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Dubai police chief warns of "international plot" against Gulf states

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posted on Jul, 26 2012 @ 11:44 PM
JPost - Reuters
July 26, 2012

'Muslim Brothers plotting overthrow of Gulf states'

Well this is interesting !!

I wonder if "they" want the old Ottoman Empire back ?

The Police Chief says it's all about money.

DUBAI - Dubai's chief of police has warned of an "international plot" to overthrow the governments of Gulf Arab countries, saying the region needs to be prepared to counter any threat from Islamist dissidents as well as Syria and Iran.

The comments by Dahi Khalfan, one of the most outspoken security officials in the United Arab Emirates, follow the detention in the UAE since April of at least 20 dissidents, according to relatives of the detainees and activists.

"There's an international plot against Gulf states in particular and Arab countries in general...This is preplanned to take over our fortunes," Khalfan told reporters at a gathering late on Wednesday marking the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. ......[continues]

Or is this just more "hype" ?

posted on Jul, 27 2012 @ 01:06 AM
Rise of the 8th head of the Beast mate, which is the Caliphate. Israel is about to be up an insanitary tributary without means of manueverability.

Where you think that Caliphate's eyes will turn after it is revived? Remember what Muhammad did to Mecca? Going to be the same kind of farce. Notice how all these islamic nations getting flipped are ending up in the MB's hands? If you're in Israel, you might want to think about taking an extended vacation somewhere you will never hear the words "Allah Ahkbar" for a long time.

posted on Jul, 27 2012 @ 01:19 AM
Whats new?
This is what the whole things about anyways....
Jihad means primariy loot.....
They have some rewards of a temporal nature for jihadding...look t Yasser Arafat...He died with a billion dollars in a swiss bank account....and he earned it all from jihadding for Gaza.....
Now its the muslim brotherhood, but its always been somebody casting an eye of envy on the power and wealth of the millions of devoted believers.....
Maybe when the guy comes back out of the well....hell kick all their asses for doing aaaaaislam wrong....thats what i expect Jeesus will be doing too....
What? You dont expect hell be kissing the asses of a bunch of people who went to church every sunday and forgot what he was saying all week long do ya?
No Jeesus will be booting the # out of a lot of very greedy a^&%holes
matter of fact, the Mahdi and Jeesus gonna team up to wipe the floor with sinners......theyll straighten this whole mess out for a thousand yeaars,,,,the give it back to Satan for a while just for #s n giggles.....cant have a boring eternity canm we?that wouldnt be godlike at all......

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posted on Jul, 29 2012 @ 08:01 PM
reply to post by stirling

You don't even know who Jesus is muchless what he taught. BTW Jesus was a jew, not a muslim. If you think the King of Israel is going to be on anyone's side you're joking. His on his own side and the messianics who love him and follow him. You should be asking yourself why the christian antichrist brings peace for 7 years and welches on the deal 3.5 years in, using a rather Muhammad like tactic. Your Jesus is our Antichrist, our Messiah is your Antichrist. Do you think Jesus would condone blowing people up in suicide attacks? You have no clue dude.

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