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40 years of personal experience

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posted on Jul, 30 2012 @ 03:24 PM
This is probably the only place I have ever said this since it seems to share similar experiences.

First off I will say this..

I have never seen a UFO or (thankfully) been abducted and probed.

But I have had experiences not as common.

My first experience didn't come until later in my life but I experienced something completely different and have come across several people living in my area who had similar experiences.

When I was like 9 or 10 years old I had this neighbor. My friends and I were hitting a baseball out in front (or used a tennis ball as to prevent the neighbors from flipping out) and it rolled into the garage of my next door neighbors. I went to retrieve it and this neighbor was a nice older guy who didn't talk much other than wave. He was in the US navy and a fairly high ranking Officer. He had a lot of photos of Jets and the Space program framed and hanging on his garage interior wall. This was just around the ending of the Apollo Missions in the early mid 1970s. I started to talk to him about the space program and my other 2 friends came over and one of my brothers wondering why I didn't bring back the ball and sort of joined in on the conversation.

Out of nowhere in the middle of the conversation he said "While we were up there we were not alone". I was stunned by kind of thought it was a joke. I was really young and all I remember was he might have been drinking a bit and his wife called him into the house and said hi to us but that she need to shut the garage door. He also told us about how people listened in on HAM radios part of the media blackout. Now the media says the blackout took place during the craft moving to the backside of the moon but in fact the blackout was just that.. about 20-30 minutes between airtime the astronauts (I believe it was Apollo 11 but could have been 12 or 14) were talking about large crafts.

It wasn't until some years later a family member visit us. He was amusing and strange (for me) at the time. he would sometimes go into "conspiracy" Nixon on certain issues (which I guess were known from the Watergate scandal ) and him being a member of the Bohemian grove (Which was the first time I learned of that but was well known among people in the San Francisco area were we lived at the time since it was nearly 100 years old even back then (we're talking 1977-78 now) and the one that really shocked my brother and I was about the HAM radio story (which is now well known). He was staying with us for several months and all of these stories were't told all at once but just sort of brought into conversation which at first we thought he was a bit odd but then his stories went from "conspiracy nut guy" to somewhat factual or believable. especially to young teens. we told him what our neighbor told us some 4 years earlier and he told us "I noticed there is a large radio tower at the end of the street we had a neighbor with a huge tower like boxes stacked on one another rising a good 40-50 feet in the air which upset many of the neighbors because they claimed it would interfere with their TVs and since most homes were one story high the thing stuck out like a proverbial soar thumb. This guy lived next door to a neighbor and school classmate of mine name Ken. I went to visit Ken and he told me the guy told him he heard this transmission and he brought me over to talk to the person. The guy didn't really want to talk much to a couple of kids.. seemed a bit annoying to him that this kid would bring me over to hear the story personally but said, Yes, lots of people heard this "black out" period and that it was common knowledge. This common knowledge seem to turn into a more of an "Urban Myth" up until the late 80s or Early 1990s when suddenly shows like Unsolved Mysteries and other shows started talking about it.

People tried to cover it up by saying "they were speaking of the black out period when the craft existed the moon and was behind the moon cutting off line-of-site transmission but in fact it was while they got to the moon and saw several crafts off in the distance.

Then the story changed to "The craft was in fact a Russian probe that landed at the same time and light was reflecting off of that which may have caught the attention of one of the astronauts. So at this point NASA is now confirming something they denied by saying "Yes they did report seeing something off in the horizon but it was most likely the Russian probe."???

