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FBI Informants Speak Out: Eric Holder's DOJ Is Ignoring Child Sex-Trafficking Victims

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posted on Aug, 1 2012 @ 12:16 PM
reply to post by Maxmars

Are you familiar with "the Franklin Case"? Perhaps it never ended....

posted on Aug, 1 2012 @ 12:49 PM
reply to post by jibeho

Oh yes, that particular conspiracy was among the first I ran across ... it was simultaneously heartbreaking and a mind-blowing disillusionment in our establishment.

Of course, many efforts have been made to obfuscate the case and muddy the waters of evidence around it.. but the overall effect was a dismal failure - they waited too long to cover it up.

Eventually, when the masters of the current political cabal finally die off, we may see the truth slip out slowly about how Washington D.C. became the 'playground' of the elite (and their clueless sycophants.)

But that particular conspiracy only speaks to the 'elite' "users" of the human flesh stolen and peddled by these criminals.

The problem is much more pervasive than a few degenerate "I can have and do whatever I want" types in government.... those are just the thespians protecting the abyss of immorality... politics is prostitution... it makes sense they would be connected in one way or another.

posted on Aug, 1 2012 @ 01:09 PM
reply to post by Maxmars

The details of that case seem to be running parallel to what is being claimed in the OP. Looking at how our society as decayed further since those days, I can only surmise that those involved at the root of Franklin have simply taken things further today hence the allegations against the DOJ. Same game, slightly new list of players.

William Colby's death never made sense and still doesn't. Perhaps he could no longer bear the weight of all he knew.

Interesting letter from Colby as he was informed that the investigation was being terminated. Colby was left with many unanswered questions.
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posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 02:38 PM
Hey you two, I am really fascinated with the Franklin case, mostly because I live in Omaha my whole life and remember hearing about this as a child. It turns out my best friends Dad is on the Documentary for Franklin, he is FBI spokesman Larry Holmquist that says "we don't care to comment as we worked hand in hand with OPD during this investigation" something like that. He claimed to not have any extra info on the case but I don't believe him.

It turns out that Mickey Mott (sp) was Larrys best friend, Mickey has had some pretty heavy accusations leveled at him from Troy Boner. I don't believe for a second that he doesn't know anything else though. This guy was also part of Ruby Ridge, Waco, Oklahoma City..he was everywhere and has seen everything.

Also did you hear someone made the connection between Franklin and Penn State? I just read DeCamp mention that someone said he had made the connection way back when but he didn't remember making it. I haven't gotten a chance to look into it further yet though.

posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 02:57 PM
reply to post by sputniksteve

I am not too surprised... although I can say that such known associations were the first discoveries that began the avalanche of opposition to publicizing anything about the case.

Once the 'associations" started coming to light the lid came down on everything and the case was systematically deconstructed to it's weakest elements for public rebuttal. The onslaught of character assassinations against the victims was so over-the-top that it was clear this was not meant to ever be discussed publicly.

Since then the media ownership has dwindled to 5 (maybe six) individuals.... I think it makes it much easier to control information that way. And the kind of information 'controlled' always seems to be intended to effectively elevate our "public" officials to "hero" status... which we can see in the Penn State case as being the single most effective tool to protect those who might be guilty....

If there is a network of elites being serviced by a "white" slave industry in the black market... it will be someone in the black market that gives them up... not the media. Of course, no one will believe the accusations of a criminal... will they?

posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 03:25 PM

Originally posted by sputniksteve

Also did you hear someone made the connection between Franklin and Penn State? I just read DeCamp mention that someone said he had made the connection way back when but he didn't remember making it. I haven't gotten a chance to look into it further yet though.

i saw that too would you mind doing the research and getting back to the Brotherhood ATS? There must be a connection!

posted on Aug, 10 2012 @ 08:57 PM
reply to post by jibeho

My possibly baseless accusation is that the reason holder and the DOJ ignores this or turns a blind eye is because they know some very prominent and powerful people are involved. Think about it....with the number of victims involved, there has to be a vast network of perpetrators involved.

posted on Aug, 10 2012 @ 09:28 PM
Just a quick look over this article and I call BS coming from Sheriff Joe and Arizona. This is what Sheriff Joe is guilty of and is trying to blame Holder. And isn;t it funny Fast and Furious problems also came from Arizona and the record shows it but they still try to pass the buck to Holder.

