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Aliens, Ancient prophecies, Assassination plots, False Flag operations, Secret societies, 2012, Nibi

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posted on Jul, 28 2012 @ 07:28 PM
In all those things i am willing to believe if scientific evidence is put forward.

I am skeptical of nature, but i will not let my skepticism blind me when i stumble on irrefutable information. As much as i would like to believe that humans are an hybrid species created from Neanderthals and Annunakis, living on an hollow earth that has an artificial moon inhabited by some other alien species while reptilians and grays are having a party with the Illuminati while i am reading ATS, evidence is just not there for me to believe such claims.

But as long as i will be on ATS i will seek the truth, and accept it once i find it, as crazy as truth may be.

I have been a reader of ATS for a few years now, i once had an account but completely lost my info. Now that i cannot work for another 8 months (Femur fracture), i will put some of my time in digging up the truth in this mess that is our world with you ladies and gentlemen.

Sincerely ,



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