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What does New World Order really mean? It means to replace "World Order", a spiritual set of laws

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posted on Jul, 25 2012 @ 06:35 PM
Usually, when people talk about "New World Order", their understanding of the concept is quite limited. They think it simpy means what The Powers That Be are planning for the planet Earth, the "world" - and what kind of 'order' they want in it.

This kind of simplistic thinking has led many to call it "The old world order", because people have been exploited for the benefit of the rich and 'powerful' for a long time now.

The "New World Order" is not a term opposing the term "Old World Order" - it's not about New World or Old World.

Here is the point for you that don't know yet.

There is a spiritual set of laws, called "World Order". Yes, that's right - "World Order". It is like an advanced version of the ten commandments, made for those who can truly get it. Not everyone can understand it, and that's why we have the ten commandments - until people get it, they can still use the ten commandments.

So, when they use the term "New World Order", they actually mean to REPLACE the original spiritual set of laws, called "World Order", with THEIR set of occultic laws.

Thus creating "NEW World Order". It's like "Law" vs. "New Law". Replacing spiritual laws of wisdom and love with occultic laws of greed and evil. That is the "New World Order", it has nothing to do with how things are physically/societally arranged on Earth. It's a set of spiritual/occultic laws.

Here is what one E.T. had to say about "World Order" in a rare, 1971 'automatic writing' to a 14-year old boy in a small country. I translated it myself, so there might be mistakes and errors, but hopefully the main point and content still comes across.

" World Order commands us to help you.

Second level beings' mission is mostly to see that World Order is being followed and to create new civilizations.

All this is strictly prescribed in the World Order, more of which will be explained later.

World Order is something that all naturally developed beings adhere to and oversee, when their time comes.

How can you put World Order into practice? Serve love's vibrations, because that's the first commandment. Secondly, you must be always ready to go to some part of the world to help those who are in need. Thirdly, you must study World Order and wisdom, so that you can have the perfect understanding of the Universe. Without this, nothing can happen for the good of it.

How can you get to know the laws of the World Order, then? Ask us, because they haven't been before written on Earth, and that's why we teach them. Why won't people always naturally adhere to the World Order? Because understanding it requires a specific spiritual level and degree of development of the mind. Animals cannot understand it, as well as those who are twisted in their development.

So help people understand this. Then the world will be blessed with eternal peace and mutual understanding. What is the origin of World Order? It has been created and set into force by Him, who is the origin and originator of everything. Without defining Him more precisely. As you know, God exists, but only as a vibration that has intelligence.

Your obligation is to start studying World Order and start developing needed technology, so that you could solve the world's problems. Human's spiritual development has to be adjusted to the same level as their technological development. This has to happen from the people's own doing, because World Order prevents us from directly intervening it. We can only inform humans of the consequences of their deeds and their future.

We can give you in a way only the kind of knowledge that you can completely understand without your help, based on your previous knowledge. This is the law of the World Order. We cannot help you more than it commands. All knowledge is such that you have an access to without breaking the laws of the World Order.

Human is definitely not the first, that populated the Earth, because before humans there were beings living here that then reached such a level of development that they didn't need to be tied to Earth anymore. Adhering to the World Order, they destroyed most of their tracks. There are still clear proofs of them, but human hasn't found them.

You have started to manifest some kind of rebellious feelings against the World Order. You experience it as too limiting and narrow. We can honestly assure you that the only reason for this is your limited amount of knowledge. World Order is not a forcefully tight shirt, that a human has to wear in order to gain our acceptance. No, it's something completely different. It's a wonderful system, that guarantees the condition of the human kind, as well as all the other civilization's condition and defends them. It is based on respecting the vibration of love, and even you admit that this is the only real way to live.

World Order is not as simple as you think, because it includes a lot that you cannot understand. Because it's not completely categorical, but flexible, it even permits different kinds of scientific experiments to find possible better lifeforms. These experiments are going on right now in many civilizations and they have also yielded results. Beings have not always been in details exactly the same. They have developed like they are developing now. World Order doesn't designate their form or thoughts, it only designates the things that help humanity live together in harmony. The commandments are only kind of laws, which basically resemble the rules of 'society' a lot, but they are not any kind of biological straitjacket.

