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Commenced drilling of the italian supervolcano Campi Flegrei

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posted on Jul, 26 2012 @ 01:54 PM
Campi Flegrei is a supervolcano, a large caldera in a quiescent state with a diameter of 12-15 km in the main part, where there are numerous craters, small volcanic edifices and volcanism in areas subject to a secondary type (geysers, hot springs , bradisism ...). Throughout the area are important visible deposits of volcanic origin, as the Campanian Grey Tuff (or Ignimbrite Campana) or the Yellow Tuff. The area is of volcanic lakes (Lake Avernus), and originated by dam lakes (Lake Fusaro, Lake Lucrino Misenum and Lake). Among the many eruptions, catastrophic, remember the one that occurred about 15,000 years ago, there was indeed a disaster when volcanoes formed in a quantity of pumice and ash due to the fragmentation of 40 kilometers of magma, whose product was the yellow tuff represents the remains of a huge underwater volcano (having a diameter of about 15 km at its center and Pozzuoli), whose crater is formed by the residual Posillipo hill, the hill of Camaldoli, from the ridge north of Fourth, from the mountains of Licola-S.Severino from the dike upstream of Cuma, and Monte di Procida. Within this crater still stands the massive tuff of Mount Gauro that sits between Pozzuoli and Averno. Many scholars believe that eruption caused the last ice age.
Starts today for the drilling of the Phlegrean Fields
"" We got to touch the yellow tuff ejected by the eruption of 15,000 years ago and we think has a thickness of about 100 meters "."
Subsequent drilling is expected that they can get to 3.500 / 4.00 meters deep.
The INGV project, approved in 2009 by the International Continental Scientific Drilling Program (ICDP), called the "Campi Flegrei Deep Drilling Project" and intends to create a first drilling a pilot well to 500 feet deep, followed by second phase of work which should lead to 4 km underground.

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