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Jesus Christ's Superderterministic, Cosmological, Magnum Opus.

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posted on Sep, 4 2012 @ 09:44 PM

Originally posted by NewAgeMan
You could say it didn't happen, but I don't seeing you going that route. Therefore, you can say it's meaningless, to you.

Doesn't matter if it is meaningless to me or not. It is either going to happen or it isn't. If it does, you were right. If it doesn't, then you were wrong. My level of understanding has nothing to do with it.

I actually don't mind one way or the other but, I'm just not swayed by the information on this thread.

posted on Sep, 4 2012 @ 09:50 PM
reply to post by XPLodER

OK, creation of the perfection of the earth moon sun relationship. Sorry but that doesn't cut it for me.

Even if their something special about that relationship it doesn't guarantee that NewAgeMan's prediction will come true.

posted on Sep, 4 2012 @ 09:55 PM
I'm not making a global prediction, anywhere. It's personal, more personal and intimate than anyone among us might have previously considered, that's my prediction, which applies to the individual and their capacity to recieve what's being and has been offered via the work whereby we've already come into an inheritance prepared for us from before the beginning of this creation which we did not work for; others worked for it and we've come into the circle joined where both sower and repear rejoice together. The new creation when it happens will happen one person at a time.

posted on Sep, 4 2012 @ 10:06 PM
Precession (visible manifestation) - Looking for Leo the Lion (Tribe of Judah) and Virgo..

Lion's Paw

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posted on Sep, 4 2012 @ 10:07 PM
reply to post by NewAgeMan

there is a mathematical "harmonic" relationship between the planets and the sun,
each in its place and each in its time playing a harmony or symphony of the spheres (planets)
like a musical "clock" that denotes the time and position of gears in a watch,
each preforming in a harmonic resonance,

this is counter balanced with our earth moon system in harmonic "counterbalance"
and in proportion with the moon sun relationship.

to get the earth to be stable in its timing yet rhythmically osolating in seasons,
requires "dynamically balancing" of the very earth its self.

some would say this is a coincidence, but the number of coincidences required compound against one another by factors is huge.

to dynamically ballence the earth you would have to know the symphony of the whole and the harmony of each planet and preform calculations to find specific locations on earth at which large "balencing" weights and measures were constructed to allow for the perfect ocilation period that coincides with the orbital period,
at a near perfect rate.

when you take into account the great pyramid of giza and its proportions,
it suddenly no longer looks like a coincidence that the dynamic relationship between teh earth and moon is "written in stone" as the harmonic proportion is also the dynamic propotions.

ie it is no wounder that the pyramid is in harmonic proportion as this was the method of devising dynamic proportioning.

when you consider the task at hand requires complex mathematics and the understanding of complete complex systems in sound, motion, weight, rotation and gravity,
it becomes obvious that a knowledge of great complexity was the driving force for something emotionally simple,

for life on earth to exist in a similar harmony,
this can be achieved by noticing that humanity itself is a complex system,
that must work together in harmony for there to be balance.

at least thats my take so far


posted on Sep, 4 2012 @ 10:09 PM
reply to post by NewAgeMan

So you're not really saying anything new. You just think you found something which proves what you already believed and you, and those who believe the same, are having aha moments over the same old song played backwards because you think you can make out the hidden messages.

How can you even claim that it will be tested and true when there is no way to test it or confirm it.

posted on Sep, 4 2012 @ 10:16 PM
reply to post by XPLodER

This thread is about the fulcrum of that relationship, yes, but transposed/transformed within the context of the relationship between the human being and the divine being, which is also all about balance and harmony, you're right, and Jesus accessed this and made use of in re-establishing the rock of all ages (again), but in human form. He is not un-like the moon as the moon is to the sun (father) and, as the fulcrum of life (keystone) to the world of humanity and of manifestation (earth).

