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Shadow Craft off Northern California

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posted on Jul, 29 2012 @ 02:34 PM
This is somewhat of a request as well as a Post. Also my first Post:

I came across an old photo sometime ago. I have to find it and link it again. I have a ton of files in several terabite external drives and I am really bad at labeling or putting things in proper order even though I used to do a lot of office work, it's like when I'm at home I just have this chaotic disorganized set of hard drives. But I will get to the story here. Many years ago I came across an old photo from the mid 1990s on the NASA website. it was that of a set of files that one simply read SanFranciscoUFO.gif (Or something close to that).

It was a GIF file of a square black box (some called it a missing data block) that moved from just off of the San Francisco bay over the ocean and sort of in a fish hook or the letter J- shape movement up and over the San Francisco bay area and moved in an arc formation up into Oregon and Idaho region.

Someone said they saw the photo before and hadn't seen it since. they said they knew the story behind it, linked a story about ships and the US navy at the same time (and the date were the same as the NASA satellite image stamp date) of what they (civilian boaters.. some of them from another country) saw a massive shadow cast on a rare sunny and cloudless day off the coast of the San Francisco area. and I say rare because there is a fog bank somewhere usually with in 30 miles off the coast if it doesn't move in. Unless it's Indian Summer (early fall) then it's usually less foggy.

The problem is I have only a still photo and not the GIF file. doesn't anyone know the story of this. Some say it was coincidence and that the black box was a "Data drop glitch" yet it moved in perfect motion. It was shot every hour per frame and their argument was why would it move so slow. The movement was fairly fluid until the last couple of frames which it then moved in several different spots. Yet there was a rash of UFO reports even from the US navy that somehow someone documented. Some civilians stated the that a semi transparency object would show more opacity then become transparent again like glass. Yet it cast a huge shadow.

I thought about this after my comment re the chameleon suit (In the theater shooting incident that I made).
Anyways.. sticking to this topic I was wondering if someone knew the story regarding the San Francisco Shadow Craft and if they have the actual GIF file that I no longer have but I do have a single frame file of it somewhere on one of my external drives that I will try and look for.

Another thing is this.. When I posted this file on another forum.. (One was on a popular Alien forum site and the other was edmitchelapollo14 forum site which His web site still exist but he has since took down the forum part of it), people started going on the NASA site. Some grabbed the file themselves yet NASA removed the GIF file (Im curious why they did that) but left the still frame file. So you might still be able to find the single non animated sat photo. Would appreciate anyone posting the actual GIF file if they themselves happened to come across it and saved it. I believe the year was somewhere between 1994-1996 (That the photo was taken but NASA had this GIF file probably as late as 2003-4) not sure the exact date. If you come across it, please post it in here. thanks.

posted on Jul, 29 2012 @ 10:20 PM
I would love to see the picture you have
this has me very intrigued

Im off to see what i can come up with, so much for sleep tonight


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