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Has anyone watched the documentary's making of, " Moon Rising? " If so, what is your take on that

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posted on Jul, 29 2012 @ 10:00 AM
Hello ATS People

Firstly, I'm not posting to claim or disclaim anything , I'm mostly curious yet have my beliefs on this topic.
Secondly, I asked my Father 1st if I could post this. He said, " Ok, "THEY," can't do anything more to me now, I'm already half dead, I would welcome death." He just turned 83 and has a congenital birth heart defect. He IS quite ill at this time but his memory is still sharp.
Thirdly, I have watched the editing of the movie, " Moon Rising. "
Fourthly, When I was only 4 years old, 1968, One of my Father's friends came by to visit. He was very on edge. I guess he did not realize that in Roman Catholic School I was doing grade 3 work and in regular school I was in grade 1. Had he known I understood fears, death, etc already, I am not sure he would have related what he had to my Father

My Father had offered the man a drink. He refused and suggested we go to the Bakery/Coffee Shop. Kind of like today's Doughnut shops where you can have it there or take it home.
So we went. While there drinking so much coffee, the man was shaking so bad he spilled his coffee. A lot. I heard him talk about the things he'd seen in Space. I was hooked.
I had watched the series, " Lost in Space whenever I could. Even made 2 little robots. They could only light their eyes and kind of shuffle, not walk. But I had modeled them after those from the series.
Every word that came out of his mouth drew me in deeper. I never spoke or asked any questions. I was enraptured by the things he was saying. Only I wondered why he shook and smoked so much.
He was describing things in space the same way the Documentary on the making of, "Moon Rising's Movie." has shown.
Discs flying throughout Space, Domes on the moon with actual people living in them, describing them as, " Cities within domes. " I admit I was unclear about that one, but I didn't want him to stop talking He said the people he saw in space were not human. I began thinking of the things on the tv series of, " Lost in space. " And the series, " Bewitched."
But then he said the whole thing was terrifying and that as he spoke, there were people looking for him. I wondered why but still remained quiet. He said, Nick." To my Father. He said, " This stays between you and me and it may also put you in danger, so if you want to leave, then do it now. But you are the only person I trust with this and I am scared." We were in deep booth seats, at the very back where the door was to enter the kitchen/bakery. Also the back exit door It was a table only used when there was no more seating. It was a bit apart from the rest, and so loud it would have been very difficult for anyone else to hear the conversation. Or see his tears with the silent plea in his eyes, on his face as he told my Father he had the choice to go or stay and hear him out, although possibly putting my Father at risk. I wanted to cry for him but didn't know exactly why yet.
My Father stayed. Everything and more was related from him to my Father about his journey to space. At the time I thought he had actually been on the Moon as described and viewed on tv covering the, " Moon Landing, " with Neil Armstrong. All he said sounded beautiful, wondrous and exciting. So I really could not understand his fear.
He said that he saw giant people on the Moon, that there was colour to the Moon, Domed Cities on the Moon, Flying discs on the Moon, Water on the Moon, Other types of space crafts on the Moon. He said man was not the 1st on the moon. That kind of confused me as he called them people, yet said man had not been the 1st.
He also related that there were all kinds of space crafts between the Moon and Earth. Made me think of the, " Great Ga zoo on the Flintstones."
Then when he was done, he gave my Father a big wad of money though I don't remember the reason for it, but he did so in a hurry, stopping in what only seemed the middle of this great adventurous story!
Then he quickly rose and said he saw a face, one of " Those " that were looking for him, then quickly left through the back exit also near that booth.
When I was 8 or 9, my Father was talking to the Man's Mother, my Kindergarten teacher when I had been 3 My Father only asked her if she had heard or seen from her son yet. She burst into tears. I cried too. I'd thought she was so strict in Kindergarten. Now her face crumpled with tears she only looked like a very sad little old lady.
But she told my Dad that his remains had been found out of Country a few years earlier, and that it was found by fluke.
She said the Media was calling it a tragic boating accident which she did not believe as he'd been afraid of lakes, rivers and certainly the ocean, too scared to even go on a boat.
I was 4 when my Father and I saw him. Apparently he disappeared to never be seen alive again. That was almost 44 years ago. We were the last of his friends or family to ever see him alive. I remember him looking and a kind of startled expression, at me as if just noticing I was there and feeling proud when he said, " What a sweet and very quiet little girl you have.
Yet he is only mentioned in one Article as an Astronaut that had gone up either just before or just after the, " Moon Landing." His name to us was Dick, but in the article, they used his Mother's maiden name for him, not his own. I don't know if I ever knew my Kindergarten teacher's maiden name. If i did, i don't remember it now
But if you watch documentary channels on all these things, space, the universe, ancient aliens, etc on JTV where they always have it on, you might see one of the Documentaries on the making of, `Moon Rising. Or you can probably see it on You Tube.
They added Earth`s colours to mega Moon charts. There you see not blackness, but what looks like day behind Neil Armstrong placing the flag. It even looks like a ruin type of structure. And All the things my Father`s friend had told us, plus more. In the photo of Neil Armstrong either placing the American Flag or doing a golf shot, the background has been blackened out. But on very high pixelation all the covered up things from the original Moon photos, you see it is not grey, there are colours, you can see the domes, you can see all the flying discs, the lights, the ruins, water, hills or mountains, and what looks like a gigantic being working on a very different type of space craft. This makes me really wonder why this has been hidden until now, and what exactly is on the other side of the Moon that make it so NASSA or others, do not want us to see.
My Speculation is that NASSA or the Elite ( Those with the money and power behind conspiracies and politics and such have already manage to colonize it or ARE colonizing it. Especially if there were Astronauts such as Niel Armstrong who has kept the real appearance of the Moon secret sine the supposed 1st Moon Landing. Why was my Father's friend scared and found dead after so many years? Because he was so terrified that he told maybe more people than my Father? What was really there that was not seen on tv or photos? Or he had something to prove what he said? I have to still believe what my Father's Astronaut friend Dick had to say that obviously others did NOT want told.
So in conclusion; I will say, I DO believe there IS life on the Moon, AND it has been known by many since the 1st supposed Moon Landing. I WANT to know why the cover up? Don't you?

