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I experienced Synchronicity re: 9-11 please view

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posted on Jul, 30 2012 @ 01:56 AM
Plube.. I believe it was your posts that I came across this video.. I didn't change the video in anyway.. it was the one called NYC 911 amateur and the small insert was the Port Authority showing the creation of the WTC only to show the portion (the very ending) which called the one portion of the steel exterior as "The tree" because it branches out.. It was pure coincidence that the lyrics says "Can't go back to the trees' then says "Big bad giants standing tall"

The song is called "Souls in Isolation.. from a 80s British "Gothic or Post Punk Band"

but it's more like British folk music because it's a more modern version. the song was written in 1984 I believe. I know this turns people off to think I created a music video.. it's not.. I'll even post the lyrics .. wait 3 minutes into the video where Bush is being told about the attacks. some of it may offend but was not intended to do so. It's very sad but seems to relate to the event almost word for word. I believe this is called Syncronisity.. reflecting on the condition of the world.. almost a form of psychic ability by viewing which way the world is heading in.. or some people believe this?

I don't want to spoil the whole thing but near the end it says (just as the second building is crumbling and to suggest we lost our innocent

"We're always searching for something
Dear dead days I'm longing for you
Sweetest virgin
Now deflowered"

..we lost our safety net or innocents of safety across the "pond" which once protected us during World Wars


Soul in isolation
I can hear you breathing down the hall
Soul in isolation
I can hear you crying through the walls
And if I had a mind to now
I could call to you
Or I could simply shut you out
No more would you cry

I'll give you my time to kill
But you'll never never
Break my will
Or I could sink a sleeping pill
And in the morning could be
Sleeping still
But most of you are much too ill
Way beyond a surgeon's skill
In bondage to a dollar bill
What more can you buy?

When you think on it
We're all
Souls in isolation
Alive in here
I'm alive in here

Come here
A word in your ear
You can't go back to the trees

Big bad giant standing tall
Crushing all the creatures
Great and small
I'd like to see this giant fall
When will it come

Words that rattle round my head
Struck by lightning someone said
A diamond bullet through the head
Hits me right in the brain
Are they right in the brain?

Will I see the jailer's face
Did my mother bring me to this place
Will I see the jailer's face
Will others come to take my place
In total isolation
Surrounded by crowds
Too many tears
From too many clowns
Surrounded by crowds
In another world
Head in the clouds
I'm alive in here
I scream
But you still don't hear
I'm alive in here
I'm alive
Turn on the light

When you think on it
We're all souls in isolation
I'm alive in here
I'm alive

We're always searching for something
Dear dead days I'm longing for you
Sweetest virgin
Now deflowered

posted on Jul, 30 2012 @ 01:04 PM
So you are thinking whoever wrote these lyrics 16 years earlier than the event was in some way predicting a future event? I am a little bit confused here.

posted on Jul, 30 2012 @ 01:32 PM
reply to post by sputniksteve

in the short of it I find it's strange how many things connects in the song but I meant to say He didn't write the song for this one persons video though for the moment it felt like it.. though he didn't .. I said he wrote a song which seemed to feel as if it seemed to relate to this one video. just a strange feeling it seemed to. My point was really more about experiencing several synchronicity moments. not so much a pareidolia thing since it's more than one visual added with a song and it's writings.. so it's more than a pareidolia. I'ts chance?? I thought the lyrics were eerily strange and connected. but was not saying he wrote lyrics for a video for a internet that didn't exist in 1984. and Yes, I will say that sometimes things seems to be connected everywhere. I was also trying to throw logic in this little unknown experience by saying maybe we can predict the future (knowing or unintenionally or not knowing by the events around us which seem to have some obvious outcomes? you hear about this a lot. I watch a lot of youtube videos on the subject of why people aren't really psychic but have an ability to see the best outcome. sort of pattern recognition. also at first thought it had to do with a drug problem but then the writers note shows it's inspired by the novel from Jack London's *Star Rover* (which I never read or perhaps I would have known? but it seems odd because this is one of my favorite songs and I know I have read the writers notes before and thought this was the one about feeling imprisoned by the addiction of drugs or going through rehab or someone girlfriend going through it. But the writers says it was written about Star Rover. I'm curious why there is a line that says "I could take a sleeping pill and be sleeping in the morning still" as if it's a reference to committing suicide. but perhaps that's in the novel written in 1800s early 1900s? Anyone read it before? I wiki it. It says it's about how they would torture inmates with a restraint device (like a straight jacket?) but it would cause pain even down to the internal organs and cause angina pains. and the person would escape the pain or discomfort by trying to channel to spirits from beyond?

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