There's still more to the moon than meets the eye however revealing not only intelligent design, but super-intelligent deisgn (smarter than the very smartest and most industrious). In fact, the earth and sun may have been made with the moon already in mind or in hand you might say as some sort of leftover from another process predating the formation of our solar system or entering into the acretion disk already formed (yes I think I can prove this as well).

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posted on Sep, 4 2012 @ 10:16 PM

Originally posted by daskakik
reply to post by NewAgeMan

So you're not really saying anything new. You just think you found something which proves what you already believed and you, and those who believe the same, are having aha moments over the same old song played backwards because you think you can make out the hidden messages.

How can you even claim that it will be tested and true when there is no way to test it or confirm it.

"It was the stone that was rejected by the builders that became the keystone." (how's that for a secret hidden message..?)

If you can't see it, then I can't help you but to continue with the investigation.. let's see where it takes us why don't we?

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posted on Sep, 4 2012 @ 10:27 PM
reply to post by NewAgeMan

Or you could just accept that that is what it is. A new look at something old with the same end result.

Why the need for the psychobabble?

posted on Sep, 4 2012 @ 10:29 PM
reply to post by NewAgeMan

What I can tell you is that this world is an absolute marvel to every other world in this universe. It is unique and purposely in its creation. Every world 'out there' knows this and what is more.................they know 'what' we truly are in this creation even though we are not aware of it. It is truly strange to understand this and to be given a glimpse of such a thing.

posted on Sep, 4 2012 @ 10:40 PM
reply to post by Egyptia

If they were ever at odds over us, I think they've probably all grown so impatient that they are by now all rooting together FOR our eventual God-realization or what the Bible calls the Revelation of the Sons of God. Note from the Job quote that there were sons of God already present singing his praises and angels in heaven shouting for joy even while God was causing to be formed our solar system, and world, from a cornerstone, well laid/positioned (that's the understatement of the ages!).

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posted on Sep, 4 2012 @ 10:47 PM

posted on Sep, 4 2012 @ 11:01 PM
It's like a great joke by none other than God (the most high) which goes in every single direction (from here of all places) and is quite capable of causing, and eventually will, the laughter and love of an entire universe with man accepted and included and with the circle re-joined at last, and I suppose there'll always be dogs outside the city gate... then again we were once ourselves dogs (so to speak) so maybe there's hope for one and all in the end with none lost in the fullness of time and history and of the karmic wheel rejoined (with death and hell thrown away). Absent the resolution to the paradox (unending crapola) yes karma's a real biatch, but with it, among us, it's not so bad, and there really is hope for a better tomorrow after all, but God help the bullies and the thieves when the realization dawns, because some people they just won't be able to laugh, and for them, standing on the outside looking in, at least for a while.., it will be nothing but weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth, and that's funny too!

Everyone will get the joke in the end, they have to, because nothing else makes any rational sense in the final analysis, than to cry, laugh, or both at the same time until the tears are wiped away from our eyes by the recognition of the ever-present love of God.

As to the dead what are we to do but leave the dead to bury their dead? If salt has completely lost it's saltiness, it can't get it back, and when the Bridegroom arrives at the door, if the Brides to be don't have any oil in their lamp, what's to be done for them while those who did prepare will be happy that they were ready when the time came.

The time is coming when our hearts will be measured, if it hasn't already. Be prepared. Just because it happens when it happens one person at a time doesn't mean it still can't happen when it happens all at once! Anything's possible.

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posted on Sep, 5 2012 @ 08:34 PM

Originally posted by NewAgeMan

"Life is a Mighty Joke. He who knows this can hardly be understood by others. He who does not know it finds himself in a state of delusion. He may ponder over this problem day and night, but will find himself incapable of knowing it. Why? People take life seriously, and God lightly; whereas we must take God seriously, and take life lightly. Then, we know that we always were the same and will ever remain the same.......the Originator of this joke. This knowledge is not acheived by reasoning.
But it is the knowledge of experience."

~ Meher Baba

Originally posted by NewAgeMan
What really motivates and inspires us, what satisfies the human heart fully and completely, in the space of nothing that is everything already always..? Isn't that the ultimate question?

