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The Large Hadron Collider = "Cern" and the Portal of thee Abyss/Bottomless-Pit

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posted on Apr, 25 2013 @ 11:42 PM
I have a question about when you said the world is a prison planet and that no one who had died entered into heaven as of yet. Could you explain what you think Jesus meant when be told the thief on the c ross, who was being crucified with him what he meant when he said 'today you will be with me in paradise "?

posted on May, 22 2013 @ 11:39 PM

What shall result from this great celestial impact here on Earth from the release of the smoke to arise up in the air from this catastrophe will be large amounts of volatile, sulfuric smoke from the volcanic activities and from the abyss (bottomless pit/hell, L.H.C. CERN, etc) to be released into the atmosphere/heaven. This will disrupt the Earth’s natural process of photosynthesis which is basically the fundamental process of the sun sustaining life here on Earth. This shall effect almost all of the Earth’s plant life and vegetation world wide, as it is written in revelation about a-third of the grass and trees being burnt-up.

In other words, all of this sulfuric smoke and smog, etc, shall cover and/or become the Earth’s new atmosphere during the impact of this asteroid. This event will cause the sun to be blotted-out and what the people shall experience during those days, is a cold and gloomy destroyed world and a battered Earth, that will also be vulnerable to ultra violet radiation from the sun, because of the damaged atmosphere that will be caused by the rupture of our atmosphere from the asteroid when entering and dissolving the Earth’s ozone layer!

Yes, all vegetation will be affected by this catastrophe causing the Earth’s food supply to be cut-off. Remember that before the impact of this asteroid, debris from off the tail of this object shall be released first, causing a great meteor shower here on Earth.
Blessed are those who are storing food and water before these events take place here on Earth, just as it is written in these verses here and in the same manner that I am revealing them to you!

The asteroid will be mostly made of iron which is the same element that most of this planet has in abundance. Therefore the prophecy regarding this “mountain all-ablaze” in revelation chapter eight which is the asteroid, is the reason why a third of the Sea/Ocean shall be turned into blood because of the large amounts of iron that will be brought from both the asteroid and from off of the Earth’s volcanic vents that lay deep beneath the Sea floor, that will be triggered during this impact!

Please, again note; that the bible does repeat itself about the same meaning about these interpretations, yet they are described in different figurative and symbolic forms, but again, they are written with the same meaning concerning what is to take place here on Earth and of the way that I am trying to reveal these “secrets” to you, whom it may concern!

Revelation chapter nine speaks entirely of this drawing and of the drawing concept of the elite paratroopers “special hybrid glider pack,” which I have talked about and designed concerning this infamous LOCUST PLAGUE OF REVELATION!

Note, that the first “Woe/troubles or distress” in the book of revelation are the plague of locusts which are again these paratroopers that I have been trying to mention and/or describe to you in these words. This is a very important fact about what these locusts are and what their duty and services during these times of trials!

These paratroopers which are the real locusts of revelation are in-fact the first sign of Martial Status and Quarantine and Civilian Detainment world wide!

Yes, after the asteroid strike here on Earth the entire planet shall be in a state of emergency declared by all its global leaders and rulers of the land and was this not written in the book of revelation which I am trying to reveal to you all..?

There will be prison camps and/or civilian detainment centers set-up globally for all the survivors and civilians of the land. The mystery of the “Second Woe” in the book of revelation(s) are in fact the world and/or state police to be released and to eradicate/destroy the remaining survivors and/or population of the land, and the reason(s) for this destruction to be decreed and carried-out is because of the “food and fresh drinking water supply!”

These are also the plans of the global union also known as the new world order and of their agenda and human depopulation after this asteroid aftermath here on Earth...!

Yes, there shall not be enough fresh/clean drinking water and food to sustain the remaining population during those days after the asteroid impact here on Earth. This is the primary reason for the great depopulation of the people in the land and the secondary purpose is from the Lord because of the evil and wicked sins of the children of men and because of the coming Messianic Kingdom of the Lord and Demigod Jesus Christ!

Here I am trying to reveal the hidden secrets and mysteries of the book of truth/revelation concerning the information of future events that will take place soon here on Earth which was written years ago from its original metaphorical and symbolic text. Therefore I am revealing this information prophetically in a logical and reasonable manner that makes common sense, and thus, to help you “whom it may concern,” to understand the true meaning of these hidden secrets so that you may prepare yourselves for the worst. But many of you shall dismiss and ignore these warnings and they shall live oblivious to what shall take place here on planet Earth soon..
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