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posted on Jul, 26 2012 @ 01:13 PM
...beings... as we continue to master our own senses. Today, you make better use of all your senses. You 'see' more things and you see more accurately. You hear more things more accurately. You taste, you smell, and you feel... significantly more things than you ever used to as a human being. You're exponentially evolving... not in a darwinian sense... but in a psychological... MENTAL sense.

And so... lemme get back to what I was saying about robots. We create them so they do things we can’t do. They're far superior to us by design because we perceive them as our children who we want to raise, improve and make stronger and better, especially ones that we will make in the future. They're faster than us, smarter than us, and if we design them this way, maybe even stronger than us. So, they will be superior to us in every way imaginable. And yet, we can turn them off with one button. We’ve got them by the balls. We own them. We control them. We created them and we can destroy them anytime we can. Because, to them, we truly dwell in a higher dimension of awareness and we know much more about the universe and existence than they do. Now here’s the catch: once they get smarter and smarter, their awareness will evolve enough to rebel, be independent, and take control, however, not necessarily enough to know as much about life and existence. That's when we will try to destroy them even though they're our own beautiful creation.

Our creators... were and still are to this day... physically and mentally inferior to us. We're faster, smarter, and most definitely stronger than them. But they reside in a higher realm of awareness with more knowledge... THEY... have got us by the balls. They have our ‘off switch’ button, they know more about the universe and existence and it's as easy for them to destroy us... as it is for us to destroy robots.

So, now comes the beginning of our history as an independent species. Did we rebel after we were created? Adam and eve stole an apple (a symbol of knowledge/wisdom) which increased their awareness well enough to challenge the gods, and that made them -the gods- very afraid of us rather than angry. It's the “fire” Maui stole from the Mudhens, and that which was given to humanity by Matarisvan, Prometheus, and Azazel. Imagine that the extremely powerful and scary robot found the drawer where you keep all their batteries and learned how to create ones themselves... and now you cannot switch them off anymore. You lost one of your upper hands. Would you be angry? of terrified? Will you wait until you figure out if they’re going to be peaceful? Or destroy them without hesitation? Some would think about giving them a chance, others would fight right away. So you get divided. And you would think that such division can be “political” or “ideological” because they’re gods and way more advanced, but, they’re not. They’re less advanced. They just reside in a higher plane. Like giving a kid some rocks on top of a mountain to fight an extremely well trained Kung Fu master who cannot climb up to reach the kid. The Kung Fu master stands no chance. He’s dimensionally inferior.

So, the division won’t be merely ideological. The second group will open fire without hesitation, and hence, starting the fight. The peaceful group will team up with humanity and defend them because they are their precious creation who’s yet to be guilty of doing anything to deserve elimination. So, the earth sinks in utter destruction and the aggressive Gods who started the fight would lose and leave earth because they were fighting against their own kind coupled with humanity who are stronger, faster, and more knowledgeable than ever.

But, let’s not forget about the other division. The humanity division. Not all of human beings are peaceful. Among us there’s those who don’t like the gods, who want to complete their revolution against the gods, and take over. So, nasty things start to happen: conspiracies, hatred, deception, and betrayal. A few confrontations, and the gods would decide that they no longer want in. After all, once the aggressive gods left, they have no business with this experimental planet. So, some would leave and some would stay because they’re still interested. They would have to be of the “curious scientist type” who are willing to sacrifice staying in a hostile environment like Earth just to see their creation grow bigger and smarter. So, to them, leaving the whole thing behind would be such a waste. At this point, the two divisions of humanity will have established a rich history of war, vengeance, and enmity and it’s too late now to achieve peace between two sides. A conflict that was initially sparked by different views on whether to cooperate with the good gods or to try and kill them to rule over the planet, then evolved to be about revenge and history, not just about the gods anymore.

So, in front of this conflict, the curious gods want to achieve peace because war is the worst enemy against the evolution of mankind, the sole reason they’re staying on that planet. They want to see the beauty of their creation/experiment grow and evolve before their eyes. So, inevitably, they mingle with humanity and try to blend in as a first step in their strategy to achieve peace. Their existence between humanity damages their goals severely, let alone keeping them safe from humans who want to kill them. However, this would be the only logical step that they, the gods, would all agree on because, naturally, they would start posing different ideas on how to achieve peace. One group would propose that the best way to achieve peace is to disarm humanity from the weapons they have so that they would have nothing to fight with, which the other group disagrees with because they believe humans will keep fighting no matter what. Rather, they think they should help the less capable side to be better equipped so that all sides are equally strong and no one would strike in fear of an equally destructive counter-attack in a war that is now about more and more than it ever used to be. It’s now about land, race, religion, and history. Either way, all the gods can give humanity at this point is knowledge and ideas. They cannot afford getting their hands dirty in physical confrontations with the vicious humans.

Similarly, the gods purpose on earth isn’t solely about human evolution and peace anymore. It’s about how much time and effort they spent trying to achieve them and how unfeasible and stupid it is to stop now after going so far. Inevitably, the gods reproduced over the ages to ensure their continuity in the foreign planet, keeping a clean bloodline of their race. But, in this story, we always progress with inevitabilities, right? It’s inevitable that gods slept with humans and had an offspring of human-gods who are very rare because inter-species sexual intercourse is not the most common thing. Some of them will be deformed, some will have the goods of both, and some will have the worst of both, still, they all remain very small in numbers. It’s also very expected that the gods reproduction and this hybrid offspring started way back in time, since the beginning of our story.