Only when we take What is left, when every "thing" (particularized attachments) is taken away - can a new creation be generated or founded, upon this realization for the human being, as to his true identity, being and becoming as he is, a reflection (like Christ, and as the moon is to the sun) of the first father and the true Lord of Love who originally inspired this in the first place (original intent of the will to share, and be creative, and therefore, PLAY), and who is pleased ALREADY (eternally unfolding present moment, forever, since our true self in God never dies) to share his eternal kingdom of light and love with ALL his children. In truth we stand, as self realized beings, in the "holy of holies", and there God calls us his own (well done my son.. [tears of joy by me!]) and makes his home WITH us, as the living spirit of truth and love, and therefore as the simplicity on the far side of complexity. Because it works out the "kink" or the flawZ, right across the entire breadth of all being and becoming, as a first/last cause, it's not only generative or evolutionary, as a first principal of spiritual and psychological growth and well being, but best of all, fun, and joyful, even humorous, and fearless, and therefore very powerful in the face of "evil", which must flee from it's presence wherever it moves, and as a "process" it (we) are already MOVING, and here's the real kicker - by it's very nature, it's the only thing that really moves us in the first place!

That's the beauty of it all, that it contains imbedded within itself, as uncondtional love and acceptance, and forgiveness, the hand that pulls us from the pit of ignorance and then has the audacity to wipe the tears from our eyes, while sharing with us the joke of all ages, which was always at our OWN expense!. It's a type of alchemical fulcrum for the soul, calling us, choosing us first, from above.
I think that Meher Baba might be proud of my mystical evolutionary Christian understanding, and would agree with me about this, or he'd point out that his approval is not required, since God is already God no matter what anyone thinks of him! and THAT is very funny indeed! Good one!

And so the mystery remains a mystery, and the dance goes on, into a much more enjoyable, and even amuzing future, as a free-man, maybe even dare I say it, an untouchable (in a good way), set free in the truth which sets us free, but a freedom of such proportion and magnitude, that it precludes the possibility of predation, by ANY power or principality, ANYWEHERE, and we already know that God is into sharing, and gathering, preserving all that is good, and has no interest in blind robbery, or "double bind" robbery, oh of course he has the power to do anything, but being a God of love, the only thing he binds and throws away, is that which makes no sense at all! Thus all our "foibles" and ridiculous notions, and utter absurdity, becomes the comedic material, of the joke of the ages! ... think about it..

So really, what's being presented here is an invitation, for you yourself to step out into the light as the fool that YOU too really are, and were, yet Liberated in the light of life and love, of which you yourself are it's reflection in Christ as the perfect reflection.

It's time to take our seats, no matter how crippled we are (or were) as we hobble to the table, and eat something that you don't eat with your physical mouth, it's another substance altogether, eaten with a spiritual mouth, and it's really good, tastes like nothing, but fills the soul with deep satisfaction, joy and immense laughter and love, so it's NOURISHING, it's good for us to eat and it feeds our spirit, let it not be forgotten, let it not "fall through the cracks" as we sit glued to reality TV while texting acrocyms to people we don't even really know, or even care to know. It's absurd!

"Do youi love me Peter?"

Three times Jesus repeated it this question, each time in response to which poor Peter said

"Of course I love YOU, you KNOW I love you (why ask me, yet again?!)"

And THREE TIMES, in response, Jesus said..

"Feed my sheep."

THREE TIMES - poor Peter, he was beside himself!

Well I have something to say then,

BEHOLD, Lord! I am feeding them now!

Jesus Christ is God processed, for mutual sympathetic harmony and understanding. He is the spiritual food for our enjoyment, there's no other way to take him and he didn't offer anything less.

For those with the eyes to see, ears to hear and the mouth to eat, welcome to the table of the living God with Jesus Christ as the Bridegroom and we his bride or bride to be.