If something else happens in Arizona im sure it will be Holder again.
But they don't blame him for the one thing he did do. Send in the contractors working for the DHS as hackers called Anonymous to hack and leak emails from there Sheriff Departments in Arizona. Now thats funny!

posted on Aug, 12 2012 @ 07:40 PM

Originally posted by NYUKLES
It appears that there are two extremely sensitive and taboo subjects for criminal and journalistic investigators.

1) UFOs and related
2) elite pedophilia

Add to your list, anything having to do with reality on 9/11/2001


posted on Feb, 22 2013 @ 03:12 PM

Originally posted by proteus33
reply to post by PrinceDreamer
i dont believe that hog wash about ice the doj aint going after child sex traffickers because they know how high up the chain this goes . do you not think that alot of very rich and very powerful love the kiddies. they arent going after the traffickers because they would tell who they work for.

It's been 20 years that I've waited for someone to say what the above post says. This is the conclusion I came to when our local DA(who is as crooked as a mountain road), refused to aggressively prosecute child sexual abuse.
It has been since that time, my heartfelt opinion, that child trafficking, rape sexual abuse doesn't stop because the good guys in the intial agencies are hamstrung by superiors who would like the digging to remain superficial.

It is only then logic and deductive reasoning to see that if there wasn't approval at the highest levels ,this mess would stop. I so appreciate this discourse. Have ilittle to add and look forward to reading further.. I thank you good guys who stand against this as you give me hope.

BTW rather intimidated by the level of intelligence forgive me if I simply read for while. I do not mean to stir up a hornets nest by speaking . WE who have watched as our childrens lives are trashed by corrupt pedophiles are simply validated and hopeful to hear this discourse. Thank you from the bottom of my heart

and yes I do think their is a connection to those who practice the dark arts. Unfortunately , observation and logic from folks such as me does not hold as much weight as men who have seen investigations stopped due to those who seem to want it to go on..(I am trying to be mega careful as to how I say this)

posted on Feb, 22 2013 @ 03:18 PM

Originally posted by bigfatfurrytexan
reply to post by jibeho

I don't know.

The world seems to be so callous towards sexualizing children, and very little done about it. You have some well intentioned folks along the way, but anything major is for the most part pushed under the rug.

I think that there is a very large portion of the world that has no problem having sex with minors. I would also postulate that a large portion of the world is sociopathic. Of course, we don't know this because there is every reason to mask these two things from others. But when you see some of the folks who get busted for child the last year here it has been teachers, military recruiters, and other well known people (in my local area).

As with anything involving secrecy, from both law enforcement and offender, it is hard to know exactly what the truth is. But my heart hurts for any person forced to do sexual things against their will. Or forced to do anything, for that matter.

I think this is a very valid assertion.. Look at what the media sells: sex and violence.. it is certainly a medium that needs to g the way of the dinosaur if it cannot be resposible. All of your posts lead me to respect far more all the reasoning that has led to my own conslusions which I shall not waste your time with.. Fact is that there is a push in this world to become less caring rather than more.I'd give my right arm to volunteer with any group tryng to take down pedophiles but realize a degree in law enforcement is probably needed.. Just a mom who cares

posted on Feb, 22 2013 @ 03:49 PM

Originally posted by jibeho
This is a very complicated case so, I will post just a bit more from the investigation. Even retribution against "agents"

Laster and I presented dozens of cases to the FBI. Many of the cases involved minors who were being forced to have sex with adults for monetary reasons under the threat of violence from human traffickers. Special Agent X worked diligently to record our information and initiate investigations. Laster and I educated ourselves further on guidelines and protocols that the DOJ used in handling such cases. We felt assured by our research that it was a matter of law and a matter of internal policy that the FBI had to investigate and act on cases where minors were identified as being involved. All seemed well.

An Unwilling DOJ

But the majority of the cases we worked on with Special Agent X never turned into investigations for the FBI—even the ones involving children that the FBI was mandated to act on. Special Agent X was shipped to a different part of the United States and was forbidden to work on human trafficking issues any further, even though the guidelines had been followed. I was deactivated without cause (meaning in good standing). As of press time, the new special agent assigned to Laster returned her call but hasn’t communicated with her about the cases. Laster has also not been fully reimbursed by the FBI for time and expenses she incurred at its request.