Anyways back to this short conversation with the neighbor. He seemed annoyed he brought me over (I don't blame him.. kids knocking on your door asking about something he may have regret bringing up to a kid in the first place) anyways when we left the guys house Ken and I were planning on going to see a matinee at a nearby theater (they played older films for like 50 cents during the weekend) but Ken's mother came out.. and told him to get inside. I recall the film to be one of my favorite "Soylent Green" and we had these small walk ways that would cut between streets. This is no joke, perhaps the person we talked to wanted to mess with our heads (or mine) and when I walked through the path, this person I never seen before (as far as being a neighbor) walked towards me in this walk path and was staring at me .. i was a bit creeped out thinking he might grab me .. he had an intimidating angry face. He looked at me and said "Everything you heard never happened. You ignore what you heard you little Sh**" or something close to that. and walked right past me. I took off running towards the theater since he he kept on walking the opposite direction of which i came from (Ken's house as well as my own). So I went to the theater. this might just be a big joke or the person might have been paranoid and told his buddy to say that. but when I got to the theater and completely forgot about it and was about half way into the film when I had a weird sense someone was staring at me. I tried to do one of those *look back to see if I was looking for someone* and noticed him out of the corner of my eye. An older man. He was just staring at me. So I waited a few minutes and got up and walked back to the isle but sat several seats over. I looked back about 15 minutes later (turned my head real fast) and he was just staring at me. So I'm thinking "Perv or?" and ignored him. I got to near the end of the film (Had seen it maybe a dozen times up to that point on TV and a few other Matinees) and He was staring at me and put his finger up to his mouth and made that "shhh" gesture. So now I'm thinking about the guy 2 hours or less before in the walkway. I got up and left.. I walked out of the theater and got a hundred feet or so and looked back and he came out the same exit and was staring at me and looked to make the same gesture and no lie.. a car rolled up, and he got in the car. this guy had to be like late 70s, very frail looking. When he got into the car I took off running west towards my house while they drove off in the opposite direction as I looked back. Who would do this? and why? who messes with 12-13 year old kids like this. You might say a pervert as I felt but clearly he just wanted to mess with my head.

Some years went by and I started to experience waking up gasping for air... continue next post

posted on Jul, 30 2012 @ 03:33 PM
use tab key and space bar now and then....
my eyes hurt

posted on Jul, 30 2012 @ 03:44 PM
Certainly an interesting experience. Was the guy who confronted you in the alley the neighbor you spoke with or someone else?

posted on Jul, 30 2012 @ 03:46 PM
reply to post by stew4media

I am enjoying reading your thread. I do have a request....would you please make more would be so much easier to read that way...thanks.

I am thinking the man who approached you...may have been CIA.

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posted on Jul, 30 2012 @ 03:53 PM
..Some years went by and I started to experience waking up gasping for air. I was tired all of the time. I was seen by several doctors and one told me it might be something called "Sleep Apnea". but this was perhaps 1979-1980 now. It wasn't well understood until the 1990s. Before then they thought it was harmless until they saw a pattern in heart related issue cause by oxygen deprivation as well as it causing High Blood Pressure.

The point being is I would suffer from Sleep Paralysis. the first few times was scary as hell. you can't move and you cant scream yet you can open your eyes and see what's around you. I believe the first term (or my understanding) was "Sleep/wake syndrome. the Doctor told me something about it's a protective mechanism to keep you from harming yourself or acting out.

Then the visuals started. The so called hallucinations. the shadow figures in the form of reptoid (reptilian). a "common visual" as are the grays. I didn't feel it was a hallucination. I wasn't in a daze like experience. it was very real. I would have other strange visual experiences like someone spinning (or placing it in their hand and rubbing back and forth to make it spin ) a blade of grass or straw of wheat but in a very white illuminating way then sort of dissolve. I'm not saying that is what it the figures were spinning but it looks like something that at the tip of a straw sort of branches out before they would leave.

Some years later when I was maybe 19 I had worked on tearing up a street to run some cable lines and then patch work. It was very hot that day, I went home and just fell down on the bed and woke up to a cat like creature. I couldn't move.. all I could do was stare at this F***ing thing. I remember being angry as hell at it, I wanted to hit the thing. it had huge eyes. alien like. The head of a cat but more of a slender body with a long tail. I broke free after 30 seconds of paralysis and jumped towards it and it ran under the bed. the door was shut and this thing had nowhere to go. It was gone. People tell me the mind creates its own chemical which causes you to hallucinate like you're on '___'. the same basic chemical. But this thing was real as anything could be.

Up until this point everyone will just say "You were on a natural '___' trip" or something close to it.

But after reading stories over the years I honest to G-d believe that this is some kind of character and or personality experiment. You can say what you want but I know now about this MK-Ultra. I read about it before but didn't take it serious. we know now in fact this has been taking place and more people are coming forth. this had reoccurred several times over a few years. I wouldn't tell anyone except a few close friends.