posted on Jul, 29 2012 @ 10:32 AM
reply to post by StarryNight7

Wow that is awesome, really intersting and Im off to Google 'Moon Rising' right now, thank you!

My only question, is this in the right forum, may be better in UFO one? Just a thought!

Back in a bit when I've looked this up

posted on Jul, 29 2012 @ 10:50 AM
I am not going to "Troll" your post, but I just find this all really hard to believe. I just don't think there is life on the moon. I guess there could be a base of some kind, but why? I liked your story it was at least interesting to read. If your dad is still around why don't you ask him what the money was for, and to fill in any gaps that you may not remember from such a long time ago. Oh I almost forgot. I have not watched the video yet, but will soon and then I will tell you what I think.

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posted on Jul, 29 2012 @ 01:08 PM
reply to post by StarryNight7

Interesting story.

I am, however, quite skeptical regarding anything related to claims made by Jose Escamilla in his moon videos for many sundry reasons. not least of which, if there were anyone else on the moon, what with it being the most watched, most viewed, most looked at, most examined celestial object in our sky, someone by now would have noticed lights during the moon's night cycle on the surface where anyone living on the moon would likely need them to see, if only to illuminate their bubble cities.

Could you please tell us the full name of this fellow you claim related this story to your father?
I'm sure if you asked your father, he'd know the fellow's full name, especially if they were close enough such that this fellow would seek out your father as the only person on the planet he felt he could trust, as you so relate.

Given the full name, we can then go about doing some fact checking to find and look at Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo Astronauts that could fit your description of a well trained and disciplined space pioneer, trained to accept that they could very well die every single time they go into space, even before getting off the launch pad in a fiery horrible agonizingly painful but sudden explosion, or fire, that cracks up into tears over some apparent other people hopping about on the moon.

Given the full name we could then check for any of these fellows dying due to drowning, specifically over seas as you've described.

It's a nice story, but, for stories to have any credibility, what's presented as fact in the stories needs be checked, and corroborated through independent sources.


Edit: doing some checking, the only Astronaut that flew during the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo years that could have been called "Dick" as you relate in your story, would be Richard F. Gordon, Jr., where a common abbreviation or nickname associated with the name Richard is Dick.
He's still alive by the way, and living in Seattle. Richard F. Gordon, Jr. wiki
He flew on Gemini 11 and Apollo 12 which would fit him well as a candidate for your story, but, as said, he's still alive and living in Seattle.