And as to the consumation of the spirit of God and man let's just say that there is no amount of Christ capable of ruining a personality and he is always the perfect gentleman who simply stands at the door knocking and ready to sit and eat with anyone who opens the door of their heart to him as nothing less than the love of God itself, which is eternal life, to know him and the one who sent him, and to recieve them.

God Bless,


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posted on Sep, 6 2012 @ 11:26 PM

Terrestrial Eclipse - from the Moon..

Originally posted by NewAgeMan

The Day of the Cross
Eclipse From Earth

Ok, so some people might be saying, ok fine, there was an eclipse the day of the cross, which appears to hold together with the historical account proving Jesus a real life historical figure, and, one who seem to have more than a few tricks up his sleeve let us say, in his anticipation and co-ordination of events relative to a schedule terminating at a lunar eclipse of the sun on Jewish Passover. What does that mean and what am I to make of it? Maybe Jesus, seeing ahead based on some secret esoteric knowledge compliments of some friendly neighborhood Magi perhaps knew of it, maybe even recognized in the unique earth, moon, sun relationship an allegory to his own deep and intimate relationship of balanced harmony with the Absolute Godhead (father), as it's ("his") reflection in the manifest world even the crowing glory of all creation. "So what!" you might say (even smugly with arms crossed and a frown) - solar eclipses happen all the time, doesn't mean that it was unique to Jesus, he just made use of it in the lead up to or I should say the execution OF the cross. No big deal, you might say. Impressive management of resources sure, even of time and space, yeah, I'll give him that much, but it doesn't prove that this was a unique cosmological marker imbedded into the original design of our solar system intended specifically, uniquely and only, to Jesus of all people, and/or as a unique cosmological configuration applicable only and uniquely here on earth of all places, you can't be serious... yawn. That's what you might say... but are you so sure of yourself..? What if there's still more to it than that..could you be still missing a piece of the puzzle relating to the very turning of the heavens ie: the precession of the equinox (visible manifestation of our place in the larger galaxy via relative motion), making of the event something utterly unique in BOTH human history AND cosmic history relating to the formation of our galaxy..?

watch this Star of Bethlehem EXTRA

So at the "event" where the hour of the cross intersects the eclipse of the sun by the moon, from the Earth above the full (and red) moon, that night in the stars above was Virgo, now with a full moon under her feet (instead of a thin crescent at birth) - from the Earth.

But from the perspective of the moon (if there could be said to be such a thing, requiring an observer if you will), the Earth also eclipses the sun, and from the moon at the same moment (his hour) the eclipse is in the heart of the Ram, Aries.

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posted on Sep, 6 2012 @ 11:44 PM
reply to post by NewAgeMan

Which would mean....that when Abraham hauled Isaac up the mountain to sacrifice him, only to have his hand stayed by an angel of God, while a two-horned Ram was suddenly found nearby caught up in a ticket as an alternative, that that event prophecied this event.

That part of the Bible was already written by the time Jesus did this, but could he have known what the heavens would look like looking back FROM that perspective, from the moon to the earth and beyond. Jesus was pretty tricky as a fully self realized spiritual Ninja guru Magus, and those Magi with knowledge from Daniel they were very quick on the draw so they must have been great teachers if that's where Jesus was during the missing years, but I doubt they could possibly have known or understood the greater cosmolgical implications of their "craft", and they certainly wouldn't have had the same bigger picture perspective that we do now, which only magnifies it, by many orders of magnitude, and it was intended to astonish us, now, today.

So God can lead a ram into a thicket just in time to serve as a sacrifice instead of a son, as evidence, from the cosmological perspective of a distant future looking back, that it was God all along, at some level, maybe with a few agents and imposters subbing in here and there, but all the while still present, at the outer apex of the big big BIG picture. Strange to think that we've been at the heart of a cosmic drama!

