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Has anyone watched the documentary's making of, " Moon Rising? " If so, what is your take on that

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posted on Jul, 29 2012 @ 11:16 PM
I enjoyed your story and I really do hope more definitive information is uncovered in relation to your experience!
S&F. I will attempt to watch the documentary and tell you my thoughts on it.

I was always interested, knowing human nature, why we went to the moon and then never really went back. Six visits to the moon? No drilling? No traveling to the dark side? No other countries with a space program want that amazing visit in their history books? I don't think so. Everyone, would want their own team of investigators up there - I would think anyways. Since 1972 we have not ventured beyond earths low orbit. Why? It is suspicious from my point of view, not to mention sending a centaur rocket to the moon. Why would we risk the moon looking for water if you could just send some astronauts up there with some equipment to look for water? The whole thing is odd, to be sure.

However, even if the man your father knew is validated, be forewarned, another method of discrediting would arise - your own testimony would then become the target. Your age at the time, your father's memory, the astronauts own mental stability - it's endless - there will always be arguments. It's the way it goes around topics like these. They are stamped on hard.

If something intelligent is out there, I'm not surprised they told us to stay the hell away! Now publicly, on a broad scale, how do YOU think humanity would react to that? I know what I think would be demanded. Maybe we are kept in the dark for a reason? Perhaps, the public would demand actions that can't be taken. If intelligent life exists out there, we don't even know what terms we are on with them; but if we aren't allowed to go beyond low orbit of earth, I'd hazard to guess we are in the dog house.

posted on Jul, 30 2012 @ 12:24 AM
reply to post by Destinyone

KK...point made.....but until I talk to my Father, all I have is Dick Sorenson listed in the link from Extraordinary intelligence, also there is a link to it from a few other....I'm still trying to reach the guy from Dick's Dad's side of the family, the Daggs....I am hoping he DOES have the stu

About the Show NASA's Unexplained Files NASA Files: The Unexplained NASA's Unexplained Files Premieres Tuesday, March 27 at 10PM E/P Countless mysterious objects have been caught by NASA's cameras. Many astronauts have even reported seeing unidentified flying objects. In this special, we'll reveal NASA's top ten unexplained encounters using original footage and groundbreaking interviews with astronauts and scientists. Can these phenomena be explained away through science and detective work? Or have NASA's cameras potentially captured the first traces of extraterrestrial life? NASA's Unexplained Files will feature in-depth commentary and interviews with top scientists and astronauts including Story Musgrave, Astronaut; Dr. Jack Kasher, Professor of Physics and Astronomy and ET researcher; Jim Oberg, space flight operations specialist; Alan Bean, the fourth man to visit the moon; Franklin Chang Diaz, Astronaut; Bruce Maccabee, Optical analyst and former Navy member; and Edgar Mitchell, Astronaut, who walked on the moon. More from the show
ff from Dick's Mother, especially a photograph to confirm pictures........I saw Richard's Astronaut file and picture, if it were him then I would not understand him doing that to his Mother, my Father or the whole town....But it does not look like him at all....but really, I'm only wanting to find out further answers and he is NOT the SOLE basis of why I want answers.......but who knows Des, maybe he reads ATS and state himself he is not Dick Dagg using his Mother's maiden name......I am also still trying to find Dick's Aunt, younger than Dick.....I would imagine she would know the maiden name of her brother's for memory....I have an ALMOST photographic memory on things long is really odd and people DO say, " You're right! How can you possibly remember that? You were so young! " or, " " That was so long ago."
Short term, not Photographic.....

I really wish my Father was well and knew how to use a computer....I'd have him on 1st thing in the morning....but I went over this with him before I made the post just to make sure.......About the Show
NASA's Unexplained Files

NASA Files: The Unexplained

NASA's Unexplained Files
Premieres Tuesday, March 27 at 10PM E/P

Countless mysterious objects have been caught by NASA's cameras. Many astronauts have even reported seeing unidentified flying objects. In this special, we'll reveal NASA's top ten unexplained encounters using original footage and groundbreaking interviews with astronauts and scientists. Can these phenomena be explained away through science and detective work? Or have NASA's cameras potentially captured the first traces of extraterrestrial life?

