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Titanic NEVER actually sunk................

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posted on Feb, 12 2013 @ 12:06 AM
Also the word unsinkable was a misquote,during an interview with the press the ships designer Thomas Andrews said that the watertight compartments made her virtually unsinkable.

Nobody involved with ships and the sea would claim that a ship is genuinely unsinkable as any such a vessel is an impossibility.

Interestingly enough two other ships claimed to practically unsinkable were Bismarck and Yamato.

An unsinkable ship is a fantasty and those that build and sail ships are all to aware of that,journalists though have no reservations about making such claims.

As for ice,put it like this what happens in an engine if there's no antifreeze in your coolant when the temperature drops below freezing.The water turns to ice and ice expands with enough force to crack a cast iron block or burst the water pipes in your house.

Now a massive iceberg of many 1000's of tons floating in sub zero waters won't flex or compress when struck.Imagine the momentum of the ship when it hit that sheer solid mass of the iceberg,remember the water temperature was below zero making the iron more brittle.

As for it breaking in two no ship was designed to cope with the kind of forces involved with lifting it's whole rear section out of the water,especially one that long as the keel,the backbone of the ship wasnt designed to support almost half it's mass freely suspended.Remember a ship is designed to sit in the water where the water actually supports the ships weight.

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