Thus far, your story is not standing up for independent verification. Unlike the Soviet space program, U.S. astronauts once on record, stayed on record, regardless of success or failure.

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posted on Jul, 29 2012 @ 03:04 PM
reply to post by Urbanshadow

I was unsure what forum it should be in to be perfectly honest. It doesn't really fall into a UFO/Alien thing, it doesn't really fall into a conspiracy theory yet does it? I was thinking maybe a Universe forum but I don't think it is strong enough for that. All I could think of was paranormal. This is my 1st post on ATS. I've done replies, but not a post yet. I know had I posted it on it would have gone into the Paranormal section but then most things on there do. I honestly don't know. If it does belong under a different forum, then I would not know how to move it but yes, I was wondering thank you.....

posted on Jul, 29 2012 @ 03:25 PM
reply to post by StarryNight7

No worries, it's been moved by a Mod, and I would think more people will see it...I know its difficult to know where some threads go, only made a couple of threads myself.

Are you able to give anymore info out? I did go watch that video, not sure what to make of it really...on the fence as to what I think (although I do think 'we' did go to the moon)

posted on Jul, 29 2012 @ 03:42 PM
reply to post by Druscilla

Actually, reports of lights seen on the moon goes way back.. Lots of famous astronomers have reported these lights appearing in one spot on the moon, and then being seen somewhere else..

They have also reported things being constructed like bridges, except the reports stated that these things would appear in one spot, and then be gone, only to reappear somewhere nearby at a different date..

I'm too tired right now to find links for this, but I will get some for you later when I wake up...

Lights being seen and reported about, on the moon by middle ages astronomers in France, Italy, and elsewhere is pretty well known.. But not everyone knows this I guess... The important thing is, were they all lying or in error? I really doubt it..

posted on Jul, 29 2012 @ 03:46 PM
reply to post by Druscilla

if there were anyone else on the moon, what with it being the most watched, most viewed, most looked at, most examined celestial object in our sky, someone by now would have noticed lights during the moon's night cycle on the surface where anyone living on the moon would likely need them to see, if only to illuminate their bubble cities.

In 1968, NASA published a report cataloging some 350 anomalous lights and activity on the moon as seen by world class observers and astronomers from 1540 to 1967.

posted on Jul, 29 2012 @ 03:54 PM
reply to post by kurthall

Ok. And thank you? lol
I did ask my Father's permission very early this morning and we did discuss this. But I didn't think to ask him what the money was for. He was getting very tired as he is so unwell now.
He has been unwell for about a year. He is in a wheel chair now, sleeps sitting up only as when he tries to actually lay down, his lungs and Peri cardiac chamber fills with fluid.
I live approximately 900 Kilometers from where he and my Mother have retired to. But yes, that is a good point. The Astronaut friend of his was not married to anyone's knowledge so it was not for his wife, but could have been for his Mother. I will ask my Father when I call next I will call in a couple of hours but he is not always able to come to the phone and talk. Early mornings seem to be his best times.
And all I said is true. I myself didn't put a lot of stock into it until I saw the making of , " Moon Rising. " My father did tell me I was wearing a light blue dress with tiny polka dots and a pinafore. ( looks almost like a white apron. ) I vaguely remember the dress.
And I came into this knowing it probably will not get far and will be torn to shreds lol, so I made sure I was accurate as possible.
I did go through this with my Father very early this morning as I stated and did look up all of the Astronauts of the time that are listed.
I only found one small article on him. Under NASSA files. I will continue to search further though to see if I can find more.
I remember at age 8 or 9 when my Father and I saw his Mother that she had had a lot of papers, files, pictures, etc on him. He was an only child. His Mother passed on a long time ago. But my Father said that the Astronaut friend of his did have a female cousin of the same age, as well as her name.
I have tried calling her. Once my Father gave me her name, I recalled she used to be an RN. And I went to school for a time with her very youngest son. She only had the 2 boys. He is the only one left sadly.
If I cannot reach her, I will do a search for her son as I don't know where he is now, but maybe the Astronaut's Mother may have left all the memorabilia with him as his Mother was the only external or extended family they had that we are aware of.
His mother would have been on the Astronaut's Father's side though. So again, not sure, but maybe I can find him. I do know he has an Uncle on his Father`s side that may be able to tell me where and how I can locate him.
I also had 2 internet friends help me find a lot of things on this but I`m not sure yet of the relevancy all the extra information would have yet.

posted on Jul, 29 2012 @ 04:08 PM
Oh's the video...for what it's worth.....

