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'If' something happens at the Olympics?

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posted on Jul, 25 2012 @ 11:31 AM
We've all seen the numerous predictive programming pieces, which with hindsight is very similar to what happened just before 9/11.

If nothing happens, then we can all breathe a sigh of relief. It all might have been a diversion tactic, or maybe even to boost ratings!

But what if something DOES happen?

Firstly, thousands, if not millions of people have seen the videos that are pointing out something may happen. All those people will strongly feel it is a false flag attack.

So, would there be civil unrest?

Many people who post here just post here, they don't do anything outside of this forum to make more people aware. I for one, am well aware of the ridicule one faces when trying to talk about 'conspiracies', hence I do little bits of research and then post here. Apart from that, that is it, I go to work, see my girlfriend and just go about my life. Deep down I know the truth but pretend to myself it's going to get better.

IF something happens, I fear the first thing I will feel is a sense of guilt for not trying to help. Maybe I could have gone around putting posters up warning people that a false flag could be being staged. I don't even know what one person could do to be honest, alone I wouldn't make much of a difference, and it seems the majority are the same.

IF something happens, what will be next?

How would Americans react, would you take to the streets in protest? What would people in the UK do, would the people continue to sit back whilst thousands, if not millions know the truth? 9/11 seems to be very firmly in the past now, almost like it was from another lifetime. We know of many conspiracies yet our lives in the western world are still too comfortable and easy for us to take action. But if something does happen, how will it change?

I personally feel stuff like the NDAA and news of FEMA camps and the DHS buying millions more rounds of ammuniation to be a sign that there is preparation for civil unrest. Could be related to an Olympic false flag and the subsequent response of the people, or it could just be nothing to worry about

The fact that G4S only announced they had failed to recruit security staff so close to the Olympics also seems suspicious, as it has meant the only alternative is to draft in more Army personnel. It has become a military event even though it is supposed to be a sporting event.

So, IF something happens, will life go on as normal for you?

What will YOU do?

posted on Jul, 25 2012 @ 11:44 AM
Yes, life for me will go on as usual. I have zero interest in the Olympics and the people involved in the games. If something bad happens, too bad for the people and their families, but it has no bearing or affect on my life in any way,shape or form.

posted on Jul, 25 2012 @ 11:50 AM
It would be an incredibly small minority that points out the various warning before-hand. Most American's are completely unfocused on the ramblings of a few youtubers and bloggers. It would come as pure shock and awe to them.

Furthermore, they will believe whatever the television monitor says is responsible. Americans as a general population may be suspicious of their government, but not so much in actuality. They will eat up whatever reports are submitted to mainstream news organizations as pure fact and act based upon that.

I don't think its fair to compare it to 9/11. What happened after 9/11 is people went back, AFTER the event happened to look for anything that might have foreshadowed it.

This is an entirely different affair, as people are very clearly pointing out that something might happen before the event does happen. If it happens now, those of us that know about the predicted outcome will be absolutely furious and angry with our government. Even if it isn't a inside operation it would still be a very clear weakness that was exposed months in advance.

We would be helpless to educate the majority of people, as we will be labeled off as conspiracy nuts and ignored.

For me, personally, it would merely confirm suspicions that I've already had. Those suspicions being that governmental forces act deliberately to engineer events in a way that further pursues their policy interests. This is a safe claim to make, as it doesn't assume that the government itself is carrying out the operation. I view it as akin to purposely opening a weakness in order to fulfill an objective. An example would be how many claim the United States purposely left its fleet in Pearl Harbor open to attack just before the Japanese bombed it to hell and thus provoking the United States to enter the war.

I would continue about my daily business and protect the interest of my family and friends the best that I can.

That is my $0.02

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posted on Jul, 25 2012 @ 11:51 AM
In seriousness, if anything does happen in London for the olympics, whoever did it, would be anihlated within minutes, and possibly London along with it too, because of the amount of weaponary in the area and the innevitable 'communication breakdown' because of security not being fully briefed or something.

Also, due to the amount of diplomats that will be there, and killed from said attack, they would have declared war on every country that had a diplomat there. They would literaly just of declared war on the world.

Me? Well it all depends, im in the midlands of the UK, the forgotten region. I will probly not make any decisions until i know what has happened, and then make my choices from there.

posted on Jul, 25 2012 @ 12:29 PM
reply to post by nuclear12346

Comparing it to 9/11, the point I was making was that we never had the benefit of hindsight to see how manipulated we were before 9/11 happened. Whereas right now, the very same tactics of predictive programming have occured in the run up to the Olympics. Whoever is behind it are running off the same methods.