You should rather be glad, that you are aware of this wonderful Order, that we teach to you. It will not shackle you, but on the contrary, it will relieve you. You will be freed in every moment, your understanding deepens, and in no way will you become more shackled.

We cannot explain in detail about our research and the results of it, but we can later answers some questions concerning Earth and life's future, in the limitations of the rules of the World Order."

So now that you know what "World Order" is, you can more clearly understand what "New World Order" must mean.
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posted on Jul, 25 2012 @ 06:45 PM
New World Order , is a buzzword and is ment to mislead people.
May I suggest you expand your research with the words, " Global Strategic Project".
It may change your mind on New World Order.
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posted on Jul, 25 2012 @ 06:47 PM
Interesting idea.. thought i don't agree that this is what they mean by new world order...

TPTB don't want a new world order at all... why would they? they already have everything they want with the current world order. There is a group of a few thousand members who are working behind the scenes to overthrow TPTB and create a New World order. This new world order will be for the better though.. All the bad things you hear about the illuminati and new world order are merely lies spread to hide the truth and to keep people afraid of the coming new world order. New world order is coming, i assure you that, and it will be for the better.

posted on Jul, 25 2012 @ 07:19 PM
reply to post by Shoujikina


All that and not ONE link to a credible source to back your claim?

So we are to believe that we have the term wrong and only some ET has it right?

All Governments in the World have been using this term for decades and it's really their way of leading us to Utopia and not Global Dominance...Phew!

Thank you for clearing this up because billions of us got it wrong and were starting to get a little concerned.


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posted on Jul, 25 2012 @ 07:28 PM
reply to post by Shoujikina

that is very interesting!... i can see now how the new world order is meant in the spiritual terms....

so its like the evil on this earth is trying to get the people away from living the order of life... the world order...
that i assume is from the hand of the devil.. or the ultimate evil that is out there.. and i think TPTB ultimately came to be from the devil and the evil he brought to this earth.. and you can see how he is trying to get us humans on the wrong path, and away from the natural laws of life.

i never looked at the new world order that way, but it makes total sense..

thanks for that!.. good OP..

keep the peace

posted on Jul, 25 2012 @ 09:34 PM
I thought it meant bad people were trying to control my life and steal my freedom.

posted on Jul, 25 2012 @ 09:42 PM
reply to post by TimmyL

Gee , Timmy let's get you started with your first star.

posted on Jul, 26 2012 @ 12:21 AM
OK, I read the whole thing. Now I need to go lie down.

It's just another load of ET-channeling BS, with the usual pseudo-inspirational double-talk. It means nothing and it helps no one.

You know, if these creatures want so badly to do us a good deed, maybe they should offer a few specific and practical tips--maybe show someone how to craft a zero-point module or something. Otherwise it's just more headache-inducing crap....

posted on Aug, 6 2012 @ 07:12 PM

Originally posted by jude11

All that and not ONE link to a credible source to back your claim?

I didn't claim.

Also, there are no links, because I translated it from a book. How do you put links to books? Besides, because I translated it, you probably wouldn't be able to read the original text even if I put a link to it.

I created this thread to inform - as a "take it or leave it"-kind of background information. You don't have to accept it, and you definitely shouldn't believe it. But perhaps someone here can take it as a possibility, as I find it quite interesting how this terminology was told to the 14-year old boy in the year 1971 (a long time ago), and how when you consider the term "New World Order", it fits perfectly to the logic that the spiritual set of laws that are called "World Order", are attacked and replaced by TPTB with their own version, the "New" World Order.

So it has always been 'World Order' that is to be changed and upgraded - essentially replaced - into a New World Order - because TPTB are highly occultic and knowledgeable about esoteric facts and spiritual laws, they surely know about the World Order, and would want to replace it with something. When I heard the term 'New World Order' the first time, I realized there is something familiar about it..

It just took me this long to actually to write a post about it and translate what I found in a book, regarding about the whole thing.

It of course COULD be just a coincidence .. but as I meant, take from it what you will - and do whatever you want with the information. I have done my duty and informed you all.. it's up to you to decide the rest.