Some years later I was sitting in my house (same house as this took place) and I heard a helicopter. I went outside. I wasn't drinking, on drugs and wasn't a drug user though I admit trying several things once or twice with the exception of marijuana which I smoked a lot during my early teens in my rebellion years and peer pressure but was not a pot smoker during this period. I walked outside and there was a news helicopter. the thing was spinning in circles like it was about to lose control. I remember hearing the pilot laughing and yelling something about coming to get you (as if it was directed at me). I yelled for my mother to get out of the house. then I ran into the house and phoned the police. and then the news agency and they said no one was out on a story and the airport said someone rented the helicopter. I went outside. The strangest thing happen. A Neighbor (cute female who lived with her sister) walked up to me, sort of grabbed my shoulders and said "you didn't see anything.. there was no copter". She then got in her car and left. I know people will think I hallucinated this as well. But maybe an hour later I was in the laundry room (an apartment) and her sister came into the room to get her stuff out of the dryer.. she looked at me and said "what was going on with that helicopter outside). I said "You heard it?" and she said yes. I said your sister just told me there was no helicopter. She looked at me and said nothing more except I asked to talk to her sister and asked when she would be back and she said "I dont know, she's in the reserves (army?) and wont be back till later. They both used to talk to me prior but told me to leave them alone when I tried to ask her sister what the hell was up with that. Never got a reason why she said this to me when clearly her sister asked me what was going on with the helicopter. A pure mind **ck.

posted on Jul, 30 2012 @ 03:54 PM
reply to post by Insearchofthetruth1987

Gee.. I'm sorry if my grammar and punctuation skills aren't up to par for you. nice one line reply. isn't there a "No troll" TOS on ATS?

posted on Jul, 30 2012 @ 03:56 PM
reply to post by theTimeTraveler

It was someone else.. I was saying I don't know if this person was a friend of the man with the radio.. I was running out of text to continue on. Thanks for the friendly reply unlike the previous person. I added on with the next reply to my story.

posted on Jul, 30 2012 @ 03:57 PM
reply to post by stew4media

Did the man ever talk about specifics? Or in particular, was he ever approached by some of these creepy perv guys to be quiet as well?

posted on Jul, 30 2012 @ 03:57 PM
reply to post by caladonea

I'm sorry. I have a bad habit of doing this. I will try and make proper paragraphs. I just get really involved into what I'm saying and not think about proper grammar or punctuation and to be honest I need to take classes and brush up on doing so.

posted on Jul, 30 2012 @ 04:00 PM

Originally posted by stew4media
reply to post by caladonea

I'm sorry. I have a bad habit of doing this. I will try and make proper paragraphs. I just get really involved into what I'm saying and not think about proper grammar or punctuation and to be honest I need to take classes and brush up on doing so.

It is the past I have done it too. I like your attitude! Your story is captivating...I need to know what happens next!

I still think the man who approached you is CIA.

posted on Jul, 30 2012 @ 04:32 PM
.. Continuing on. In the very late 1980s I had a friend name Ken (not the same Ken as a classmate I spoke of before). He was into computers. He showed me about email and showed me something called newsgroups (which we all know of now). I did take a computer class around 1980-81 and 1983 as well at a local small highschool. sort of a basic in computer science. anyways Ken showed me a little bit more of what was still new to the average person back then. when I got my first computer some years later in the early 1990s I had learned about Bulletin Board Systems (Basically what we're on now.. aka Forums) for then dialups. local forums which would link to the next town and the next town and so on to form an early version of what is now the internet.

One site I found while back then living near a town called "Walnut Creek" California I went into a computer store. got a magazine (I think it was called Bay area bulletin board *** yet the name was an acronym). it had several local BBS which were popular world wide since back then the San Francisco area was still kind of (or one of) the hubs of the computer revolution to come. (being close to silicon valley.. obviously). Perhaps some of you know this one forum turned website. It was called &TOTSE (about a decade later to be totse dot com). this place had a massive library of "Conspiracy" and UFOlogy material. I started reading things I had personal experiences with from people all over the world. about the Aurora project (which I guess now is officially declassified or has been for some time but I don't believe it was in the early 90s). Also these were much older documents written in the early 80s so even if it was declassified at the time the text files reflected an earlier date during an unknown period. Then there was the MK-Ultra and stuff on the Bohemian Grove, Just about every subject known at the time relating to top secret projects yet more from personal experiences and questionable of authencity. sort of a mix of prefabricated BS to partially to facts yet not truly confirmed at the time.

in the late 1990s this dialup then purchased a internet domain and moved everything from the dialup over to the internet website (1998 i believe is when it was being moved over).

This is why I have a personal interest (which I would like to say more of a personal issue) with 9-11-01

In the year of 2001 during the month of May or June, someone had posted this massive thread. the thread was about how this group (unknown) was going to highjack planes and crash it into the WTC and the Pentagon and Whitehouse and or Capital building yet made specific remarks about high-jacking planes.

