 @ 06:35 PM
Keep in mind the new york times published many pages of thousands of biographies of the WTC dead. One could establish that reality with minor research.
So where is the list for Aurora that anyone could check?
and how about those dramatic shots of a theatre parking lot full of emergency vehicles? zip. go to the Aurora Sentinals photo collection. nada.
I checked out one startling tale of heroism. 3 guys protected their girls, and were shot dead. Pics and names were to be found in the article. They were white, in a predominately black and hispanic coummunity. humm. then i looked up the journalist. She had a series of articles back to 2003. Cat mutilations. Jihadists. Terrorists on the loose.
in other words, a pro wirter for the masters of illusion.
but that is just my 2 cents.
Let us survey the admissions at the hospitals in a 30 mile radius, after 3 am.....

posted on Aug, 11 2012 @ 04:07 PM
"Ludicrous Online Lies: All threads in this forum are based on utter falsehoods that require you to ignore reality, proof and logic. These topics require the use of smoke and mirrors because they have no basis in fact and should be viewed as the essence of ignorance."

Maybe it wasn't originally, but this thread IS in Ludicrous Online Lies now.

So, I'll comment.

First of all, I am really surprised by the lack of imagination and intelligence from folks on a conspiracy board.

It might be too soon, and you might be too emotional to talk about it, well, then... then don't talk about it. Don't reply here attacking this person for doing what he's supposed to be doing here.

Don't respond to them questioning them and talking to them like this person doesn't know the seriousness of a violent situation. YOU need to recognize where YOU are.

Let's see, do you always come to CONSPIRACY FORUMS... and say stuff you worded and formulated very carefully to sound like you're sane and ever-grounded and there's not ever been a day in your life where you've been a conspiracy nut. Haha, I think it's great these "rational" and "down to earth" and "slap you in the face with reality" responses are mostly followed by posters with very outrageous things in their Signatures, talking about things like parallel universes. Oh, oh.. so .. um.. Parallel universes are perfectly sane and acceptable, but reality or an aspect of reality being an illusion is too much, huh? Right...

I'm sad for the people who died in the shooting (or did they?) But, for some reason I'm even more sad by how most people have responded to the creator of this thread. In all reality, what has been represented from even a tiny thread like this, from just a few responses... actually has much more to be worried about and be sad about than this shooting.

I mean, you're all insane. Literally, #ing... just... gone. Blammo. Nuts.

only a couple of rational responses.

What even compels you to come to a conspiracy forum? You didn't ever have anything like that in your make up, obviously, so WHY once again are you even here?

Hypocrites. The thing I'm most tired of is hypocrites. It's really, unnerving, when you see people talking like they are totally convinced they have a good point, but in all reality they have no idea what they're talking about, and are totally hypocrites. You're just using this forum to vent. To vent frustration, to vent pure emotion. No point, no purpose. Please, reserve the board for us who want to discuss things step by step, rationally, intelligently... without leaving out such OBVIOUS steps in logic. Those who are incapable of considering more than one possible point of view

Afterall, is it impossible that this entire world and that shooting was an illusion?
Is it?
If it's NOT possible, if it's not possible that all this was an illusion, and even your whole life...

If it's not possible, then how do YOU KNOW that.... that it's not possible that this is all an illusion?

What concerns me very very much more than this persons idea, is HOW you people seem to know
things that people can't know. That, above and beyond every other conspiracy ever, has always interested me the most. The conspiracy of the common person.

The common person, confuses me, scares me, angers me.. more than the scariest conspiracy I've ever read.

You know, I would go with the "Too Soon" thing. I agree, it was probably too soon for him to mention something like that...

ON A REGULAR FORUM. But, if it's TOO soon for him to be mentioning something like that... and YOU feel that way, then isn't it TOO soon after the shooting for you to even be back on a conspiracy website at all??

I mean, that's kind of a slap in the face isn't it. No, not even kind of. It's ok for you to get your conspiracy fix, and read up, and do what you want despite recent events, but it's not ok for that person?

If you're truly supporting a time period of sanctuary and respect for recent tragedies, then WHY aren't you demonstrating the same thing? Coming to a conspiracy board is no way to respect a recent tragedy. In my opinion, you're no better than this person.

Doesn't that make YOU insensitive?

Yet you speak with such certainty (which is fine on a forum, or something..)

I'm not even saying it is an illusion, I'm not even a believer in life being an illusion or not being one.

It's all how you general folks APPROACH things, if only you knew, which is why I write this, how very little you understand about what exactly you're talking about. Which, since you don't understand much of anything, ISN'T much of anything. then.. you wouldn't post to any thread ever again.

Some of you need to NOT type, EVER again. Just read. And, I mean this 100% literally.

posted on Aug, 11 2012 @ 04:40 PM
"Afterall, is it impossible that this entire world and that shooting was an illusion?
Is it?
If it's NOT possible, if it's not possible that all this was an illusion, and even your whole life...

If it's not possible, then how do YOU KNOW that.... that it's not possible that this is all an illusion? "

If you answered Yes to the first two questions in this paragraph,

you should not ever post to a conspiracy board again.

Because, you simply don't have what it takes to consider unlikely possibilities.

You shun them, write them off without knowing. This is the ENEMY of a conspirarist.

Trust me, all of the sane conspirarists (not an oxymoron, I promise!
) on this site already KNOW

how unlikely it is that reality, and or mass shootings are illusions.

And, sure, I understand... I understand if you're trying to soothe this particular conspirarist, because
they very well may be insane.