If you really want to know the book's name, I may be persuaded to tell it to you - but there's anonymity at stake here, so I have to carefully consider such a request first. Besides, it wouldn't help you - people who answer this type of a message with the kind of reply that you did, are never satisfied with any proof, and are looking for "links" (or sources, perhaps) only so they can throw mud on the message by discrediting and attacking the source.

Links don't "back up" any "claim" very effectively anyway - they can't essentially prove anything beyond any doubt. There will always be naysayers to everything, and people are always looking for ways to discredit certain info just so they can have a peace of mind, and don't need to accept "bad information". Denying is a psychological defence mechanism, that's quite helpful.

It may be better if you just forget all about what I posted and convince yourself it's just unsubstanciated data without anything backing it up .. perhaps some cook just dreamed it up, or perhaps it's just my hallucination.

Btw, the text looks a bit odd, because I only picked the relevant (those that had "World Order" in them) sentences or paragraphs from a much larger, actually coherent series of long messages (it was pages and pages of text). So it seems ti jump from topic to topic, etc.

I was also a bit tired when translating and thus typing it (it was a direct translation into the post, I didn't first translate and edit it and then quote it into the post, I translated "on-the-fly"), so there are a few thought-errors, typos and a grammatical error or two. After this, I want to edit it a bit to clear those errors, if possible.

Thanks for your input anyways..

posted on Aug, 6 2012 @ 07:30 PM

that is very interesting!... i can see now how the new world order is meant in the spiritual terms....

Thank you. That makes it all worth the trouble, and enduring all the hater-posts (which I knew would come). I got a similar revalation when I was reading that book, and wanted to share it with the world just in case there would be people like you who can get it and utilize this perspective.

I didn't mean to claim anything (especially in certainty), I only meant to offer a different perspective to the whole "World Order"-thing, that people might not otherwise have access to. Everyone is of course free to decide for themselves whether to accept it as one more perspective in their collection, or reject it, because it's "channeled" or whatever.

I judge the message by the message, not by it's bearer. Whether something is 'channeled' or typed by an individual from his own thinking, it's the message itself that counts, not who brought it and how they got it.

So this post would best be used as a "what if THIS is what 'world order' really means", instead of "this is definitely how it is". I am just saying this is how it is, because it's the best theory I have become aware of so far, and I am convinced this is how it actually is.

I mean, think about it - the concept of 'new world order' doesn't really make all that much sense. Why not call it 'United World' or 'The Empire of Earth' or something else? Why are they so adamant at calling it "new world order"? ... Well, like Columbo might say - "I don't know if it's true or not - but it would certainly explain a heckuva lot"

so its like the evil on this earth is trying to get the people away from living the order of life... the world order...
that i assume is from the hand of the devil.. or the ultimate evil that is out there.. and i think TPTB ultimately came to be from the devil and the evil he brought to this earth.. and you can see how he is trying to get us humans on the wrong path, and away from the natural laws of life.

Yes, exactly!

Like, from the natural into the unnatural. Think about all the things that are so popular these days - how natural is a human's life nowadays? People dress in black, often wearing skull/skeleton/crossbones symbols. They listen to heavy music, and watch movies that depict demons and 'satan' in one form or another. They see nature only through glass panes or TV screens/computer monitors. They sit in their square buildings, watching a square box pushing square agenda into their heads. They go to square offices, doing their part to harm the world in their square cubicles.. then they sit in little, moving boxes until they get 'home', and pour unhealthy food and cell poisons into their bodies. They form friendships by clicking "add as a friend" or "subscribe".

When they talk to each other, it's usually about celebrities, TV programs, work or all kinds of 'problems'. Everyone is -busy- all the time. From human beings into human doings. No time or patience, ability or interest to talk about life, meaning, freedom, rights, authority, difference between 'lawful' and 'legal', and programmed, knee-jerk reactions to 'sensitive' topics. You can't mention conspiracies to most people in real life - they will not react in a rational and civilized way. No one feels content or satisfied, they act like hungry and lusty demon-animals, who want more and more shiny objects in their possession. And they will sign any paper to get it..

And on and on... they have succeeded tremendously (I didn't even touch the topic of "money")

I am pretty sure something like what you describe is going on. When you think from a chronologically wider perspective, you have to wonder how TPTB and the whole conspiracy came to be.

