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No Race At The 2012 UK Olympics Parade

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posted on Jul, 28 2012 @ 12:33 AM
I was watching the UK Olympics Parade of athletes tonight and the more I watched the different countries march by, the angrier I got. I got angry at myself for buying into this hateful , outdated propaganda that there is such a thing as race. I allowed it because some fool threw the word SCIENCE behind it and you know, you can tell any lie you want and get the masses to believe it if you throw the word SCIENCE behind it.

I looked at all of those beautiful people from all over the world. Many of the countries were represented by people who I could not even categorize racially because they looked like members of my family who are bi-racial. They looked like they were all mixed with other so called races. I got to thinking. These peoples genes are more authentically pure than the so called five races and they look nothing like any of them.

I even saw some citizens of small older countries of Africa who have those "alien" shaped heads like the skulls we keep talking about as proof of the fantasy star children and alien hybrids. No, they're just Africans that you have never seen before because you have never stepped foot out of your own town let alone country. I saw so many beautiful people. The most attractive men, I have to say , were from Puerto Rico, Syria and Iran. I know right ? Put me on a watch list now cuz I think Middle Eastern men are cute.

Now, when I talk about these people from other countries that do not look like any of the made up groups we call races, I'm not talking about US and UK territories where mixing no doubt occurred. No, I'm talking about those ones where you can't pronounce them and if you tried you might cut the inside if your mouth. Counties who's gene pools have seem undisturbed by and untouched by Colonialism. Beautiful people. Perfect people. No race people.

Why am I even bringing this up ? Because, I am sick of playing this game. I am sick of playing this game with ill willed people who profit in dividing and labeling and discriminating against others. I am sick and tired of their poison. I am sick and tired of going along to get along. I'm done with it. Despite the fact that the tentacles of made up race classifications and discrimination are so entangled in the West, I yet have hope after what I saw tonight. The liars and dividers are outnumbered by humanity and their days are numbered.

I see a day where medicine is not studied based on color, but on DNA and I see hospitals treating patients not by skin color but by oh, I don't know fricking SYMPTOMS ? I see a day where people who go around saying "I'm much better because my skin is a certain color" are laughed out of every social circle and ostracized into a life of hermet-hood. They will live a miserable life in the near future. I see that. I have always seen that. Tonight just made me feel so much better about the future. And the really awesome thing about them is that they are just a few representations of masses on this great planet.

I saw no race at the 2012 UK Olympics. I just saw a sea of beautiful people. Human people.

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