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Two dreams I would like to revisit.

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posted on Jul, 25 2012 @ 03:59 PM
Hi everyone,

I'm not sure how to word this as I'm never good at putting anything down into words never mind trying to put dreams and emotions into words! I'm sure we all struggle in our own way but to get straight to the point I am deeply drawn to the dream world. I have had many lucid dreams in the past and I have even invaded someone elses dream and had them confirm it before I had chance to ask them what they had dreamt about.

At a very young age, well before I knew anything about Atlantis I used to dream of a city flooding and disappearing into the sea. I lived there (in my dream) and I can still remember many details about the place and the disaster taking place. I do not claim that it IS Atlantis that was dreaming, it was simply an amazing city where I lived and was washed away.

The second dream I would like to mention was of another city but no where near as pleasant! I was enslaved with many hundreds of others. We were living in underground sewers with tunnels that went for miles as I say it was a city. The tunnels had doorways to cells where us prisoners slept in. And we were able to walk about freely as we pleased because we knew the rules where unbearably unforgiving that no one would dare mess about. We ignored the dangers and were well behaved having full trust in one another that we were sort of synchronised.
There was a festival coming up, and anyone could apply to take part in the main game which if won granted freedom. Of corse you think EVERYONE would apply but rarely more than 4/5 would. The game was the main entertainment for the rulers. The rulers were reptilian giants that sat on thrones in the centre of a fort which stretched about 7miles. The guards were reptilian too though much smaller than the ones in charge and wore armour and held weapons. They garded and patrolled the tunnels keeping every slave in check. There were thousands of them at the event.
I can't remember why or how I got into it but I was called next fr the game. I remember making my way through hundreds of thousands of fellow slaves towards the centre of a small island and bowing before the two huge reptiles that say before me. They asked if I wanted to play and how could I refuse? I was here now so might as well give it a go so I said yes. The crowed roared and cheered it was a huge party for everyone and I could maybe have a small chance of freedom (not really knowing what freedom was yet).
The rules of the game was you had to swim once round the small island and still be alive when you get back to the start. Simple? Nothing is ever that simple. I got into the water and swam to the middle of a calm river then heard chains and gates opening and before I knew what wa happening I was frantically swimming away from crocodiles, alligators, any other scally reptiles with huge teeth, muscles of stone, fins, tails, claws, all flashing before my eyes with the splashing of the water and screams from the overwhelming crouds! I made it to the other side of a now gushing river, onto the rocks and saw a few feet away from me a female figure dive into the water and my instinct told me to follow, I took a huge breath and jumped straight in just in time to see her swim into a wall. It was an optical illusion there was no wall it was an effect of the water and rocks around it. I swam into the tunnel and followed her to an opening where there I got a good look at her. I thought she was human like myself, someone who had previously played the game and found away out but she was tall, very tall and slim, and shinney, like silver shinney. It took me a few more seconds for my vision to clear properly and then she spoke saying only " you may not like your new freedom". I can't remember anything after that.

I was wondering if it would be possible to re-enter these dreams as they were continuous ones that picked up where they left off but I could never purposely do this, it just randomly happen.

posted on Jul, 25 2012 @ 07:08 PM
Just reflect upon those dreams as you enter your next sleep – you may pick them up again, or it may take a few goes.

I have restarted dreams from either the beginning or where I have left off – but you can’t force it in any way.

There are a few dreams that I would love to revisit every night, the ‘really sexy outrageous ones’ I can never seem to start again... maybe because I want them too so much


posted on Jul, 25 2012 @ 07:11 PM
Wow! That's so unoriginal. It all sounds like a cheap version of the Hunger Games.

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