Moon Rising (Full Disclosure Version) - By Jose Escamilla


posted on Jul, 29 2012 @ 06:07 PM
reply to post by Druscilla

lol, love the polite sarcasm.

We checked, and Richard Gordon is not the name of my Father`s late Astronaut friend.
I did also mention that he was in space to the Moon but not one of the Astronauts that actually was on the Moon.
When I talked to my Father very early this morning, he did not recall ever knowing Dick`s Mother`s Maiden name.
It was a different time back then. Even when I was young. At least where I mostly grew up in. It would have been considered extremely impolite to call an elder by there 1st name and probably even more so to ask the Maiden name of someone.
But he was known as Dick Dagg.
I recruited 2 internet friend`s help in the searching on him.
At 1st I also thought the name could have been Richard Gordon, as my Father at one time worked for a Mr. Gordon. But my Father said no. And Dick Dagg, as I stated was not one of the Astronauts that actually made a Moon landing.
I know there are 6 Astronauts listed as landing on the Moon when in fact only 5 did as one was not well enough `to actually go. Yet he is still mentioned. That in itself is a curiosity.
The only Dick, or Richard my friends and I found was a Dick Sorenson. He looks in the photo of him, as I recalled my Father`s friend and he did also die under mysterious circumstances.
There is not a lot of information on him as I said.
I also know that there are many Astronauts who have traveled in space as far as the Moon without actually landing on the Moon. The Article is in, The NASSA
If you check it out, they do not list MOST of the Astronauts names unless they either landed on the moon or they did something so small they only endorse certain commercials or may have written books or articles. But if they did, they must have still kept their true knowledge to themselves, maybe in fear for themselves or their families lives.
But I am still not certain the one small article is of him as we never knew his Mother`s maiden name, but if I DO manage to reach any one of the small amount of extended family, I will do my best to confirm it is actually my Father`s friend Dick in the article.
I am unsure if Sorenson was my Father`s friend`s Mother`s Maiden name.
However, there HAD been a big Parade at the time in his honor for returning from a Space Expedition. We DO know for sure that he WAS indeed an Astronaut.
However, he did not show up at the Parade put on in his honor, and we do not fully understand why. No one we know of is.
We also do not know what other things he could have been involved in but one of `Dick`s other friends, Astronomer Bob McCormac who left the town for the United States, specifically for NASSA at the same time, may know a lot more than what `Dick,`told my Father. But we have not seen or heard from Bob since I was about 14.
I will again recruit my 2 friends to help me with research on Bob McCormac and see what we can find on him, if he is still alive, if his memory is still amazing, etc If so, I am sure he will remember me He might even give me some extra information if he can safely do so.
Now that worries me slightly as, if there is anything of a conspiracy nature and he does tell me, I`m not sure on issues of safety or if it is something that has already been let go given the showing of the documentary of the making of the movie, " Moon Rising."
As I stated in the opening of my post, I did not make this post to make any claims or to disclaim anything. It is answers I seek.
Maybe I might or could have ended up having someone who actually DOES know at least some of the answers, and WOULD shed some extra light on this. It was a hope, but it looks like it is becoming extinguished already.

But whatever you come up with, I do hope it is a little better than the Richard Gordon one as I already read up on him and know him to still be alive. Plus I was rather hoping others might have some ideas or even know something.
And as I said, I do not know if it is ALL truth about the Moon, only that I believe it to be so, though I still have many questions of why it took film makers to make the discovery. But the one`s who discovered this said that whoever worked for NASSA regarding Moon photos and more, said he believes that that person or those persons made the blacking out of what to was not be seen with some kind of loop hole, possibly in the hopes that someone intelligent enough or photo/film gifted enough to uncover what was under the blacking out of the photos and films of the Moon.
I would like to point out yet again, why is the other side of the Moon such a secret? Maybe this IS from the other side and that may be the reasons we do not see anything. There are many theories of this all over the internet. If you really cannot find them, I think I have them all book marked.
It was expected for this to be torn up, but hope no ban
Thank you though