They say it began with Rockefellers or Rothschilds (I wonder if I typed the name correctly), but I have also pondered why the direction stays exactly the same, just like the methods do - and who would have the PATIENCE to wait it all out, for centuries and centuries, when the usual lifespan for humans is about a hundred years, maybe 120 max?

So it's like some "more eternal" force or being that doesn't age like humans do, is at play here - someone who definitely wants it all to happen this way, and who makes sure that people will follow and obey that very agenda that's making humanity into a raving pack of demons, destroying their own planet. And who has a lot of time to wait it all out and to see it all unfold..

Now, this may sound wild, but once I became aware of an 'alternate perspective' to the whole Nazi Germany and Hitler topics, and it would all fit. If the "Illuminati" (who is mentioned by George Washington in a letter, if I am not mistaken) really were the original pirates in the seas (have you noticed how much 'pirate' stuff is advertised and shown these days? Even people who just copy computer files are called 'pirates'), with the same skull+crossbones-flag that the SS Nazis used (SS for Schwartze Sonne, meaning "Dark Sun", referring to the etheric side of the sun)....

... it seems like it was the same group all the time! But how can that be, when the whole 'story' spans such an awfully long time? No one human individual could have lived that long in one incarnation! Well, it has been said of course, that they have the ability to not only 'screen' their offspring for desired qualities, but they use the same 'bloodline', and also, being practicing occultists (just like the original pirates were with voodoo and all - not the black people in New Orleans, for example), that they could somehow make sure the same souls keep reincarnating in their evil families... (this does sound far-fetched, and I am not sure if it's possible, considering the rules in the astral plane and all - but then, the souls do not have to be the same - only similar enough that they could also be made into the evil 'overlords' as the previous ones, so that the agenda can continue as planned - it's like, the pawns do not matter, only the evil being who controls everything behind the veil matters, and his plan too, of course)

Well, according to the different perspective, Hitler was just a marionette, a puppet, that didn't yield the real power, but was controlled and helped by the 'occult forces'. You know, 'from the other side' perhaps. (in one book, a man describes meeting one of these evil beings in the astral world, that try to influence and control humans) These forces made the audiences always mesmerized, so they would blindly cheer Hitler, no matter what he said, and his speeches would seem to make sense (many germans read the speech later in a paper, and were appalled that they actually cheered for such a speech, and couldn't understand what happened)

When you put 1+1 together, it would certainly seem to fit nicely. I am sure SOMETHING like that is going on.

i never looked at the new world order that way, but it makes total sense..

Thank you - that's why I posted! I wanted to show my finding about "World Order" (that couldn't have been a coincidence) to the world, so that people may process and ponder about this information as a possibility, weighing it against the options.

I also think it makes more sense than any explanation I have been able to muster so far. The presidents and other people have kept repeating that phrase way too much for it to be just a 'buzzword' or something to not consider at all. And usually everything they do, all the phrases and symbols they use, have an occult basis of some kind. They are freemasons, after all - nothing is left to chance. They wouldn't come up with a phrase that doesn't have a signifigance in the symbolic and occultic level as well as just as spoken language.

They wouldn't simply hold a meeting like this:

"Hm, what shall we name our rule/empire? The Empire?

Nah, too movie-like. hmm.. Luciferian Dictatorship?

Nah, too revealing.. something 'new', because people love 'new' things, right? Hmm, new earth government?

Nah, too bureaucratic.. hmm.. oh, oh, I know, New Order!

Hm.. that sounds a bit too stiff and nazi-like, but otherwise it sounds good.. how about adding something to it to soften it up?

Like - planet? Earth? World?

Ooh, that sounds nice, New World Order! Yeah, that's what we'll call it!"

No. there must be some spiritual/occult signifigance to it. And at least this message has a good, solid basis of why it would be like that.

World Order would be the natural way beings normally develop, and a sort of guiding Law of the Universe, that ensures peace, love, harmony, and condition/status of any civilization, and protects it. To me, this sounds very logical.