Only now it turns into a cosmic lovesong, a "dirge", and a Great Work of High Art that we can hardly fathom, but there it is. It's an event, functional at all levels, and that's the craziest part about it, that it's applicable, that it's actually RELEVANT and see that's where I have to laugh, at the moment of discombobulation relative to some sort of supra-rational awareness and utlra-reasonableness.., because it's just so BIG so hard to fathom how such a love could reveal itself and open itself up to us in this manner, while binding up and discarding everything that is irrational and unreasonable by comparison..

You know..I don't know whether to rejoice or fear for any civilization in the heart of the Ram..?! Because Jesus pulled through one way or another, and while he assumed the heavy burden, here, who knows what kind of clearup operations might have taken place "out there" to set things right for a new beginning and a new creation at all levels and right across the board via one, single, human being! The son given a repieve..while the two horned Ram cought up in a ticket is sacrificed. Hmph, I wonder if it was imploded like the death star..

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posted on Sep, 6 2012 @ 11:58 PM
reply to post by Egyptia

Sounds to me like you feel somewhat self-righteous to believe everyone else in the universe is focused on us (you). To think our planet is some kind of marvel is ridiculous. Tell that to the other couple quadrillion planets within the visible universe.

posted on Sep, 7 2012 @ 12:02 AM
reply to post by 3NL1GHT3N3D1

I think she's saying (something like this anyway) that rationally, any sufficient advanced civilization is REALLY advanced, not just technologically but also spiritually, and since we live in a non-local holographic universe with matter as basically light moving through a type of crystallzed matrix aka the Zero Point Field or the Akashic Field - that they've already got the word (been told) at one level or another, even via the collective unconscious, whatever you want to call it. There is also the idea in such a framework that evolution isn't a purely localized phenomenon, and being last or more recent, at some level, morphogenically, while they are by far more advanced in every other way, we find ourselves very near to to the eternal Godhead as the culmination of a very very longgg cosmic evolutionary process, thus the idea that if "they" were to know anything about us or our presence in the universe, that they also understand and would be aware of our fullest potential and thus the reason and purpose for OUR creation in the creation (know who and what we REALLY are, even as a reflection of the God of their own understanding, which is presumably high), in spite of the fact that we might spew out a lot of negative vibes or close-minded, hard-hearted cynicism for no other reason than a certain apriori presupposition we may hold or based solely upon what we think or presume to already know with absolute certainty. Life is impressive, but intelligent self aware life, is of a whole other order of magnitude and given enough time, and space, anything's possible. Don't just assume that it isn't actually much more um..solipsistic, than you feel is reasonable or rational by your own standards of what is and isn't or "can't" be real.

It would be better though if they didn't know anything whatsoever about us. Much much less embarassing that would be, eh?

It's bad enough that we're still transmitting "I Love Lucy" at the mere speed of light..!

And if there is such a thing as angels - then there are higher beings who are in service to us the human being, and who, however great they are, at some level consider us greater, like an upside down heaven to our conception of how things work.

And we can't "demote" ourselves to a lessor standard either, or to a mere "thing"..

That's one thing I'll give to Christianity, is the measure it assesses to each and every human being, that being incalculable according to the full measure of the son, who the father gave the spirit to without measure.

That's the extraordinary part of it - the value of the free gift of eternal life for those with the imagination and the heart and the wisdom to actually recieve it and open it up.

Maybe we really are the crowing glory of God's creation, so far at this point. However we, some among us anyway, must remember too that no eye has seen nor the ear heard or the mind of man concieved of, what God has in store for those who love him (which presumably is something better than "this").

Being entirely unique does not imply being special as in better than, even if we were at the apex of a cosmic evolutionary process - we're so stupid anyway, but what if it's silly and ridiculous to ridicule out of hand such speculation, what if that's stupid, to so reduce us to a speck of nothing that we're nothing at all - you know, throw away the entire inheritance of the kingdom of heaven and eternal life, just because it doesn't jive at first with "common sense"... what a tragedy that would be..? Because of ignorance - wouldn't that be funny, to get filled in on that one and discover that we were wrong and that being here of all places is at some level the highest honor and priviledge..?! Ha! Ya never know..