NASA's Unexplained Files will feature in-depth commentary and interviews with top scientists and astronauts including Story Musgrave, Astronaut; Dr. Jack Kasher, Professor of Physics and Astronomy and ET researcher; Jim Oberg, space flight operations specialist; Alan Bean, the fourth man to visit the moon; Franklin Chang Diaz, Astronaut; Bruce Maccabee, Optical analyst and former Navy member; and Edgar Mitchell, Astronaut, who walked on the moon.

More from the show
Datablog: Every US astronaut ever listed by Nasa | Visualised | News ...
... of current, former and candidate astronauts. Apollo 11 ... 1967 1 Deceased Civ M STS 51 ... Mullane, Richard M. 1978 3 Former Mi

I apologize as my Mother claims Dick's Mother's Maiden name was Melane, I only knew of this was all I could find for this moment, but he was from Canada....Yet this was a;; I could find.....Astronaut Fact Book Sept 2000
Intermediate reading level17 Jan 2011 – The group named in 1978 was the first of space shuttle flight crews and ... Edwards, Joe F., Jr. 1995 15 1 Former Eisele, Donn F. 1963 3 1 Deceased England, Anthony W. 1967 6 1 Former .... 16 0 Current Mullane, Richard M. 1978 8 3 Former Musgrave, Story 1967 ..... Flew on STS-56, STS-69 and STS-80
It is 1220 am now & I guess I must be tired....I will find out more from my Father and a Mrs. Tetloc early morning and go from there if everyone is going to make this about the moment though I am kind of discouraged, tired, can't see very well and have a migraine so report back as soon as I can in the morning hopefully with more concrete evince or information on Dick as wrong X-frame

posted on Jul, 30 2012 @ 12:34 AM
reply to post by StarryNight7

Get some sleep. As you are seeing, ATS is a site full of ferrets. It comes with the territory, ferreting out all the tid-bits of stories that get posted. Don't take it as personal attacks on you. It's part of what makes ATS, what it is.

Sleep well...


posted on Jul, 30 2012 @ 12:35 AM
reply to post by StarryNight7

If he is from the town you grew up, it might help us to verify his existence were you to tell us the name of the town, and province, state, country.

You imply you are from, or in Canada? Your avatar info says you are. Was this astronaut too?

Canadian Space Agency

Nine Canadians have participated in 13 NASA manned missions and two Soyuz ones:

None of the listed astronauts flew before the year 1984, well after your story.
None listed are named Richard, or Dick.

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posted on Jul, 30 2012 @ 01:28 AM
Cool story, but I can't help but question the authenticity of the details of a 40+ year old story.

As far as the "domes" on the Moon... I don't believe there are any such structures on the moon. If there were, it would make more sense for the "dome" to be concave, and not convex, so as to have a greater chance of surviving meteor impacts.

Anyway, thanks for the read.

posted on Jul, 30 2012 @ 03:14 AM
Latest film of Jose Escamilla, CELESTIAL, fits in with your story perfectly

posted on Jul, 30 2012 @ 05:15 AM
link to post by Destinyone

Hi Des.....I am aware of what comes from making a post......even more so now. I honestly thought I had enough information for everything to prove my post though I mainly had just wanted other people take on this and maybe some extra answers. If I did not know for a fact about the Astronaut, I would not have used his detailed revelations made by him to my Father in my presence. There are now so many changes, lost footage, a lot dead, is not quite 5 am yet, but I AM hoping my Father is awake by is difficult to know these days with him being so ill and him so worried about my Mother who is 16 years younger than him, but who is still in a new battle with cancer undergoing so much chemo and radiation after having had her left lung removed only this year AND also trying to fight L.E.M.S which strongly affects her is as though sometimes we lose her....mentally speaking, similar to Alzheimer's disease. When she interrupts and goes off topic, no one argues with her....we do not want to exasperate the affects on her mind from the L.E.M.s......My Father IS in a State of depression of sorts...he is fine in the mornings but then spends the rest of his time crying. He had already lost all his closest and even the not so close friends he had and feels like he has already lost her too in a way.....he would rather die 1st than to see her physical death but for now, this is the very beginning of the " Making " of Moon Rising.....
Please everyone, do not look on this as an attempt of pity, I would not appreciate pity, and am not going for that, I am only making it clear that though I know I will be able to get more information on Dick, when Dick is not really the point, just an Astronaut my father knew, who revealed without the use of photo's or documentation in 1968 what is being revealed currently now, and others have been trying to gather more proof on as well....I'm really not taking anything personal....I only wanted to share this and get people's takes on the matter listed in the " Title " of my post. And everyone's take is what I am getting, plus....
???'m not sore why this is not working for me at the moment...didn't sleep much....guess I just have to go with it....
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posted on Jul, 30 2012 @ 06:21 AM
reply to post by CirqueDeTruth

Hi, I understand what you are saying and I AM trying....