I'm still trying to get my head around this. Time for ATS to put it's heads together.

The gentle man who responds to the above post with "I can't quite get my head around this, could just get a ditto and save us all time. There is nothing that I have seen , heard, nor experienced that does not tell me in the core of my soul that I've just read the absolute truth.28 years as someone who has has seen a side of it most fols discousing upon this have not. I totally respect this. I'm a novice , a newbie, just one of the people.

Ths is true because this is what I saw myself , my children and countless others I have spoken to over the years.Becamae an activist because of it.

Have always known there are honest folks in the lLE profession who were hamstrung by superiors and have seen it here in our town. There is an evil that doesn't stop because not enough folks have stood up as you all are here against pedophilia. I cannot express what I feel reading these words on this thread and I doubt I need to finish reading it.I know every word is likely true. IN all my time onine and i levave itoftendue to the prampnat pervasive bs on the net, I've bnever read a thread I knew was true from four post. NO doubt folks you are stellar Haven't seen this much truth since Waregate and even then everything still isn't known. *L*

Just want to say to the floks in LE.. BLess you. You're right and keep on fighting.WE survivors are gonna keep on doing our part as well. Don't quit. Now I shall bow to superior knwoledge and learn. Thank you all

IT tears the hearts out of the public as it does the survivors. BUt don't you in LE ever feel you are not doing enough. WE know you are doing what you can when you can. Thank you

posted on Feb, 22 2013 @ 04:43 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

You are so right. We are all complicit in our complacency when we do not take action in our own communties. Been saying this for years. Still at it as an acitivist as health and safety considerations allow.

That being said; when little people go up against this type of courrupton in local LE courts etc, it can be far more than just daunting to end it. There needs to be large gathering amongst all political groups against issues like this. There is strength in numbers. Kevin Anneette lost his family and job exposing the POPE> For folks of my ilk, it is shall we say truly impossible due to it becoming life threatening.

How then do we as a community ban together to take this down when the only folks who are screaming about it here are the truly wacky far right group. They are right, liberals in my community are paying no attention due to many factors. Yet, they are also as out there as they come so they get no serious press. IF this one issue was taken on by every American.. and I think decent folks across all spectrums oppose this, then and only then can we stop it. There are but three medias controllers in the world.. This won't get press till folks at the top start to fall. That cannot happen without men who have worked in this wh are older coming forward.Women as well. For when we truly end child abuse , many other awful things will stop as well. Hurt children grow up to be huring adults often and without mental health treatment we cannot expect better outcomes.

I think the culprits need to pay and the legal avenue is a civil rights one. One food civil rights abuse case against an agency for doing nothing on a grand scale like the church and ths thing would have to crack wide open

This brings me back to my original statement, the gentleman above is right, we all do need to get involved. Stilll, we need folks who can validate this truth standing with us when we take on a small town DA with a arge propensity for making folks disapear.

How do we solve that? I totally agree and respect everything else you said ..but many of us have had our backs to the wall fighting against this for 28 years we know the endemic complicity of thesystem and even that it is designed to be that way.OF that I am certain. Trouble is how do we get out the ones who want it to be that way? MOst folks I suspect of being at the higher levels of this are.. shall we say hiding behind a veneer of respectabllity and purety..I'd even posit that the more someone claims moral superiority the less it seems what they vote for in DC males any sense. Using a monetary reason for not doing something about this sacks of an excuse . KInd o proves that people don't matter as much as the rich to me.

We don't need more studies on why folks do this.It's clear this exists because certain people at the top approve of it and engage in it. The people then have no recourse but to demand it stop .All I can think of is a letter writing campaign Snail so it helps the post office at the same time.I can commit to that

I've been waiting forthose gentlemen in the initial agencies to get the job done with regards our DA .Respect that one has to make cast iron cases against slippey subjects especially lawyers. Still, in our town I pray everyday whatever barriers are there to this happening fall soon. When theydo..I shall be hlad to put my neck on the line far more.

till then I shall pray for all those involved and survivors and wish for this to come to light in some other media outlet than the ones being used to manipulate us all. I've always said that the media is doing a dance on our heads.All sides are a distraction tool to keep our minds off the crimes at the top. This thread has convinced me.