But the evil 'rulers' of this planet don't want that, because then they couldn't RULE and CONTROL people.. so they need a different "World Order" than the original and thus natural one. And so they work hard for centuries to replace the "World Order" with their "New World Order". Like a restaurant's menu is replaced with a new menu, which looks the same on the surface, but is actually really lousy compared to the original one.

This might not be logical to some people, but to me, it makes sense. I am glad there are others who can see it this way and accept this as at least a possible explanation for the terminology they are using. The point here is not the E.T. or the boy, or the channeling - the point here is an alternative perspective to the 'usual' ones.

I mean, what if it IS true? What if this is how it is? Why couldn't it be like this?

The worst part of all it is, people are -letting- it happen. Masses have -consented- to everything that is going on! (mostly unknowingly, though, but still) That's the most shocking part.. the 'good forces' can't help much, if we have consented to the evil. That's why free will is so important! We don't have to keep consenting.. acts and statutes (the legal system) only has to be followed by people who have consented to being governed by them - not anyone else! The Law is a very different thing, and everyone must obey it - but it's also very simple. It's based on the ten commandments, and basically says - do not injure, harm, steal or cause loss or commit fraud.

But people have signed so many 'applications' (means 'to beg'), 'submissions' and 'registrations' (regis = king - to register is to give allodial title (=ownership) to the government), that they are hopelessly entangled with the 'joinders' they have created ('joinder' basically means joining an artificial person (a 'strawman') and a living, human being - you) in the process. And 'persons' must obey acts and statutes - living human beings don't. But after a 'joinder', now the human is identified as "person", so now the human also must follow them.. it's SO diabolical, it boggles the mind!

In any case, I thank you for your positive, constructive and non-judgmental and rational message, amidst the hostile, attacking, ridiculing hater-messages.

thanks for that!.. good OP..

I appreciate your thankfulness! Thank you too!

It's good to have been able to bring an 'out of the box' perspective to at least one other human. This information would be hard to get, because the country is really tiny, the language rare, and I don't know if this message has ever been translated to any other language before. The boy himself, as an adult, despises the messages, and don't like them - he also later said he doesn't think they came from an E.T., but just his own sub-conscious or something.

This is my only thread creation so far, and it could be my last, because I think most of the important stuff is said already, and people don't seem to treat alternative perspectives very kindly here. If it weren't for you, I would definitely feel like never creating any threads here again, but because of you, I have some hope.

By the way, I couldn't edit the message anymore.. perhaps there is a time limit or something, I am not completely familiar with how everything works here. It kind of bugs me, because I have an editing mistake in one message that I can't now correct (I was talking about a picture, but then added another picture and some more explanation, and then the text still refers to 'picture in question', although now it seems to point to a completely different picture)

I guess I could actually proofread my translation, correct it's mistakes, typos and other things (there were a couple of things that I would now word a bit differently to convey the meaning better, but I was tired back then), and then re-post it as a new message in this thread.. I should probably have translated it into a text file, proofread it the next day and only then posted it. Live and learn..
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posted on Aug, 6 2012 @ 08:26 PM

Originally posted by jude11
All that and not ONE link to a credible source to back your claim

To continue..

As I said, this is not meant to be a "claim" so much as it's meant to be an offering of background information that may shed light onto WHY it is called "New World Order", and it's not something I made up, it's something I found in a book. And the more I thought of it, the more I realized this might very well have something to do with "New World Order" - I mean, as a coincidence, that would be a bit too much. And I just wanted to share this information with the rest of the world.

And I am definitely not wanting you to believe anything. Believing is for the blind. Those who can see, don't need or have any use for believing. There are other ways to process information and data. Belief is not needed for anything.

In any case, your comment made me think how different the world really is, and how people have become dependent on "links" and "backing up" messages, that would have previously have been thought as 'discussions' or 'discussion openers'.

Before 'links' and 'backing up' became such a norm, there were actual discussions about things, people could take things as possibilities, without immediately judging or blindly believing them - they could actually discuss things, process what was said in an intelligent and civilized manner, and even ponder the "what if"-scenarios. I guess I was a bit optimistic to expect something like that - though to be honest, I really didn't expect anything at the time of writing. I just wanted to share it, because I think it's a missing piece from a puzzle, and potentially important information for all humanity to know.