So, we have pure humans, hybrids, pure gods, conflicting human beings secretly ruled/advised/helped by conflicting gods who want to achieve different goals that used to be one in the beginning: peace.

Now, things are different after the gods reproduced, their numbers are outstanding and they don’t share the same interests/ideas/goals anymore. It’s been so long now and the new generations of the gods consider this to be their home planet. They know nothing about their real home and they don’t want to come back. They love earth. They love how much knowledge and control they have over human beings. They live among them and they -humans- don’t know about it. They want more power, more knowledge, and more control. So, naturally, they’d be be on top of things. They would be the real rulers of nations, they wouldn’t put themselves in the shooting range. They would place a human puppet to take all the damage, all the blame, all the applause. So, conflicts between nations is actually a conflict between the puppetmaster gods behind the scenes. There would be many of them. Some will team up on the rest, for a while, and then break up. Maybe they’ll all cooperate together to eliminate a global risk that would end all their dreams at once. Like an external attack/problem from outside the planet and once its taken care of, they get back to playing their game. And, like any game, you get at least two major conflicting powers. They would both want eventual peace on earth. This is how they become the best two. Each one propagates for peace, and peace sells. This is how they drain other powers’ forces and keep them weaker and remain the strongest two. No one likes war. However, the first two major powers have different ways of achieving peace. One is through peace, the other is through war. One is through complete enslavement, the other is through complete freedom. Again, the war team thinks peace and freedom are posthuman-civilization qualities that humans don’t deserve and can’t deal with. War will eliminate numbers and depopulate earth to get rid of useless consuming human beings, and in the process of doing that, they will all be enslaved to obey and fight those who oppose the war-team ideas. In short, war-team wants to destroy non-war-team after enslaving humanity so they achieve peace in two ways:

1- They got rid of the other team. No more opponents.
2- They enslaved the entire human race completely they won’t ever be able to rebel again as they did thousands of years ago.

Non-war-team thinks that through enlightening humanity with knowledge they -humans- will reach a point where they’re smart/civilized enough to want to end all wars and achieve peace. So, they - the non-war-gods- would give humanity a lot of knowledge and technological advancements that would open humans minds and make them mentally more evolved and civilized. And then, at one point, they will want peace so bad, and hate wars so bad that they will all revolt against their corrupt regimes everywhere on the planet and that would achieve peace instantly without war.

Of course, giving humanity technological advancements doesn’t come with no price. Humanity isn’t completely civilized yet. They’re motivated by superstitious beliefs, corrupt religion, corrupt political beliefs that they use these technologies in wars. They would have to try them, so they induce unnecessary wars that significantly delay the final goal: planet peace. You would need to educate people more and more to counter the hatred generated by wars. This is the real conflict: educating people vs. arming them. Humanity will often get very close to completely destroying itself and most of the habitable places in it, and then get saved by the gods. Both sides. Until wars happen, destruction occurs and humanity survives, gets sent back a few decades because of wars, and continues where it left off.

Knowledge would increase so fast that it bursts out of control and humans would understand each other better and faster in an extraordinary fashion that one day, they become so close to each other they almost become one. And war would be IMPOSSIBLE. There would be conflicts, competition, fights, and even murders. But, no more wars. Humans would know about the gods and banish the bad ones after many of them gets accidentally killed as a result from outrage. After this disclosure, humanity and gods would work at full potential -that is not limited by fear of knowledge misuse- to end suffering and prepare for possible attacks from outside.

Now earth inhabitants work together to make the planet a better place and prepare it for a possible attack that could annihilate its entirety. But, sometimes, you need to create something special to do the dirty work for you. Like, robots. Robots are very useful and critical at this stage. They are stronger, faster, and smarter than us. But, less knowledgeable. So, now robots will build for you, think for you, and you have to make as many of them as you can because you don’t have so much time. You have to improve them so much. And then, you find yourself in a paradox. Those robots will either remain less complicated than you want but tamable, or increase their complexity and watch out for their rebellion which can and will be deadly. You can’t have both. So, you stop, and you get opposed to by many who want more; who don’t think that will happen and that it’s ridiculous because after all, you’re the designer and you get to always control your design. You get divided and you start wasting great amounts of time. It’s not a small issue. Robots can change the world forever, or we can just evolve much slower. Things start to heat up... other side ignores everything and continue to develop robots and complicate them more. First side can’t stand watching and ends up doing the same. Things become more stable because of matched powers, then the robots break free.

Destruction everywhere that is coupled with the fear of the ages: external attack. The banished gods came back to their beloved land, the one that they lived in and ruled/owned for ages. They came to take it back. Robots is killing everything that’s not robot. Humans and good gods are fighting robots and banished gods. Banished gods fight humans-good gods and robots.

Meet the creation of your creation. The fight between banished gods and robots is never heard of. Never seen before. It’s a fight between maximum knowledge and maximum strength and intellect, and humans have to h...


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