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Hackers' 'ghost planes' could haunt air traffic controllers

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posted on Jul, 27 2012 @ 02:32 AM
Well this seems like an easy excuse to carry out an air attack.
Just how hard would it be to delcare that this was the cause of an attack on a city.. like, let's say, London during the Olympics?

Would their systems be able to record the event so that there is actual proof? Even still, if there was a recording of the event it does not mean that the hack was carried out by someone outside of the system under attack.

They say anyone with the know how, and about 2,000 could do this.. kinda narrows it down a bit then.. Imagine what someone could do with millions behind them.. and have access to these systems.

"Basically, you can buy or build yourself a device to capture this information from airplanes," Costin said.

He listed potential abuses including paparazzi being able to track private jets carrying celebrities or other famous people.

Costin showed how a friend was able to identify a plane broadcasting the identification numbers of Air Force One, the military jet used by the US president, and plot it on a map on an iPad.

"It can be a very profitable business model for criminals to invest a small amount of money in radios, place them around the world" and then sell jet tracking services or information about flights, the independent researcher said.

What's worse is that this 'news report' almost tells you how to do it, what you need to look out for and how the system can be abused.. TPTB do their best to not let you know about this sort of thing, but then they allow all f this to be put online and in the papers. Then, if anyone ever got caught for doing this, they'd have the excuse of being able to say "various keyword searches were made by the person involved blah blah.. yet these same keywords are plastered all over reports such as this.. daft!!

How long before an event like this takes place, and where?


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