I'd dearly love the links to orgs I can plug in to to fight this.I have found few

posted on Feb, 22 2013 @ 04:54 PM

Originally posted by Eidolon23

Originally posted by bigfatfurrytexan
reply to post by jibeho

I think that there is a very large portion of the world that has no problem having sex with minors. I would also postulate that a large portion of the world is sociopathic.

I don't think that this is so. Those who are abused as children become exponentially more likely to become adult perpetrators. There is a vast proportion of victims who, because of the element of secrecy, never receive therapeutic help until adulthood (if ever). Which also ups the likelihood of predatory behavior in adult survivors.

For every active sexual predator, there are dozens of child victims on average. A certain percentage of those will grow up to become perpetrators.

Exponential increase with every generation, and a subsequent decay of healthy norms society-wide.

Increased demand creates a market niche, and gives rise to an increase in human trafficking.

I can't imagine how hard it is on the LEOs who care and get hobbled in their efforts to stomp this atrocity out. We need to get our goddamn priorities straightened out.

Agree 100 percent using the excuse that it is just that a certain percentage of people who will do this is one that I've heard so often among my fellow people on the left. They seem to be oblivious to this. I've tried fo a very long time to raise awareness on this issue , online and off. It is as if that folks are more willing to fight about the survival of dogs rather than the survival of children. IF you care about social justive, this is issue one. Because folks who go through this cannot rise above it without help. The fact that our government always cuts mental health funding first tells me all I need to know..

WE will never have anything but a dysf#ional civilization till we stop all child abuse and human trafficking.
There is an old Idigenous saying "what a nation will do to one they will do to all." I think you can pretty much see that in our society going back a few hundred years. The statistics for rape , child sexual abuse and trafficking is at an all time high. . Till we all take responsibility and say not on my watch.. it will go on.This isn't a left versus right issues. Besides the old look at the leaders crap is but a distraction. This has to be issue one for a better world or we are lost

posted on Feb, 22 2013 @ 05:40 PM

Originally posted by VitriolAndAngst
Over 100,000+ humans are trafficked each year -- very likely much more than that.

Of COURSE at an institutional level, it's supported -- they couldn't "disappear" that many people without getting caught.

If you can see the Gulf get killed by oil and chemicals by BP, and they are allowed to set their own punishment, such that they end up MAKING A PROFIT -- you have to realize that our government is no longer riding herd over the companies that own it.

If the Koch brothers can spend millions, and propagandize that Global Warming isn't going on -- so that since the Kyoto Treaty got ruined by the US, over a Trillion dollars in profits have been made (I know, chicken feed vs. what the banks rake in) -- then you have to realize that the people in charge MUST ALLOW the most depraved acts to take place.

IN a few years, it will be obvious what we've done to this planet -- and then wars will start over resources and clean water.

Human trafficking? If we have leaders who will sit back and let the robber barons kill the planet -- what wouldn't they do? They'd sell their own Grand children to a cannibal. This world is run by Psychopaths who's only goal is to create a world where they can publicly kill people for their amusement. Bread and Circuses are eventually for the rulers, not just to distract the public.

t's not my way to commenbt so much. Yet I cannot get down a page without saying ; OH ABSOLUTELY..
sorry but this gentleperson male or female knows what they are spekaing of.. Hence my question; how do we as a people..stand up enmasse to this issue? . The only folks I know who are taking a stong stand on this are the folks of Idle NO MOre.
The tribes are strong in this as they see children as a sacred gift. They stand for the ones born and don't meddle about the unborn. They have fought and fought and fought . Mny of the people who end up getting trafficked , raped or abused by others ,even police in their communities ,are the women of the first nations. As a Cherokee, I can say that this is the one group fighting many issues in a strong and cohesive way with no left -right bs. I stand with them for obvious reasons.