posted on Jul, 29 2012 @ 07:17 PM
reply to post by Urbanshadow

Thank you for telling me. I do really appreciate it.
I was unable to talk to my Father again and will need to call him again very early in the morning. My time here at the moment is 18:22. I usually talk to my Father between 05:30 to usually 10:00, sometimes as late as 11:00.
So hopefully I can find out in the early morning if he remembers what the wad of money was for, though I cannot see him forgetting. I only hope he will tell me lol. Really. :|
As I said, with what the Astronaut told my Father, the major stress he was under. ( For which I now know the medical terms. ) While I was present, then watching the documentary of the making of, " Moon Rising." Where the Artists/Photo Personal & film personal basically stumble on the discovery and the discovery showing on the History Channel, National Geographic Channel, the discovery channel, the Science Community Channel, and more, constantly being shown at some time on the related JTV channels, as well as in Magazines of the same. I find it too coincidental to dismiss.
It will be hard for anyone to believe that there has been such a discrepancy of the real photos and films, the photos and films being shown to all and even in magazines back to the original states before ' Blackened out, I know. Especially in the United States where the, Moon Landing." Was such a momentous and Proud time of discovery. I believe a lot will not want to believe in this at all.
I guess my title was to long because I also asked if anyone had ideas, more theories and thoughts on the material.
But lets just say that it is an instinct, gut reaction, women's intuition or other terms, that it is not so much I want to believe it as I DO believe it.
You have been very helpful Urbanshadow, and I understand that people will want a lot more than I have but I do have bookmarks and the help of 2 internet geniuses so I will try to choose the most credited things and post them.
I do not want to name a specific JTV channel as I Mod for a few and I don't want this to be seen or mistaken as trying to get more viewers for any JTV channel. Especially as it is not something I get paid to do, lol.

And again, thank you, I really appreciate your input: Star

posted on Jul, 29 2012 @ 09:05 PM
reply to post by alienreality

The whole reply I wrote to thank you for you input just went, " Poof ! ! " But it seems to happen to me a lot lol
Was only going to add that this is more about the STORY of the Astronaut and not so much on the man himself....though, yes, I would still like to find out more about that mystery but it is the here and the now of knowledge about the moon...hidden under the rug or dismissed so easily and readily...and thanks for noticing that...
Also? I want to thank Des & 1questioner for their input as well, you are all terrific....

And to say I'm doing some linking, as in preparing linking to all the this you had to I will be busy for awhile but I will still have this page open as I do further research, on and off the internet and while preparing all the links I feel are needed to solidify the reasons and questionable past, present and future studies of the Moon were/are hidden....

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posted on Jul, 29 2012 @ 09:07 PM
reply to post by StarryNight7

Well, regarding this mystery astronaut "Dick Dagg", all the manned missions flown before the time frame you've listed were the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo Missions.

Project Mecury - wiki

Here's a list of the Astronauts in the Mercury program, commonly referred to as the "Mercury 7".

The first Americans to venture into space were drawn from a group of 110 military pilots chosen for their flight test experience and because they met certain physical requirements. NASA announced the selection of seven of these – known as the Mercury Seven – as astronauts on 9 April 1959, though only six of the seven flew Mercury missions, after Slayton was grounded due to a heart condition. In order of flight:

Alan Bartlett Shepard, Jr., USN (1923–1998); first American in space, May 1961
Virgil Ivan "Gus" Grissom, USAF (1926–1967); flew 21 July 1961. Died during Apollo 1 pre-launch test
John Herschel Glenn, Jr., USMC (born 1921); first American to orbit the Earth, 20 February 1962
Malcolm Scott Carpenter, USN (born 1925), flew 24 May 1962
Walter Marty "Wally" Schirra, Jr., USN (1923–2007), flew 3 October 1962
Leroy Gordon "Gordo" Cooper, Jr., USAF (1927–2004), flew 15 May 1963
Donald Kent "Deke" Slayton, USAF (1924–1993); grounded in 1962, but reinstated in 1972 and flew on the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project in 1975

After Mercury came the Gemini program: Gemini Project - Wiki

Some of these were in the Mercury project.

Project Gemini was conducted between projects Mercury and Apollo, with ten manned flights occurring in 1965 and 1966.