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posted on Sep, 7 2012 @ 12:33 AM

Originally posted by 3NL1GHT3N3D1
reply to post by Egyptia

Sounds to me like you feel somewhat self-righteous to believe everyone else in the universe is focused on us (you). To think our planet is some kind of marvel is ridiculous. Tell that to the other couple quadrillion planets within the visible universe.

Well you aint seen nuth'n yet (that's for sure!) and we haven't even gotten to the moon coverage yet. Hang in there, and try to retain an open mind. Sometimes when you get a look from out of the box everything and the whole frame of reference shifts, and everything you thought you knew is turned inside out. Is it possible that you could be wrong and that it's ridiculous to say, automatically that it's ridiculous to think of the earth as an absolute marvel, even as evidence of intelligent design? Is that possible?

posted on Sep, 7 2012 @ 08:22 PM
Ancient Knowledge - Sacred Science - Astrotheology?

A New Age?

In order to perform his Magnum Opus at the automnal equinox of his 33rd year, to coincide with a full lunar eclipse of the sun at the beginning of the Jewish new year, and the Passover Festival, Jesus must have been fully aquainted and initiated into not only the Sacred Science of Brahmavidya (where Atma and Brahma are one), but also the Sacred Science (astonomy-astrology) shared by Egypt and Babylonia, and ancient India and Persia ie: trained by Magi with an intimate familiarity both of the ancient Jewish prophetic framework via Daniel and his court, and, with their own astonomical knowledge and understanding (knowledge of the movement of the stars). He couldn't have done it otherwise. I know some will say but he was God so he knew everything, but that doesn't pass muster as far as this examination goes, of course spiritually he was one with God, but intellectually and in terms of his fundamental modus operandi, it becomes clear that he was also an initate and "scientist" of all the ancient wisdom and knowledge traditions of his time, including the lost Sacred or Holy Science of Astronomy (then astrology).

Thus I'm reposting this piece (ancient India connections to the roots of Judaism), along with a video, below, from another thread, of someone describing the ancient sacred "holy science". When watching the video (and it's worth it imho, if you hang in there with the guy) note in particular the OSCILLATION period of the Earth (four seasons) and remember that it's the MOON which causes that pulse, the moon, imitating the sun (at solstic and perihelion) to function as a harmonic oscillator or fulctrum/precision weight/mass by which to regulate the cycle of the seasons and of life, death and resurrection upon the Earth as an evolutionary principal/mechanism ie: cycle of life via manifestation from a first/last cause (first father). And remember the saying that "it was the stone that was rejected by the builders that became the keystone".

Originally posted by NewAgeMan
There is another otherwise missing piece of this puzzle which I forgot to add earlier on.

Originally posted by NewAgeMan
Re: Origins

And on a figure on a ancient wall in India a symbol from Hinduism this word 'Omm' is centered in the connection of the triangle female symbol and the upright triangle male symbol.

The so called Star of David is not a symbol from Judaism, but a symbol form the Vedic religion of the ancient India, that is worshiping the reunion of man and wife. The symbol and the hidden meaning from Hinduism of this symbol was known by teachers of the Jewish mysticism and has found over them its way to the present Jewish culture.

Shiva is preserved in the Hebrew Genesis as chavvah ( = eve ) ( “life-giver” ) as the female life together with the Hebrew chayim ("Life").

Vedic Timeline and History

The whole thing originated in ancient India, from Taoism, to Judaism, Islamic, Christian, Buddhist.


In his History of the Jews, the Jewish scholar and theologian Flavius Josephus (37 - 100 A.D.), wrote that the Greek philosopher Aristotle had said: "...These Jews are derived from the Indian philosophers; they are named by the Indians Calani." (Book I:22.)

Clearchus of Soli wrote, "The Jews descend from the philosophers of India. The philosophers are called in India Calanians and in Syria Jews. The name of their capital is very difficult to pronounce. It is called 'Jerusalem.'"