I am also trying to find a link I had bookmarked before I had to do a system restore. It is a documentation of NASA having fired a missile to the Moon but how it had been intercepted by an unknown Space craft....i kind of think I should not have stated this but oh well.....I gathered from that link alone that there have been other attempts on sending missiles and an atomic bomb apparently to the Moon.
Why would they do such a thing? It would be certain to directly affect Earth itself if whoever has made the attempt had succeeded.....But I have to have faith in man kind......I do not believe at this point in time there will be any further attempts made such as those, one was in 2004, another in 2008....but there again is more speculation as there are also claims of denial on such a thing, even tho it had been proven...What is it about the Moon that NASA, Homeland Security, the Governments etc..are trying to keep from us and why? I know if I worked in any of these um...Systems? I would definitely be digging for answers and I would be finding out if Earth's people is in bad standing with the proposed beings of the Moon as it does appear quite advance...But as it is, I'm still digging & trying to find more proof on the Astronaut I made mention of as it seems he is what most people are interested in...I realize now I should have used something different as a correlation to the Making of the Movie Moon Rising....but I am working on getting and receiving more information on the Astronaut so we may get past this and get to my question in the title of my post..... I really do appreciate any responses though, positive or negative, it makes it easier to understand what people would be like if there were to be a Public Statement made from ALL Statements made by NASA, Governments, etc, say in September as an example, that they lied and there is other intelligent beings as close as the Moon. I'm thinking a LOT of people would be all for destroying the unknown just for the simple fact, it IS unknown what these beings look like and exactly how intelligent and advanced they may or may not be, as well as a major freakout and panic from those that are irrational and would rather shoot before finding out per se...Thank you for you input
Every input counts even from those that are hostile about it lol...not you. I feel like you would be more open minded that so many on ATS....but as I've been informed, ATS members ARE like this...pushing buttons and tearing ANY sorts of proof to shreds...some just to make it more interesting....some who want more proof than there is,etc...many various reasons.....though a posted conspiracy theory runs on as though really something when it's already been proven to be murder, the theories keep pouring in....and people are making all manner of linkage in relation to an occurrence, an unfortunate one, in claims it has something to do with Devil worship. I'm totally blown away that people find the Supposed Devil or Satanic cults more favorable and believable than life on other planets.

Now just to say, I have this window open but will probably wait a bit as I gather more evidence, and hopefully more on said evidence to be able to have much better replies for those that disbelieve this whole concept....but I will not be gone anywhere as far as I know, just on the phone...a LOT I suspect lol...and on other pages in search of more conclusive answers to the questions of Dick so that we can move

posted on Jul, 30 2012 @ 06:26 AM
reply to post by StarryNight7

Although it is an interesting story, I find it somewhat unbelievable, don't get me wrong I would love your story to be true, but however I don't really buy it as you have told it. There are many inconsistencies in it but one really stood out to me. You said this near the beginning

When I was only 4 years old, 1968, One of my Father's friends came by to visit. He was very on edge. I guess he did not realize that in Roman Catholic School I was doing grade 3 work and in regular school I was in grade 1. Had he known I understood fears, death, etc already, I am not sure he would have related what he had to my Father

Then further into your story you said this

At the time I thought he had actually been on the Moon as described and viewed on tv covering the, " Moon Landing, " with Neil Armstrong. All he said sounded beautiful, wondrous and exciting. So I really could not understand his fear.

Now being as the Apollo Landing was not until 1969, I don't understand how you could of related his story to the moon landing that were seen on TV, when you say this incident happened in 1968?