Now regarding this.. many people laughed because often people would troll and make up threads in a threatening overtone or just straight up threats but viewed as trolling for laughs.

But there was something different about this thread. it looked professionally typed up. Like a set of documents rather than the on run sentence of a babble someone would write sometimes deliberately making errors in spelling or constructing it like a 5 year old wrote it. this was very well written out. It was very specific in their intentions of what they were going to do. I later came to understand this was the exact threat sent in email to a congressman who spoke openly about it.

During this period I notice a ton of military activity. the only other time I ever saw such activity in my area was during the early 1970s as a kid (during the Vietnam war while living near a military base) and during the gulf war of 1991.

Some people on the site spoke about Alex Jones, Bill Cooper and perhaps even the psychic twins prediction. yet this didn't say one building it mentioned Washington DC and NYC WTC. The Psychic twins said WTC but they also said North or South Carolina which I thought was odd. I could see maybe Va with a large navy base but why NC or SC?

I believe there was also a mention of attacking LA or other west coast port cities.

I have a video of some small planes flying over my house as well as an Army helicopter over my house during the period of June 2001.

Then the day after 9-11-01 (or two days) right after the President.Adivsors said to be on the look out for small cesna like planes might try and crash into buildings or even spray anthrax over cities or even small suburbs. We had these vintage WWII planes doing what looked like dive bombs over our neighborhood.. My wife yelled "Those planes are back" because she would get angry they were doing acrobatic stunts over the house. They're some local guys to the area and seem to do this a lot. Some people say they might be members of the Red Bull team who do those events every year (I believe San Francisco hosted one a few years back). The only problem is this. The entire airspace was closed to all non military flights. I have a video calling the airport, the man admitting the planes were parked (or whatever the proper term be continued

posted on Jul, 30 2012 @ 04:53 PM
in their airport (Byron California).

On September 12-13 (Im pretty sure it was the 12th but it could have been the following day) 2001 My wife wakes me up and yells "there is one of those damn planes doing acrobatic stunts) it was one of the two planes we video taped earlier. I video taped part of the event after I called 911. 911 told me that a police officer radio it in (or phoned it) as well as several other calls coming in. I could hear neighbors in my area yelling to look up. people were freaking out because we were warned about such an event. I will upload the videos to my youtube and allow you guys to view them. I suggest you download them with a youtube downloader. I want to try and get these videos out there.

Anyways this might sound like it's all over the place.. one event not related to the next. but my point is, some people seem to experience lots of stuff then are called nuts. yet I documented much of it. so I question if some people are picked to be used in some way.. a character study program? I don't want to hurt any true national security regarding the protection of our nation but more and more I find an industry profiting and not giving a crap about the US or it's Allies and is selling us out. Sorry if that comes off a bit patriotic but I'm seeing a huge decline in the quality of life in western society. i truly am sorry for sweatshops and people not getting their share of the pie but this isn't redistribution for fairness this is a shift from the wealthy to steal all the wealth from Westernize nations and place it in third world countries so they can make more profit? yet I'm sliding off topic

Anyways this dispatch told me to contact the FAA..I did, I also contacted the FBI they were very busy and told me "Call SFO (I was living in this town in the San Francisco bay area at the time) and I did. they told me "Our RADAR doesn't really cover your area. Contact Oakland. I did. they told me to contact Concord (a small airport which had some commercial flights at the time) and I did.. they told me "I bet people at Byron would be better help. So I phone them. I'm not joking when I say this. I got routed to the Flight Control room.. the guy says "what the hell do you want me to do about it (maybe he was under a lot of pressure from being busy since it happen right after 9-11-01) I said "I don't know.. ask him to land his plane and stop scaring everyone" and his reply was "I don't have to do SH**" and hung up. I kind of laughed and was shocked at the same time. I know several people recorded the plane. I got the plane on video and he takes off about a minute into the recording.

the called to ask this town (Antioch california) if I could get the week of 9-11's audio or typed transcript. She asked me why and I said I told her what happen and she said "I don't show any calls regarding this". we went from the 12th the 13th and all the way up to the 16th which i knew was way after the date. I told her just too look between the hours of around 7am to 2pm (I seriously didn't look at what time it happen or logged it myself and was woken from a nap I took and so I don't have the best memory but it happen in the mid morning afternoon period). she looked at all hours and saw nothing. My next posts will be relating of the planes.