Sixteen astronauts flew on 10 manned Gemini missions:

L. Gordon Cooper Gemini 5 Command pilot
Virgil "Gus" Grissom Gemini 3 Command pilot
Walter M. Schirra Gemini 6A Command pilot
Neil A. Armstrong Civilian Gemini 8 Command pilot
Frank Borman Gemini 7 Command pilot
Charles "Pete" Conrad Gemini 5 Pilot Gemini 11 Command pilot
James A. Lovell Gemini 7 Pilot Gemini 12 Command pilot
James A. McDivitt Gemini 4 Command pilot
Thomas P. Stafford Gemini 6A Pilot Gemini 9 Command pilot
Edward H. White II Gemini 4 Pilot
John W. Young Gemini 3 Pilot Gemini 10 Command pilot
Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin Gemini 12 Pilot
Eugene A. Cernan Gemini 9 Pilot
Michael Collins Gemini 10 Pilot
Richard F. Gordon Gemini 11 Pilot
David R. Scott Gemini 8 Pilot

After Gemini came the Apollo program where men were landed on the moon.

Thirty-two astronauts were assigned to fly in the Apollo manned lunar landing program. Twenty-four of these left Earth’s orbit and flew around the Moon (Apollo 1 never launched and Apollo 7 and Apollo 9 were low Earth orbit spacecraft testing missions). In addition, nine astronauts flew Apollo spacecraft in the Apollo Applications Programs Skylab and Apollo-Soyuz Test Project.

List of Apollo Astronauts - wiki

If you go through the list, you'll find no one named "Dick" other than Richard "Dick" Gordon who we've already discussed.

Contained in the link above of Apollo Astronauts is this:

Other astronauts who trained for Apollo but did not fly

Edward Givens – was on the support crew of Apollo 7, but died in a car crash near Houston, Texas on June 6, 1967.
Clifton Williams – was named as Schweickart's Lunar Module Pilot backup crew, but was killed in a T-38 plane crash near Tallahassee, Florida on October 5, 1967. He was replaced with Bean, who flew on Apollo 12.
L. Gordon Cooper – veteran of Mercury Faith 7 and commander of Gemini 5, was replaced as Apollo 14 commander by Alan Shepard and resigned from NASA in 1970.
Joe Engle - was originally named as Apollo 17 Lunar Module Pilot, lost his slot to Schmitt. After Apollo, he flew several Space Shuttle missions.

We've two Astronauts listed here as dying in accidents not directly related to space flight; A car crash, and a T-38 training jet crash. None of these involved drowning, and happened before the events in your story.

We still see no "Dick Dagg", or anyone listed even closely resembling such a name.

These are all the Astronauts in the Astronaut program from Mercury on up to Apollo, and none of them fit for a "Dick Dagg".

posted on Jul, 29 2012 @ 09:16 PM
... continued

A few possibilities thus exist:

1. "Dick Dagg", for whatever reason, was a fraud.

2. "Dick Dagg", was never listed for some or whatever reason because we was involved in some super secret project hidden from the public. (unlikely in consideration of trained, flight experienced Astronauts available)

3. "Dick Dagg" never flew for NASA and was instead involved with some other program like the Soviet space program. (unlikely, since, like USA, the Soviet program was extremely nationalistic, and no manned missions at least ever recorded ever went lunar, even just into orbit, though the Soviets did try to "spoof" a manned orbit by relaying radio signals.

4. Your story, is just that, a story, whether your father and you were hoaxed, or, you are hoaxing us, or you, like some others are simply delusional and/or having false memories. (Sorry, for an honest list of possibilities this must be included)

5. You're from an alternate time line where a "Dick Dagg" existed. (unlikely, though lots of people will love this one)

6. There's some other space program that was active at the same time that for whatever reason has been erased or forgotten in history (unlikely)

7. "Dick Dagg" was really an alien (unlikely, though lots of people will love this one too)

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posted on Jul, 29 2012 @ 09:21 PM
My take on this? It's amazing you remember all this when you were 4 years old, including the details of the Cafe and everything.

posted on Jul, 29 2012 @ 09:30 PM
reply to post by flexy123

my Father and I went to that bakery/coffee shop every Wednesday of every week as long as I CAN remember and one tends to not forget their most fond memories or in a child's eyes, amazing, almost seemingly magical memories.....
Plus, I went over it with my Father 1st so that, had I forgotten anything, he could fill me in.....though I didn't sit here with a pen and paper and write it out 1st.........
You think I should have?

lol Thank you for your confident input though.....

posted on Jul, 29 2012 @ 10:15 PM
reply to post by Druscilla

Wow Drucilla, I never ONCE even thought of looking the names up! Joking.
It is not just a story, I already stated that he was listed under his MOTHER'S maiden name of which we never knew.