"Megasthenes, who was sent to India by Seleucus Nicator, about three hundred years before Christ, and whose accounts from new inquiries are every day acquiring additional credit, says that the Jews 'were an Indian tribe or sect called Kalani...'" (Anacalypsis, by Godfrey Higgins, Vol. I; p. 400.)

Martin Haug, Ph.D., wrote in The Sacred Language, Writings, and Religions of the Parsis, "The Magi are said to have called their religion Kesh-î-Ibrahim.They traced their religious books to Abraham, who was believed to have brought them from heaven." (p. 16.)

I Brahman = Abraham

And so, when we look to the origins of all the major religious traditions of the world, we must look to the "Sacred Science" of Brahmavidya in ancient India, which may predate ancient Egypt.

Main article: Indus Valley Civilization
3300 BC: antecedents of the Indus Valley Civilization begin with the Ravi phase, eventually becoming one of the world's three earliest urban civilizations, contemporary to Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt.

That is where the process began, through their deep searching of a "first cause" and the uncreated creator of the unmanifested, made manifest.

"The kingdom of heaven is within."



The Jews and all modern religious traditions originated in ancient India.

The Life of Issa and the Gospels

Additional research, that I have yet to conduct, involves the person of "Issa" and his travels, some reports of which have him spending some time, post-resurrection, travelling with one of his desciples, Thomas I think it was (referenced in the Nag Hammadi Library of the Gnostic Gospels), hanging out for a while hosted by a King, and even travelling through Europe as far as what is now France and, believe it or not, the Island now called Great Britian.

And did those feet in ancient time
Walk upon England's mountains green?
And was the holy Lamb of God
On England's pleasant pastures seen?

"Jerusalem" by William Blake (1757-1827) from "Milton"

To begin to get a grip on where we're going with this now, please watch this video above (you can do it in bits and pieces and it gets really interesting imho, and then watch The Real Star of Bethlehem video series again, including the Extra from that series posted above, and then with everyone up to speed, we'll also then in subsequent posts take a better look at the moon, and in particular the unique Earth/Moon/Sun relationship, to prove, all over again - superdeterministic, super-intelligent design in the very formation of our solar system out of which Jesus as the son of man would arrive, precisely on schedule, while discovering everything he needed to know in order to fullfill his destiny and mission, also right on schedule, to perfection (with wholeness and integrity) and to a t (quite literally, but it's not such a pleasant pun I suppose).

The Astro-theological Recognition of Jesus Christ.. - could you imagine, and there ARE vectors, which have been laid down already, things future historians (and astronomers and astrophysicists) can look back on and go HOLY # it's all true, the Holy Bible is essentially true, yet from a whole other perspective we'd never even considered before in our exoteric, instead of esoteric, reading of it!

But what this thread has shown, I hope, is that nevertheless, even with planets singing together, or heavenly hosts (suns) as "sons of God", that there is STILL evidence of a superintelligent, superdeterministic design seen already imbedded from the get go, into what has unfolded and continues to unfold still, as we (with our sun and system) prepare to oscillate back up over the galactic horizon and onward towards another golden age in our distant future - the demarcation point already crossed at the very threshold of the beginning of the dawning of a new age symbolized by a man freely pouring water from a jug, who at one time did just that in actuality, laughing and playing with his desciples, as the excited and curious people walked and tan towards them through the fields from the town of Sychar.. : )

I KNOW I've lost a lot of people by now, but for those who haven't what a journey of discovery this has been up until this point eh? And what wonders and marvels have we yet to encounter?

I find that in these types of investigations and inquiries, if you're serious and you take God seriously and his word seriously (from the mouth of Christ), there is nothing that he is not prepared to share with us his children, so that they (we) might at last come to discover our true place and destiny in the creation, as intended by design.

And "If it can be celebrated, celebrate it!" (Carl Hoegerl, C.Ss.R.)

Best Regards,


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