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I realized two things:

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posted on Jul, 26 2012 @ 06:42 PM
It is both philosophy/medical conspiracy, but the end conclusion is that my doctor is using me. So please, listen.

I live in Canada, and I am 22. I have Aspergers Syndrome, I was on cannabis at the time, but I do not believe that this making me paranoid - infact it is opening up my pineal gland in some way. It all began when I made a pact with the devil when I was younger - I told him that I would give him my soul for a way out of my horrible situation of a family life that I was in - so I suffered until 15 years of age. That's 1+5=6. So I ran away I can't remember what date.. might have been on a 6 or 15 date too.. Ellen De generes was on.. i was in grade 5 on September 11, 2001, and I believe I had sold my soul the previous night in the basement. So I looked in the mirror today and I asked myself: "Why do I suffer so bad? I mean.. I'm on disability. I can't find a job. I have no love or encouragement - but at one time in my life I have felt real love. So now I am "out" but that's all I am. That's all I asked for. So Lucifer is the Angel of Love. So now my doctor - now get this - knows that I had looked on the internet for love, since that I had no parents to teach me right from wrong so all I did was sleep with sleezy girls who also had bad home environments or some sort of undaignosed mental illness as well. So I end up probably getting herpes, I look in the mirror, and there are patches of "zits" which was actually not zits after doing a quick and throurough BING search. And discovering quickly that this was infact the herpes virus. So my doctor - his wage is being slashed, doctors in Alberta get paid a burger flippers wage compared to a lot of other doctors wages in North America or the United States for that matter. So my doctor has to milk his patients for what they're worth, especially if they have a mental illness since they won't know any better. So what he does is he keeps prescribing me Welbutrin, Seroquel, Cesamet and Respirodol for my "depression" and all it did was make me schizophrenic and bi-polar for the longest time, and I'm pretty sure I experience it every now and then, but I can't tell when I am. So he's prescribing me off label useage of drugs for illness' that don't exist but soon will - he keeps increasing the dosages, and he's doing it all to cover up the fact that I have herpes. I have been seeing this practitioner for two years now and he had faxed my "acne reccomendation" to the "wrong clinic". Well, I have recently stopped taking my pills, and it shows. Doctor X hasn't been getting his subsidies from the goobermint in a little while - I'd say about two months now. I'd say about 2000 dollars worth of Rx benefits from my disability office or our health insurance. And he's probably missing a few payments on his car or his coke addiction since he has a son who loves medical jany and he's a devout christian who probably did it when he was a little #. And now he hates his life, and his job, and he wants to be a psychologist so he uses me as an experiment and in the process to make a little quick money off of me and his other "depressed" patiensts or patiens who have a disease or high blood pressure they don't know about. I mean... he never does any tests on me when I come in the door, and he refuses to give me medical jany too. Maybe he's waiting for me to die with all the drugs he's giving me and the diseases I have let slip by so I can make him really rich off the chemo therapy treatments or the new cancer pills that are being developed by the CIA. I know what's going on. This doctor and all doctors across North America are using their mentally ill patients as drug puppets to cover up diseases!

And GET THIS. Every day I've been having nutty dreams, but I've also been illuminating. I've been connecting the dots on things like what's going to happen when the Canadian Real Estate Market Crashes. DJA-20,0000 Drug Stocks Soar, Futures Soar, Inflation across the board, Money will be worthless, new currency introduced, This whole unity crap, even on the back of Shaw Wireless Vans "It takes one person to drive a van but millions to drive change" crap!" They're prepping us for a NEW WORLD ORDER PEOPLE
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posted on Jul, 26 2012 @ 06:56 PM
Change your doctor immediately. And have you told you Dr. about the issues you're having with your meds? Communication is super important when it comes to things like these. Why didn't you get prescribed Valtrex for your Herpes? Soo many questions. Nonetheless, you are still young and you have a full life ahead of you. I suggest you seek out a therapist, someone to talk to, and maybe a different doctor for a second opinion.

Best of luck to you.

ETA: I can sense that you over analyze things, that can lead to mild paranoia. Food for thought. Just relax, get a second opinion, accept GOD into your life since Lucifer (the Light bearer) has taken your soul and find a professional to talk to. You need support in all directions.
Good luck.
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posted on Jul, 26 2012 @ 06:57 PM
One question: How much of this is speculation on your part? I mean, your doctor could very well be trying to help you out here, and you're reading him entirely the wrong way.

Here's where I think your problem is:

So now my doctor - now get this - knows that I had looked on the internet for love, since that I had no parents to teach me right from wrong so all I did was sleep with sleezy girls who also had bad home environments or some sort of undaignosed mental illness as well.

It seems you've kind of gone off the rails largely because of the lack of guidance in your life, and since you left home at such an early age, you've lacked the stabilising influences that should have been there.
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posted on Jul, 26 2012 @ 07:01 PM
First, try another doctor.
Aspergers is little understood by society, but there are help groups, of people who are like yourself and they are people you can relate too, find these groups and make contact.
There is one person who can help you most of all, its yourself.
And bin the cannabis, it will do your head in.

posted on Jul, 26 2012 @ 07:02 PM
For future reference properly break up your post into paragraphs.It is not my intention to bust your b@lls about it, but most experienced members of ATS will not even read the post if it is not formatted correctly at least a little bit. If you do not know how here is a reference to get you started on how to utilize BB CODEIf you're going to take the time to put this much thought into a post I would at least like to see your post not get bypassed because it's a block of text.

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