I am not saying no incident ever happened, maybe it did, but the mind of a 4 year old child no matter how bright would not have full understanding of an adult conversation, a 4 year old does not have enough experience or understanding of the complexities of language to fully comprehend all the nuances or the range of vocabulary to take everything in. Nor do I think a 4 year old could imprint enough of the conversation to relate it accurately 44 years later.

Your story is interesting, but I have to say I take it with a huge dose of scepticism. Guess you will need a lot of verifiable facts to make this a little more palatable. I don't mean to be insulting to you in any way, I saw things myself as a child, A UFO, a ghost even a devil dog, but I would be very hard pressed to give exact dates or times and I was much older as a child too when these events happened, the events were real and burned in to my memory, however just exactly how accurately I could describe them now, and how many relevant facts about it I will have forgotten I will never know, because they are forgotten. It could even be that your memory is blending two or 3 events into one, a strange conversation your father had, an episode of lost in space, maybe even episodes of outer limits another show popular at the time.

I just don't see a 4 year old hearing a conversation and relating it to the moon landings, especially when the moon landings didn't happen until a year later

posted on Jul, 30 2012 @ 06:42 AM
reply to post by Druscilla

Hi again Drucilla. It really does not matter what town and province Dick & Bob McCormac are from....I said they are both from Canada and left for the United States to work for NASA, one as an Astronomer, maybe more, and Dick as an Astronaut. It is not as though they ever moved back to the town unless you want to look at town records for the Parade put on for Dicks return from his, " Space Travel/s......not the town itself and he did not show as he was already gone missing in a matter of approximately 2 or 3 days. Therefore making the Parade a fiasco....Maybe I will tell you in a U2U, but I really do not see much point as the town is practically a ghost town now when it had once been a major community and quite youngest Daughter and her children and fiance have moved there just because they could buy many large lots for only $1.00 each and either tear the building down if there are any or just build on the properties they purchased all adjoining for my 2 Grand-Children from her.
Please explain further to me what the relevance of town and Province will prove as I stated Canada but that they left Canada, & could be considered as American Citizens as are so many of our actors and musicians.

posted on Jul, 30 2012 @ 06:51 AM
Although there are many stories by former Apollo Astronauts about Lights being seen near their Space Craft as well as on the surface of the Moon while they were there as well as when they were both Landing as well as Taking off from the Lunar surface...they do not use the words Alien Craft to describe these lights.

As far as the Lunar Surface goes. Not only can the Hubble Space Telescope zoom in on the Lunar can other New High Powered Multiple Mirrored and Gigantic in Size PRIVATE TELESCOPES also zoom in to the point that they can see the various Lunar Lander Under Carriages that were left on the Moons Surface as well as Lunar Rovers and I just heard about the American Flag being spotted.

The Lunar Surface can be seen in Highly Extensive Detail down to a Few Feet so we would be able to see anything unusual on the Moons side that always faces the Earth. This would discount most of the things that this Topic is stating. Sorry but even though I believe the Moon has been visited by far as the other statements...well....SORRY! Split Infinity

posted on Jul, 30 2012 @ 06:52 AM
reply to post by PrinceDreamer

Hi. I understood fears, just not his as it sounded exciting to, as for the rest, you could very well be correct there but I am working on the gathering of more solidified evidence so that we can all move on to what I really wanted this topic to be about as mentioned in the title.
However, I really do appreciate your input as ANYTHING said on this topic is considered a good thing, at least to me, and helps in my understanding and quest for answers more related to the topic that the Story of Dick the Astronaut. So Thank you

posted on Jul, 30 2012 @ 07:01 AM
reply to post by StarryNight7

With only the name "Dick" to go by, looking into personal histories of astronauts on record, regardless of whether they were named "Dick", "Richard", or anything else, getting a birthplace could narrow the search.

Anything to identify this character in your story, every bit of data could hold relevance. Eye color, Hair color, branch of military, how did he know your father and why trust your father over anyone else on the planet, as well as any other and every minute detail you can provide could assist in identifying this person.

If it's not important to identify this person, to have validation that he actually existed, then, no worries. I, for one, would be interested in tracking him down if it were my own personal story, and would be volunteering everything I could find out about him.

It looks like you also have the question of the year this event occurred to work out between 1968, and 1969.