But in your trek for your own supposed sanity (which you tried very honorably to represent), you forgot one thing, that true conspirarists won't ever forget...

and, in fact, that any .. actually sane person, shouldn't forget as well...

and that is...

What if the OP's not wrong?

No where can I see the rationale for what some people have pasted in this forum, how numerous of them say the exact same thing in different wording... ganging up on and attacking the topic starter.

It's sickening. It's like, they can't even see they're saying the same thing over and over again. Just, repeating eachother. but, like I said, with different wording.

Clone theory anyone?

How is it you read a thread, and say the same thing the person said before you in different words? then, another person does it.. and another person does it.. and no one notices this?

I mean, dear god, THAT is maddening. How you all try to make sure you get to say something that sounds sane... so that YOU, yourself know you're sane... and another part of the sane group.

Doesn't matter WHAT you say, as long as you word it, and give the impression that YOU ... THAT YOU... have just said something very sane, and respectable.

Remember, hypocrites.. here's a few key tips:

*Belittlement, or belittling people is a good way to make yourself feel more sane, and appear more sane to others.

*Sarcasm! Sarcasm is key. Who looks more sane than a person who uses witty sarcasm?

*JOIN the hoarde! No, no. Don't speak out or say your own thing. Say the SAME thing everyone else has said, in different words. Or, maybe introduce a new little snippet of an idea here or there to make it seem new.

* Remember, you need displays of Self-righteousness and the mentioning of you being a parent and/or having children! (You could be on the craziest conspiracy topic in the world, and just get through saying the craziest thing in the world, and this tactic will still pull through sure fire.)

*Saying "Me and my friends" does give a little credit to your sanity, you get about 10 sanity points for this. So I'd suggest typing it as often as possible, as well.

For example: "Me and my friends saw a UFO in the woods the other day."

Yes, yes. Much better than saying: "After experimenting with Isolation and Meditation and these new Yoga techniques I went out into the woods by myself to try some home-made '___', not expecting to see anything, and then a UFO popped out of no where"

So, here's a few key pointers to appear sane.

Also, being a woman on PMS on a forum or a man from the military.. gets you sureeefire sanity points. You may piss me and everyone else off, but, damn are you one sane person. Or should I say Citizen.

Because you deserve that title. You warrior of sanity.

I really don't feel like typing anymore. I feel like, since I let off this steam.. that.. the truth about the ignorance behind (or in front of, or apart of) such a large amount of people no longer effects me...

Afterall, I'm ignorant. You're probably thinking when I said that "Heh, damn right he's ignorant, and I'm not"

But... but... any person who thinks they're not ignorant, at least about something, is ignorant.

So, just stop. I'm right, and you're wrong.

Well, no. See. I'm not right. I'm just more right.

Which makes me the person who is pretty much right here.

I'm about 95% right in everything I've said, if not more.

"Oh boy, he's talking about right and wrong..."

OH, so actual defined Right and wrong are strangers to your "sane" reality...
(which is rather outside the box thinking, yea?)

But, even one thought of reality being an illusion is strictly not possible.

Sooo.. you have selective out of the box thinking..

Alright, alright.. I'm following. I think I've concluded your problem:

posted on Aug, 11 2012 @ 05:03 PM
Ok, here's my conclusion about you.

You're insincere,
You don't know what's going on around you..
You don't really know what right and wrong are, you believe they aren't really defined. (though, any fourth grader seems to know right and wrong are very real... whether they abide by it or not)
You create responses on forums and word them with seemingly years worth of experience and/or influence from something or someone who also seemed as though they were a sane, organized, responsible individual. and you adapted it, and now you use it for yourself to make it look like you're something you're not.
You do this, trying to trick yourself into thinking you're actually saying something of importance, or something that has a real point, or something that matters. When, really, you're not saying anything.

Now, while I do not believe your earnest efforts are unimportant, even if only one small post on a conspiracy site...

it's still, if intended to actually make sense, important and important to me. Yes, anything you say that is earnest and not just a routine attempt at making sure you're still sane and other people still view you as such, then I value it. It's important to me. What's not important is 90% of the crap you guys repeat... more or less, the same crap the guy that posted before you just bullshat out...

That's what community friendship boards are for, and I'm sure there's plenty of them (Um, wait, I know there are). I'm SURE there's even a section or a forum for that on here.

Please, go there, where people have the same intentions that you do. How in the heck do you wind up at places like ATS? I'm about to move to TB2K permanently... and I've just now started posting here! after
such a long time of reading.

But no, you choose to extend your filth (Yes, you legion) to every area of the internet.

there's no getting rid of the moronic masses, I've seen this!

The more you expose them, the more retarded they become! AHHHHHHHH

Im glad this is just a filler post, and nobody is going to actually read it because it's in the LOL forums.

I would have spent more times on my points, and the whole appearance and organization of this whole (three) (so far) replies.

Well, bottom line, what annoys me most about these folks is not that they are so damned silly and ignorant, but that in fact

What pisses you off most about them is not that they're right, but that they THINK they're right.

Wow, I'd rather them be right and me lose the argument.. than to have them be wrong and think they're right.

that # is very, very annoying. Lol, what's even worse is when other people think that person is right too.. and everyone's supporting them.. and like snarling and frothing at you.. Like they're pissed that you had a good day (when you didn't)

I know you know what I'm talking about. I know that # bugs you, too.

Wow, guys. Lol. Days on earth... they were truly interesting...

Oh well. Maybe we really will be destroyed by aliens soon.

Is that so bad...? A quick super-nuclear death for everyone?

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