The difference being, millions are aware of what they are doing. The MSM itself has geared the people to expect something (G4S security issues, thousands of army personnel etc) to happen.

posted on Jul, 25 2012 @ 01:20 PM
If a false flag warning were to be announced to the public outside of conspiracy sites so the masses would look for it, TPTB would simply cancel it or postpone it in order to discredit conspiracy theorist all the more than we already are. I fear the only way is to wait for it to happen and hit the mainstream with it after the fact with all the evidence gathered prior. This could mean a large loss of life and that is beyond unfortunate but really, if a conspiracy is brought to light the string pullers simply redirect to discredit us further.

posted on Jul, 25 2012 @ 01:27 PM
Why would something happen during this Olympics and not during the earlier ones? What's so special about this particular one?

posted on Jul, 31 2012 @ 07:02 AM

Originally posted by reppie
Why would something happen during this Olympics and not during the earlier ones? What's so special about this particular one?

This is the "XXX" olympics.

It's the year 2012.

The stars are aligned in a certain, unique way.

Why did 9/11 happen when it did, and not during earlier autumns? Why did it happen to WTC towers, and not just any skyscrapers? What's so special about WTC, New York, 11th of September?

Just look at all the symbolism that exists in this year's olympics that never existed in the earlier ones. There seems to be a whole LOT "so special" about this particular one.

It's the exact time when they "need" another major crisis/catastrophy/calamity, that will give them more 'power' and excuses to advance their agenda to it's full fruition. The olympics is the perfect situation and place.

Furthermore, watch some Rik Clay-stuff, and you will realize how it's like every damn thing has been planned for this to be something "so special" - if you just look at the map of the area, the names of the streets, everything.. there's so much detail in making this 'so special' that it would probably take a whole book's worth of text to thoroughly explain it to you.

There are other reasons too, but I am tired and can't be arsed right now..

The question is, if nothing happens at the olympics, what will TPTB do? I mean.. we know they were behind the 9/11, and the bankers' evil plan to enslave the humanity is succeeding anyway so well (with people not even knowing about 'strawman'/'person'), we can only expect something pretty horrendous.

Though I can't imagine anything more horrendous than an eternity of THIS... I mean, what we have right now.. I don't think my psyche could handle many more years of this 5hit. I mean, look at the world - EVERYTHING is about as wrong as it possibly can be. The mere EXISTENCE of garbage dumps is a symptom of a very serious illness - they shouldn't exist, everything should be recyclable, and go back to nature, so everything is sustainable...

Can you honestly look at the world and say you will be relieved if 'nothing happens at the olympics'? That you will be relieved that you have to live in such a world.. where pollution, war, child-labour and starvation to death are the norms, and no rich individual lifts a finger to cure the situation (oh sure, they will make a donation to red cross or something every now and then to keep their 'appearance' and buy a good 'reputation').

Everything is packed in plastic that doesn't decompose (often multiple times). Unhealthy foods are sold by the truckloads every day. People smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol and coffee, although the human body suffers from those things. People buy unnecessary trinkets, pollute the air with their cars and airplanes without caring about the big picture. They buy Nike's shoes, without caring about the child labour with second-(not minute)-schedule. They celebrate christmas by consuming like a wild herd of materialistic apes, they celebrate the new year by exploding a vast amount of 'fireworks', put together by starving, exploited children in third world countries (in dangerous working conditions). A hundred thousand people die every day of starvation - while people use the word to mean 'slightly hungry' in the first world.

The legal system comes up with hundreds of new 'acts' and 'statutes' every year, that everyone (who has consented to it) is supposed to obey. Not many even know 1% of all acts and statutes, although they are supposed to have consented to be governed by them!

TPTB are evil, ruthless, cruel bastards, whose lust for power doesn't know any bounds - the celebrities among presidents and ministers go to Bohemian Grove every year to worship a statue of Moloch and to sacrifice child effigies to it.

Schools dumb down kids, so that they will be better corporate slaves. Corporations rule everything, from food to medicine, from health services to clothing and shelter. The unemployed have been created so that the system could whip the workers more efficiently - they are scared out of their wits to become one of the unemployed.

Psychiatry has been created to take care of the more intelligent, thinking and researching people - among some real loonies, it can categorize ANYONE being "insane" (just read the DSM-IV and see for yourself) - for example, if you are too happy or too sad, or too 'in the middle'.. or if you are interested in certain topics, you are immediately a "schizoid" (one of these topics is 'new age' - so I guess the whole 'power elite' is schizoid).

People are in constant hurry and rush, no matter whether they are on their way to 'a job', or spending a holiday. Most people are stressed and not happy. They don't know how to relax anymore.

(I have more points, but no more characters left..)

I ask you - is this really a world that you find to be a RELIEF to keep living in..? I'd rather be taken out by a nuke.

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posted on Jul, 31 2012 @ 07:14 AM
reply to post by Wonderer2012

I'm pretty sure there will be no attack at the London Olympics because the human sacrifices were already made at the Colorado shooting.

By saying that; IF something does happen you can bet your bottom dollar it will no doubt be a false flag attack just as it was on 7/7 in London and 9/11. People are not stupid anymore.

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