We have questions, and your help in straightening out these questions could square away your story to validate your claims. If such questions don't get answered, then, the story is left to unanswered questions and speculation.

posted on Jul, 30 2012 @ 09:04 AM
reply to post by DaTroof

Hi! I have basically already stated that my young unimaginative mind as all 4 year old's, have probably glamorized what the Astronaut revelations were.. Because at that age, how could ANY 4 year old understand anything? That IS what you are implying is it not? lol
I am currently on the phone gathering more information of the Astronaut that will be undoubtedly hard to find proof of, again swaying to the Astronaut as my reasons for believing the documentary of the Making of Moon Rising
Instead of looking to more concrete answers that the title of this topic is really supposed to be on.
But consider this: The Television Series, " I Dream of Jeannie," came out the year I was born. 1964. It had to have been written before the series came out, most that are now in technicolour were black and white also. But yet it began with an Astronaut Major Anthony Nelson crash landing from space onto a deserted island. Apart from him finding a Jeannie in a bottle, it seems they already had a pretty good concept of Space Travel and the Moon, but reason asks, how could they have been so accurate much BEFORE the 1st supposed Moon landing? Is that something YOU can answer?
As far as the Astronaut goes, I have read and seen a lot of documents and documentaries of once famous people being erased along with any known information to prove they actually existed but those too are usually proven in the end to have in fact existed, what it was they were erased for, and sometimes their loved one's along with them. But truth has a way of always coming out in the end

I have to disagree and say they ARE for the most part convex...maybe these will help you if you are not trolling and are actually interested. Don't worry, they are short

I would like to thank you for at least reading the post and for your reply, all replies are good learning for me on ATS and the more one learns, the better, yes?
I'm sure if you wish to that you can view other related Videos from these

40+? Well at least that SOUNDS kind as I will be 48 on August 16th, and it has come full circle, A blue moon August 1st, along with Canada's Civic Holiday August 6th, and another space/celestial anomaly on August 13? And my youngest 26th daughters BD on August 3rd, & lastly her Son, my eldest grand-son's BD August 29th......

posted on Jul, 30 2012 @ 09:07 AM
reply to post by Memenquay

Thank you! I have not seen that yet! I can hardly wait, wish I could give you stars.....

posted on Jul, 30 2012 @ 09:46 AM
reply to post by SplitInfinity

Don't be SORRY. I quite enjoyed your reply and found it quite informative. I have given other links besides you tube, will/am talking to more people who are still around and dependent on what all of them say, I will more than likely have to do more research to verify their memories.
As the title of this topic, I am interested on other peoples take on the documentary of the making of the Moon Rising move.
Another very informative site is
I still want to learn and read all I can, listen to all I can and watch all I can.
But make no mistake, I take my late Grand-Fathers favorite saying to heart.
" Believe nothing you hear and only half of what you see. " ~ Norman Joseph Branconnier ~
And again, thank you for your input