Read an eight page report today.. Actually , am half way through., it's not easy reading.. Maybe for my first post I'll share it down the road..
It is about the Highway of Tears in Canada. Nothing that big could not go on, for as long as it has ,without the cooperation of many people. Just makes more sense that it is all connected ,, you start to realize the huge scope of the problem. Then you can kind of extrapolate how difficult it is for those who do stand up.

as i said in other threads.. I know this has to be true. Have seen too much that led me to think the very same thing long before I had even heard of The Franklin film .LOng before I had even heard of a computer I suspected this was not just an anomaly of human behavior. It was a sick expression of it's ruling classes taste. Why do you imagine there is so much sex, death and gratutious violence on tv? Blood sacrifice is the hallmark of those who engage in this on such a huge scale. Symbolic or otherwise this country is awasj in blood from the first nations till now.. think about it. IF our leaders allow death, then perhaps they endorse, support and relish the deaths of millions. Who knows.. does kind of make one take some time to ponder it. I'e often wondered why we have thse back and forths DEm and REP in is it true all groups do this? I don't know. Cannot say.. but it seems to me that the one that stops this mess once and for all would get my vote. Since neither group does do much about it and I surmise another group might be involved in i making sure their opponents stay silent about said abuse by nefarious means? KInd of the strange leaps of thought I am having Make no claims as to this being naught but an open question...

Since one party seemed to be the party that suppresssed a certain telling film, then it would be easy to ascertain that the first party was the one making a game of democracy. Just a guess

I just know that we cannot stay silent ant longer.

posted on Feb, 22 2013 @ 06:05 PM

Originally posted by bigfatfurrytexan
Throughout the 20th century we saw man struggle against "injustice". Injustice was battled on many fronts ,by many people. Today we see some of these people considered icons, with their.images being synonymous with "struggle against injustice." Now, whether you believe them to be a good representation or not is moot....the point is, they are a symbol (for consumption by the symbol minded, i suppose).

Che Guevara, Martin Luther King, Bob Marley, Vladmir Lenin....all these people are iconic for their struggles against "injustice".

But when you talk injustice, these people referred only to "social injustice". And that got people galvinized into a movement that enacted change. Lenin brought about Communism in Russia, Che helped do the same for Cuba, King was greatness incarnate (and truly seems deserving of being an icon), Marley...well, mostly the poor, and he created a movement of getting high and wanting to be socially active in between jam sessions. Regardless, these people created movements that really did make some change (maybe not so much Marley....but he created a desire for change, if only his followers didn't get so high and decide to eat Doritos and play Mortal Kombat instead).

But when you talk real injustice, this screams for attention. This screams for someone to create a movement. And it would seem to be a movement that would create itself. So whats wrong? Why is human trafficking and child sex such a major issue? And, even more, why are we investigating drug dealers when we can investigate child sex pimps?

I would suppose the reason could be most easily summed up with a saying used in adult education: WIIFM? "Whats In It For Me?"

When you talk about social injustice, you talk about haves versus have nots. But when you talk real injustice, like human trafficking, you are talking about haves being asked to think about have nots. Obviously, humans tend to only worry about something when it pertains to what they will get. So moving against social injustice is an obvious no brainer, because people are trying to improve their own situation. Moving against human trafficking? Yeah....we see how much people care about that.

So we will all sit here on an internet forum, and declare that it is a travesty. But what will you actually DO about it?

I would guess not much We are all human, after all. If there isn't something in it for us, we don't care much more than to provide some lip service, maybe make a Facebook update, and possibly donate our change at the convenience store into a pickle jar for whatever it is (be it cancer, MDA...whatever).

YES! That is it. JOining with First Nations cause they are the only ones screaming about this already. PLease .It can be done. Thoughts can be come ideas and ideas can become action. It really could be as simple as a snail mail campaign that saved the post office while theyre at it. Everyone who doesn't like child abuse would agree 40 cents isn't too much to spend. It would work. I've been dreaming of hearing others suggest the same. I kid you not. It's a low risk way to start .. low cost etc. What do you think?
. It would take folks in all places who empathized with the issue They would come forward I suppose. Yet how does one get the word out? FACEBOOK.. been trying to find a large group of people who can pay attention to anything not tweet sized

So how does one start a movement that doesn't rely on Facecrook... which I just see as herd control..*L* sorry I do

AS someone who has been toying with it , I can tell you it's not a place that I'd even start anything. Can't wait to hear any other ideas.. thanks for your post

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