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Calling all London ATSers!!

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posted on Aug, 1 2012 @ 07:05 PM

Originally posted by davidmann

Originally posted by allseeeyes
Hello to everybody on ATS, This will be my first post & possibly my last, but i'd just like to say something about this whole London 2012 stuff going on.
The first point I will make is, I have recently been to London ( Watch the opening ceremony ) during that time, I noticed that security , Tubes, Trains, General Patrol etc, were next to none, now this could mean simply nothing is expected to happen, or the opposite, Are they purposely making it a shambles?
Olympics Security has been in most mainstream papers almost everyday for months, I personally feel they are preparing us.

Second point, now this isn't really Olympic related however it is recent, and in my opinion quite shocking, and almost impossible to prove unless there were other witnesses in the 1 minute there was to witness it.
Just when Wimbledon finished after the final, BBC put on an interval, about 1 minute, not entirely sure, in the background of this interval it showed the London Eye (ferris wheel) And behind it, a UFO and faint screaming, now I'm not the sort of cretin to make stuff up for the hell of it, the UFO was clear as daylight and so was everything else.
Everyone i have told thinks i am some sort of freak and talking bull#, It is frustrating as it may never be shown again.
Now, Providing you guys believe i'm being honest.

Why was it shown literally straight after the final ?
Did they know millions would be watching?
Was it some sort of accident by the producers?
For me, what i saw was enough evidence to believe something big is going to happen, I don't know when, but thing's are getting very interesting.

When the US Open tennis tournament was running, they kept showing zoom photos of stuff like a commercial jet flying through the moon, very hi res. You could see the craters, and the exhaust plumes coming from the airliner.

A few days later was 911. Those airplane video shots stuck with me. There were many of them. But it was drones that struck the towers, not airliners.

do u have any footage of this stuff u guys saw at wimbeldon and the us open?

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