It's like today's generation do not even consider the possibility, that there might not BE any "link", or "backing up" of something. That something COULD be either written from a book, or actual production of a thinking individual. If I write an explanation of a thought I have or had, how would I back it up with a link? Why would it even be necessary? It's like an automated reaction today.. if there's no link, there has to be something "wrong" with the post, right? That seems to be the attitude you have, and many people have started using.

It's almost like proof of all that I have written about this being true - the world and it's people have become so distanced from all natural things, like "discussion" and "pondering of perspectives without trying to shoot the messenger", that they truly have become unnatural and much closer to the 'new world order' than the actual 'World Order'.

In my opinion, this explanation does make sense. There's a world, and there's an inherit spiritual order that the world is to take, once it's denizens evolve enough spiritually. But then a force intervenes, and distorts everything, twists and eventually makes people so busy and dumb they never reach that level of spiritual maturity. And they start working on a plan that would completely replace the "World Order" with something more sinister, so even if the people eventually reached the spiritual maturity, they wouldn't be able to follow the rules of the "World Order", but they would be forced to live under the rules of the "New World Order", which has now destroyed and replaced the original order of that world.

So the people will grow 'crooked', and turn into very different beings than they would, if they were allowed to live according to the actual "World Order", and such crooked entities are easy to control. Instead of love and harmony growing and spreading, and the vibration frequency rising, as the people evolve spiritually, now only lust, greed, hatred and fear grow, and people's vibration frequency actually gets lower and lower, until they completely forget all the higher laws and real spirituality, and what the world was originally meant to be, and the potential of what it could be.

Why would you need "links" to "back it up", when you have BRAINS to process the information, and ponder this perspective and it's possibility as an important missing piece to the whole "New World Order" puzzle with me, in a friendly discussion? Why does it have to be so bureaucratic, dogmatic and systematic that there has to be 'links' and 'backing up' before you consent to consider something a theory, or are willing to discuss something as a possibility?

I don't care what you think about E.T.s or channeling, I only told that bit because that's what it says in the book, and I figured it might offer at least some kind of framework to it all. In my opinion, the year was the most important thing - this was written in any case in 1971!

Mentioning the 'small country' was to explain why this text might be hard to find in english. The rest was to satisfy possibly curiosity about where the text came from, not to prove anything or alter the 'credibility' factor.

As I said, take it or leave it, if you can't just 'discuss'.without links/"back up"s.

posted on Aug, 6 2012 @ 08:44 PM
There was no old world order.
WHy would the next one be new.

The order spoken of is, now this is the way it is ,don't be out of your place,out of the order of control, now polish my toenails.

posted on Aug, 8 2012 @ 09:40 AM
1. There is no NWO.
2. TPTB do not exist. There is no global cabal trying to take over the world.
3. There IS something called the "Great Work" which deals with spiritual evolution and enlightenment. However, it is not based upon enslaving people or insisting that every individual in the known universe must submit to a specific set of beliefs. We all finish our evolution at the same end point, but everyone takes a different and unique path to get there.

posted on Aug, 8 2012 @ 04:51 PM
Its not what the alex jones retards imagine it to be. I am sure at some point an 80% population reduction will take place but it will likely primarily be and exist in the 3rd world.

Look humanity will never progress if we are tied down by petty issues/differences. We need to reach a type 1 civilization its the hardest to reach everything else after is gradual. The human race right now is #ing pathetic filled with worthless lower intelligent beings who need to be removed. I am sick and tired of the ignorance my fellow man projects onto the world. Only through science & knowledge will we go anywhere! the idea that the "nwo" elite are anarchist out to enslave humanity is laughable and is spoon fed nonsense from a paranoid sad group of individuals who'd rather believe in fairy-tales in the sky and set up differences between us all based off nationalism or supremacist ideology! Human greed and self serving interest of every man for himself type thinking is a problem. I am a proponent of advancing humanity and i love science & knowledge its something that most people reject and these people need to be dealt with to be honest.

I like to remain optimistic about the future my hope is that we can achieve a type 1 civilization in the next 150-200 years. But that can only happen through greater co-operation and a hypothetical one world government and yes the abundance of lower intelligent beings must be eliminated they do nothing but hold society/humanity back.

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