posted on Jul, 30 2012 @ 06:06 PM
Here is the day after (or 13th of September 2001) You can hear my wife at the end. She woke me from a nap, I recorded this then called 911 dispatch (or local police non emergency.. I forget which) and they reported the Police radio in the planes and were getting a flood of calls yet when I tried to get a transcript of this period both audio and or type I was asked why I wanted them and was told by dispatch she couldn't find anything. this was over the phone. The city was in the city of Antioch California. I guess I have to figure out how to excersize a freedom of information act to obtain it. I'm not saying the city is covering it up but just odd she couldn't find it. I lived in Antioch California at the time. If anyone has the ability to pull records of that week of transscripts for me (being you work in Government and know how to) that would be great.

posted on Jul, 30 2012 @ 06:15 PM
Here is another video. Mind you, I don't normally ignore my kids I was just in the process of trying to record it and they thought I brought the camera out to record them swimming so I was asking my wife to have my little one to stop pulling on my shirt to get my attention. People always troll me about ignoring my kids but I am very loving and pay a lot of attention. They perform well in school and are generally polite kids. I hate people who hear collectivlly a few seconds of video and think this is my "abuse by ignore" of my children. My own mother accuses me of the opposite of "sheltering them" too much.. Seems I'm damned either way

which is always the case for me

You can also hear my dog (A golden retriever) i say "get out of here" that is to the dog not my kid

I have one more video I need to upload


but here is another one recorded that June 2001 period.. around the time the Post of the threat on &TOTSE took place

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edit on 30-7-2012 by stew4media because: Sorry I never noticed the reason for edit. The video I originally uploaded was from a tape showing my kids prior to the recording of this event and I wanted to crop that portion out

posted on Jul, 30 2012 @ 07:12 PM
I don't want to sound bitter.. I was building up to the UFO related but my post was moved to "Gray area" which sort of sounds like "The Big Giant Banter"... So I'll end it with this last video. It wont get the normal attention because most people who come off of a bing or google type search don't look for "Gray Area" which only helps the suppression of information. The Mod who requested this only hurts the information out there. Im fairly sure this website gets massive hits and it's usually people who google Alien or 9-11. Not meaning to sound bitter and no bitterness towards you forum but people don't usually google or search engine "Gray Area".

posted on Jul, 30 2012 @ 07:19 PM
Oh.. and as to not look crazy with an in-completion of my on going blog statement.. I will say that I do in fact believe we're not alone. ET may be among us. There are FBI reports, other intel agency reports that more than suggest we're not alone. I was going to say though that the majority of UFOs are in fact fake or misunderstood and are more likely a large study group who mess with people and actually are on a payroll for doing so. Probably people in the psychology field who work in the public sector but also are on a study group payroll which could be funded from people outside of our own nation. Perhaps the Government of China or Russia under the guise of our own federal Government.

Just food for thought. But I wont start threads like this anymore because it just gets tossed in the "Odd ball" bin.

posted on Aug, 1 2012 @ 06:24 AM
Gave you a flag and star because I enjoyed your story. I wouldn't worry too much about this being placed in the Gray Area. It is just because most of the beginning of your thread is a personal account which cannot be verified. The Gray Area isn't the hoax bin.

I thought directly after 9/11 there was a no-fly rule going on? Can't remember how long that lasted, but it makes me wonder why the people you called were not concerned about individuals flying planes around a residential area.

posted on Aug, 1 2012 @ 09:43 AM

Originally posted by tport17
Gave you a flag and star because I enjoyed your story. I wouldn't worry too much about this being placed in the Gray Area. It is just because most of the beginning of your thread is a personal account which cannot be verified. The Gray Area isn't the hoax bin.

I thought directly after 9/11 there was a no-fly rule going on? Can't remember how long that lasted, but it makes me wonder why the people you called were not concerned about individuals flying planes around a residential area.

I will follow up now.. That is exactly what I was trying to say. People don't realize this, but planes were grounded. some argue with me and say "no this person was allowed to fly.." well, This plane didn't fly over the house and continue on in a straight path, he's outside just after President Bush and the FAA said "Be on the lookout for planes" I'm paraphrasing a bit. I need to find the video of this.

Can anyone help me and post it here. I recall something about "Airplanes might carry biological or chemical weapons on board. Crash them into buildings or spray them over populated areas. here is the weirdest part.. this predates the Anthrax mail by a week or month.