I also stated it was not so much about the mystery of the Astronaut himself, but rather about the Moon and why things have been ans still are,...being hidden or covered up.....tho I KNOW I am accurate on his name.......As #1, the town threw a huge Parade for his return, though he did not show for the Parade....He'd already gone missing.....

Also.....I wonder why you are trying to deflect the ENTIRE point of the story........As in what is really going on with the Moon as in the title of this forum thread.......

But hey! All love to see someone such as yourself pick out what is NOT all that important ANYMORE and leave out the important as in WHY the COVER UPS........

I'm also very glad that despite focusing on the story as ONLY one reason for my questions and theory.....You are using the internet properly.....and learning some history while at it as proven by your links.........only I do not understand the hostility in your statements of each link when you are not even looking for the right name or for the right article at NASSA

But I do wish you are having fun while you search and learn in an attempt to call my " Story" but OP, a hoax.....when I clearly stated at the very beginning as in the title reference, " I'm not here to claim or disclaim anything...I'm here to find out what others think about the documentary of the, Making of the Movie Moon Rising..."

Especially, it is the memory, clarification with my Father and seeing the above mentioned seems too much to be a coincidence.....I WAS going to tell you that there have been lights seen on the moon for a few centuries or more....... but someone else who realizes this is a discussion forum thread already told you that.....

Thus this cannot be considered a hoax as I did say, " I am looking for more answers in regards to, " The Documentary of The Making of The Movie Moon Rising...............I am not claiming or disclaiming anything......I only was to know other peoples take on the above mentioned....
Keep up the good work might actually find out a LOT more besides the having been An Astronaut by the name mentioned.....ANY form of education is a good thing..........I appreciate ANY input....Thank you Drucilla...

posted on Jul, 29 2012 @ 10:32 PM
reply to post by StarryNight7

I for one, think the name of the astronaut is important. You are basing your whole OP/thread around a story supposedly related by that very astronaut, now dead. These are your claims. I appreciate Druscilla's diligent research on the astronaut program. It's accurate, and informative. I don't see it as derailing your thread in any way at all.

BTW, it's NASA...not NASSA...this is nassa...NASSA ~ North American Shetland Sheepbreeders Association


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Your whole story is based from a supposedly related story from someone you claim worked for NASA, was an Astronaut, and allegedly saw these things you claim themselves, which would indeed require them to travel in space as an Astronaut, or Cosmonaut.

If your alleged astronaut that you've wrapped this story around doesn't exist, then, what does that say?
Regardless of what last name, mother's maiden, or father's name, the first name "Dick", or "Richard" would easy to locate, trace, and line up in parallel to your story.

Dick Gordon is the only astronaut that comes close, and we're already in agreement that he was not your alleged story teller since he's still alive and living comfortably in Seattle.

Since your story is based around a supposed astronaut, it's the easiest thing to verify in the public record.

Since there is absolutely no one in the public record resembling any character you describe, then that leads us to the logical conclusion that your story is in error, or even fabricated.

Please consider that here, on ATS, as a magnetic honeypot attractor for strangeness, the very nature of this forum also attracts a large number of crackpots, charlatans, liars, frauds, and outright crazy people.

Such things need be considered, and one way to go about that is to fact-check someone's story against independently verifiable records.

So far, your story is not checking out.

You claim that I'm acting in a hostile matter, but, fact of the matter is, I have not at all acted in any hostility whatsoever. I am fact-checking your story, and as said, so far, it's not checking out.

If this story is indeed a fabrication, you may desire to consider changing your astronaut to a Soviet Cosmonaut in consideration that the records of the Soviet space program are notoriously spotty where many Cosmonauts of failed launches, tests, and spaceflights have been simply erased from the record as a political device because the Soviets did not want the world to know of it's failures.
Using a Soviet Cosmonaut in your story would make it impossible to verify, so, you could then make up anything you want, if, that is, what you are doing.

In regard to the moon, as you seem to want to make this the topic of import, the video you describe is a Jose Escamilla production.
You may want to look at this: UFOs or Craters?

Jose Escamilla among some circles is considered another charlatan specializing in the fraudulent portrayal of some factual material, liberally embroidered with speculation, and outright fantasy to bilk money out of the gullible and easily duped masses of people that find actual reality to be too boring and would thus rather believe in something unsubstantiated and false because it's much more entertaining and likable.

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