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Significance & Importance To One's Life

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posted on Jul, 27 2012 @ 03:31 PM
Getting right to this...

The rain that came pouring down did not rain on a section of land to a house in the form of a number 9/lowercase q.

^The above happened when I was 9 years old and accompanied by two other people.

Could the rainless 9/q area be a clue as to when my mind leaves this earth behind for good?

Lets do some figuring shall we?

1. The 9th letter of the alphabits is "I." "I" means the self; the ego in a dictionary. I find that the self; the ego is actually one's mind.

2. The lowercase q, it could aswell be, is the 17th letter of the english alphabits. 1+7 = 8. 8 turned sideways resembles the symbol for implying infinity. I found out that a soul is an infinity by the way.

3. The 9 aspect could imply a day having to do with 9. Like how the 27th = 9 (2+7). The 8 from the adding up of the numbers found in 17, could imply eight O' clock.

Conclusion one might say is that in my life a significant and important transition shall take place. A transition where I am teleported, since the rainlessness can imply that one will be no longer present on the earth at a point in time. So eight O' clock on a day having to do with a 9 straight, or added up to, will be when I am going to be teleported from this earth to my true place in life. My true place in life is the ideal place.

On the calendar we have July 27th (what equals to a 9) as today where I am on earth. We also have August 9th (a straight 9) coming up on a Thursday in two weeks from now. I cant wait that long. If I am lucky my teleport will be today. As for today, it aint turn 8pm yet.
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