My memory isn't that great but it predated it at least just shy a week or up to a month. So Anthrax was always in the picture with these people. and it happened. Then a man was falsly accused (An American Scientist) who sued for like 6 million dollars for I guess Slander and false arrest. So a guy who dies, is then blamed. Also an American. Never a Muslim guy. Both men I believe were Anglo or Latin American males. (Or celtic, slavic, mix caucasians?) I didn't want to say Christians. I don't know if they were religious. Not putting down islam.

also It sucks because no true WMD were found. I have to admit I bought into this. and I believe they found one mobile chemical weapon truck in Iraq?..yet don't remember much after that. But this guy is flying a day or two (3 at the most) and he's &*^%ing doing barrel rolls and dive bombing routines?? WHO THE HELL DOES THIS? Was it a jokester? I don't think so. And also I need help with this. There was a tourist.. I believe an Asian man (maybe from the east coast?) who was at the Golden Gate Bridge on Jan 30-31 to Feb 1-2 2002 (5 months later?) and he took photos of two planes. I contacted the news, I said, "Hey.. They look identical to the planes I video taped" and it was like the run around for the third effen time. One guy at Channel 5 in San Francisco told me "Oh, they were filming a movie".. I'm like, There are National Guard on the bridge ready to shoot these guys out of the sky and they're filming a movie when the entire world is on edge? (really.. not just the US at this point)

I almost feel like someone is rigging my phones. And I have had my phone lines crossed on purpose in the past. I had a phone guy show me my LAN line was crossed with neighbors. And now my Cel phone is being tampered with.

the whole thing is a trip, and since then I have been threaten for revealing TOTSE by the little "Script Kiddies" who grew up as if they're dedicated to the owner as their supreme master. I never blamed Jeff Hunter (The owner) but I find it odd he told me he could make trouble for me..regarding this and another matter regarding a kid who used some kind of information to make "Sim Tech" (spell check) and posted it in a forum. I told the kid, Don't mess with it.. Call the authorities. He said it looked like it was drying up on the cardboard in his garage and that it was crystalizing. Then the thread was removed. Like before, I never knew what was real or a joke, but someone told me it was no joke. So I'm sure the FBI has a file on it. And I'm told the guy was injured and may have blown his legs off because it exploded in the garage. And I want a copy of that thread if I can get it to show I warned this kid not to mess with this crap. Jeff had lots of cool information but he had all kinds of "How to" stuff and lots of kids would say they would make crap.. like ballistic rockets or some crap. But usually you could tell they were kidding. And Jeff's answer to why he had such stuff was "Anyone can go to a library and read any of this stuff.. much of it I got from the local library".

Last I heard he was a CEO for a large corporation.. he's a brilliant guy who has done a lot of stuff in the computer industry I was told over and over. He help create chat bots that make you think you're talking to someone. It's one of the first things I do remember about him, he pulled it on me and it took me 3 minutes before I question it. He told me Most people take about 5-10 minutes or never figure it out. but others in a minute or so.

he was a nice guy who I guess got connected by allowing these post to exist and not remove them. I can only opinionate I guess. But I didn't like his remark to me which I took as a threat.

posted on Aug, 1 2012 @ 09:45 AM

Originally posted by Shaun9883
reply to post by stew4media

Did the man ever talk about specifics? Or in particular, was he ever approached by some of these creepy perv guys to be quiet as well?

When you say He.. do you mean my friend (more of a school mate, I didn't hang out with him much.. and a neighbor) or the radio guy? I never told Ken and didn't know the guy with the radio.. just listen to him regarding the Moon landing and *Secret black out period* again not to be confused with the "Black out going behind the moon and losing line of site communications"

edited: Also, The guy with the Radio was not my next door neighbor who originally told me this story about 4 years prior to us talking to the guy with the large radio tower. It was my relative visiting who got us to go chat with him.. and Ken told me about what little he heard as well.
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posted on Aug, 1 2012 @ 09:53 AM
there was a news helicopter. the thing was spinning in circles like it was about to lose control. I remember hearing the pilot laughing and yelling something about coming to get you (as if it was directed at me).

There is NO WAY IN HELL that a pilot in a spinning helicopter would be yelling something, let alone that you would even be remotely be able to hear what he'd be yelling.

Do you have an idea how incredible, incredible loud a helicopter is if we assume he was so close (as you state) that the pilot "would be yelling at you". If you ever saw a helicopter landing or starting close to you, you will see how ridiculous the idea would be the pilot yelling and you remembering what he yelled.

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