posted on Jul, 30 2012 @ 11:07 AM
reply to post by Druscilla

Hello once again Drucilla. I believe you are a very intelligent person and am happy that you are trying to find this person but I feel that there are some misunderstanding.
I never once even suggested he was born in that town.
His Mother taught School in another town 28 Kilometers from the town, though his father had an Electrical Repair Shop in the Town and was highly respected.
The Astronaut had a fairly large frame, none of it fat and I would guess about 6 ft 4 in as my Father was 6 ft even and the Astronaut was taller than my Father. He had Cesarean. facial features. He had Militant or Police type of hair cut that was a sandy blond. His eyes were a sharp blue.
Despite his extremely nervous behavior, he did not drink alcohol. If he were on drugs it would have been extremely hard to tell but he did not appear to be on drugs, just very afraid.
As far as I know, from his late Mother, they moved into the general local from Toronto, Ontario. Canada.
My Father said that they met when they were both in Grade 7, and the 2 of them along with a younger friend of theirs, virtually traveled the world together.
I remember him visiting at least 2 times when I was younger than 4 years old. He had brought me a doll on one visit and a beautiful unique model Air Plane which he told me to take good care of. At those 2 occasions, of the occasions I can recall, he had been very calm, happy, smiley, relaxed and comfortable.
Each time I saw him visit, he usually stayed with us, dined with us and spoke privately with my Father after the main supper times.
My Father stated the Astronaut had met a woman and was finally going to propose to her when he got back.
But when he got back, it was the time he made his revelations and appeared so nervous.
My Father states that Dick stayed with us instead of his parents for 2 reasons, his Father was a closet alcoholic and they had had a falling out at some point.
The wad of money was for my Father to send to Dick when he got to where ever it was he was going.
He did call after the Bakery Visit, my Father Stated, about 3 weeks after the visit. My Father states he wired Dick's money to him somewhere in Florida, USA.
I've always remained intrigued with him from when I had known him, and at around age 14, began trying to locate him as my Father had had a massive heart attack and stroke. He was young, but as I stated earlier, had been born with a congenital heart defect. He said he needed to see Dick. By that, I now know he meant, he thought he was going to die and wanted to see Dick on the other side as well as his Mother and eldest Sister.
But I took it literally, also thinking my Father was going to die, knowing Dick was already dead, so I wanted to find out the truth of what happened to him for my Father's piece of mind .
I have continued with my search for answers in regards to Dick ever since so his account of what happened in Space was really the only thing I had to go on.
The only computer use I had was on " Word Perfect. " I believe in 1989 as we had to take courses on them for hospital documentation, and was being implemented fully into all hospitals by 1990. I only began Windows in 1997. I had been quite busy with family, work, divorce, family work, and more work but I tried though before 1997 I had limited resources to use. The phone and the post.
The town is a virtual ghost town now and anyone who had lived there at the time that may know something, either died or moved.
At this time, I cannot afford sources that require money to search for information of someone deceased but at one time I did have a Private investigator on it, But after 4 years of him not coming up with anything except large bills, I stopped using his services and did not attempt the use of another P.I
he had been 2 years younger than my Father but when my Father was in Grade 7, so was Dick. I think they still skipped grades back then.
My Father said that when Dick 1st moved there he was scrawny, got beat up a lot, and my Father used to protect him.
So since my Father just turned 83 in July, if Dick were alive, he would be 80 going on 21 in October, but I do not know the exact day.
I DO have other people, one of whom actually lives in Florida now, trying to help me find anything at all on Dick.
Other than Dick being short for Richard, it may be possible their are other or at least one other name that Dick could be a nickname for, but if so, I do not know any, but it is like the name Gerald for instance, not shortened to Jerry or an actual stem, instead having the nick name Butch, and not because he is a toughie but maybe for some comical reason or mean I guess.
But I have been on the phone and in Email and working on finding out any other relevant information now...
I hope that has given you something
Thx to you for you input yet again, but I don't believe your last quote

posted on Jul, 30 2012 @ 12:02 PM
reply to post by StarryNight7

Your yourtube links are not working for me, could you check them?

posted on Jul, 30 2012 @ 12:43 PM
reply to post by StarryNight7

Here's a list of dead astronauts and what they died of:
Complete List of Dead Astronauts

No one is listed that resembles your story-teller fellow.

Could you clarify around what year he supposedly died, where he supposedly died, and what the 'official' causes supposedly were?

Additionally, you mention his mother on a few occasions. Did you by chance attend the funeral? Did your father attend the funeral? Was there a funeral at all? Do you have any clues about where he might be buried, or whether he was cremated? If buried, and you don't know, is there a chance your father knows where?

There are cemetary records and grave finder sites online where one might find certain graves easier that could be looked into that might give us a better name.

Is there any chance that there's been some confusion and he wasn't an Astronaut at all, and simply someone on the ground crew? or just a fellow that had a job at NASA loosely associated with the actual space program?
Further, do you know if he spent most of his time in Houston, Texas, or Florida by Cape Canaveral?

You've mentioned him being in Florida, but, I don't think you've clarified if that was directly related to NASA business.

posted on Jul, 30 2012 @ 04:49 PM
reply to post by PrinceDreamer

I thought maybe, I will go through them and re-link, thank you for telling me. And I have further information being sent to me about the Astronaut which should not take too long to get as most is being sent by a delivery company. But I will also have to figure out now how to scan and post older photos lol, I'm not completely computer illiterate, I just never had cause to learn more than I already knew. But I'm sure I can get my son or one of his friends to help me out with that as I don't want them to just do it for me, I want to learn as well......

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