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I'm Having a Bizarre Experience...

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posted on Jul, 30 2012 @ 03:05 PM
I'm having the most bizarre experience. I am watching this video of a game playthrough, and it is nearly identical to a recurring dream I had when I was around 5 or 6 years old. I had this dream at least once a week for about a year, and it could end different ways, but the theme was always the same: I am in a hallway in an office-like building, and I come to 2 doors. One door leads to "safety" and the other door leads to an elevator.

Notable differences in my dream and the game are:

1) My dream didn't have a narrator
2) There were people I was familiar with in the dream (my sister, cousin, and dad were all symbols of safety in the dream), whereas the game is almost completely devoid of any people
3) As I said before, one door would lead to safety, and the other would lead to the elevator. In my dream, the "safe" path would be a journey through more hallways until I arrived at an office room (much like the manager's empty office in the game) where I would find everyone I was safe with (my dad and others).
4) My dream didn't have the viewing monitors or the generator or the consoles.
5) In my dream, when I entered the elevator, there were always 2 people: a lady we knew from our church called "Martha", and another lady who I didn't know.

So there are differences, but overall, the exact appearance and feel of this game struck me like a ton of bricks. The familiarity is uncanny...

And another crazy thing about the dream... When I was little I told my mom and dad about it because it always freaked me out. Then I stopped having it. About 6 years later, a lady started attending our church. After seeing her for a few months and wondering why she was so familiar, one random evening in church I realized she was the other lady in the elevator from the dream all those years back. Also, this lady had moved in with the other woman, "Martha" and it was something of a controversy among people at church. I told my parents that I thought she was the lady from my dream, and everyone was like, "Wow, really?" But nothing much ever came of it...

Now it's been about 12 years since that incident, and I find myself this afternoon encountering this videogame which, as described above, is strangely similar to the same dream.

What is it about that particular dream that has incurred two separate, nearly supernatural incidents for me personally?

Thoughts? Comments?

Here is the video... Keep in mind that when watching the hallway sequences in this game, it is like looking directly into my past, like a literal recording of what I used to experience as a child in my sleep...

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posted on Jul, 30 2012 @ 08:54 PM
I just realized a pattern in the years. I was 6 when I had the dream. I was 12 when the stranger woman appeared. I'm 24 now...

Next incident in 24 years? 2036.

Also, and this is just for fun...

I was born in the year of the dragon. I had the dream in the year of the dog, but the woman appeared in a year of the dragon, this year is the year of the dragon, and 2036 will also be a dragon.

Ha, I am reading way too much into this...... or am I?

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