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Foul, Gas-Like Odor Rolls in Off the Ocean in Southern CA - July 25, 2012

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posted on Jul, 25 2012 @ 06:41 PM
reply to post by ThinkingCap

Well, at least the media reports on these things... although apparently when big business and government keep them out of the loop, they can do little more than interview helpful but just as clueless witnesses.
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posted on Jul, 25 2012 @ 07:30 PM
Most likely hydrogen sulfide. This gas smells like rotten eggs and occurs in sewers and confined spaces where waste is becoming anerobic. Possibly a large algae die off rotting off shore?

posted on Jul, 25 2012 @ 07:41 PM
reply to post by ThinkingCap

Was this last night ? Because I smelled the same thing when I left work last night to the point where I said "God why does it stink so bad" Here's the thing.

I live in the Upper Mid West.

I have smelled odors from factories before so it wasn't that. It was different and very foul.

posted on Jul, 25 2012 @ 08:48 PM

Originally posted by defcon5
Living near the Gulf, I'd have to agree that this is a natural occurrence. Most likely from an algae bloom, or something like “red tide”. I think that the lady’s car is an separate issue, or everyone would have had the same problem. Possibly something that she drove through, or splashed unnoticed on her car while she was driving.

C'mon, mass hysteria isn't documented, is it?

posted on Jul, 25 2012 @ 08:49 PM

Originally posted by pasiphae
first.... if it was a natural occurrence why didn't they just say "due to algal blooms" or "due to decaying kelp"???? why were they so vague??

red tide ALWAYS comes with a warning. it doesn't just happen out of nowhere and warnings are issued to stay off the beach. i've been near the beach during red tide and didn't smell much. it did make me cough but there wasn't an overwhelming smell of "gas".

something is odd about this story.

edit to add: you don't go from smelling nothing to being overwhelmed in 10 minutes INSIDE a building due to normal occurrences.
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I suspect why algal blooms were not mentioned in the reports are that many algal blooms can be toxic, what would the economic impact be to California's tourism industry (in Summer too) if there was media hysteria about toxic algae on CA beaches?. Keep it quiet and keep them from vacationing in Florida, perhaps?

Red tide is only one type of algal bloom, we have a blue-green algae issue in our local waterway and it has a distinct smell that could be described as a "gas" smell.

But what I firstr thought was that it came from some of those deep ocean trenches off the Cali coast...

posted on Jul, 25 2012 @ 10:36 PM
Something similar to this happened in San Diego in late 2011.

posted on Jul, 25 2012 @ 10:58 PM
Fuel dump from airliner? Burn off from oil rigs? Or...

Pollution from Asia

This is not a gaseous smelling link. Just a study by Lawrence Livermore labs at Berkley about pollution in general from Asia that reaches the US west coast.

It’s well known that particles and other aerosols cover long distances through the Earth’s atmosphere. But the details of this transport, such as that of the lead particles’ 7,000-mile journey from the smokestacks of China to the west coast of North America, are largely unknown. That could change.

As well as other studies about it...

posted on Jul, 25 2012 @ 11:35 PM
It was almost this time of year last year that we had a similar incedent with a stong petroleum type smell in the area. here is a thread from last year.

Foul odor San Diego

posted on Jul, 26 2012 @ 12:12 AM
Could it have something to do with this? 1.10.1343279195&__utmc=14933801&__utmx=-&__utmz=14933801.1342406932.1.1.utmcsr=%28direct%29|utmccn=%28direct%29|utmcmd=%28none%29&__utmv=14933801.|8=E arned%20By=msnbc|cover=1^12=Landing%20Content=Mixed=1^^30=Visit%20Type%20to%20Content=Earned%20to%20Mixed=1&__u tmk=78355860#.UBDQoaNyuuR

Weird 'methane seep' found off San Diego coast
Mound is height of two-story building and size of a city block

While mapping the seafloor off San Diego, researchers found something odd: a seafloor mound about the height of a two-story building and the size of a city block.

Further investigation found evidence the formation was caused by methane leaking out of the seafloor, which would make it the first so-called "methane seep" in San Diego County, the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego announced Wednesday.....

The scientists found the site 20 miles west of Del Mar, Calif. It's centered on a fault zone known as the San Diego Trough Fault zone. Methane, or natural gas, exists in the Earth's crust under the seafloor along many of the world's continental margins. Faults can provide a pathway for methane to "seep" upward toward the seafloor.

posted on Jul, 26 2012 @ 12:22 AM
reply to post by cartenz

i like how you repeated my typo more than once.

you have a good point. when i lived near the ocean there were notices posted about the red tide when it happened.... telling people to stay away from the beach and do NOT swim. however, i didn't live near a high volume tourist area.

posted on Jul, 26 2012 @ 11:44 AM

It's hilarious, that no one has been able to come to a conclusion yet.

Conjecture is not a conclusion.
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posted on Jul, 26 2012 @ 02:48 PM
reply to post by ThinkingCap

I've smelled that once before. It's not even rare I don't think. Of course the paranoids will make a conspiracy out of it.

posted on Jul, 26 2012 @ 03:12 PM
Being how it seems the majority of complaints came from an enclosed space (library)?, I wonder the possibility of said substance originating there? Can one see the water from inside the library-Westerly winds-few if any beach-side complaints?

Red-tides are common to those who are already familiar with stinking air. A good red-tide is pretty unmistakable, IMHO.

Funky, toxic smells originating in old buildings like libraries and schools...interesting read if anything?

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posted on Jul, 26 2012 @ 04:48 PM
My Mom, children and I were out and about at this time...yesterday! (Not Tuesday) Only we were not on the coast, we were in Escondido, shopping. We got out of the car to go into a store and all of us were hit with a nasty gassy odor. It was very strong!
A little while earlier, in Target, I commented to my daughter that it smelled like someone had let a BIG one up near the checkouts at the front of the store. Now I am starting to wonder if it was related.

Right now, I am right along the coast in La Jolla (my house is uphill but about half a mile from the beach as the crow flies) and I have been smelling a nasty, gassy odor again. My mom texted me about this thread so I had to come check it out, and at the same time decided to just check the catpot just in case. It is all clear, and the smell is definitely coming from outside. Also, since last night, the water in the faucet smells sulfury!
I wonder if I should be worried here.

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posted on Jul, 27 2012 @ 02:33 PM
reply to post by Blaine91555

Quit huffing petroleum? What else do you want me to say?

posted on Jan, 5 2016 @ 05:29 PM
this is a newer gas leak from a dedicated underground storage area...

here's the poop

Doctors: “Very unusual” infections being reported around massive gas blowout in LA… “If you’re able to leave do it now, I’m telling you it’s really critical” — Official: Toxic plume is spreading far away, it’s a national disaster fficial-plume-spreading-away-national-disaster-tv-living-scienc?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+ENENews+%28Energy+News%29

I suspect the multi billions of cu ft of gas pumped into the strata are home to microbes that result in creating Abiotic oil deep in the Earth crust... but this huge gas escaping event has the toxic microbes usually deep in the Earth being released... that's just my opinion--- lets see if the scientists tell all or just cover-up the news


other info sources: CBS
About 42 kilometres from Los Angeles, above the houses nestled in the mountains of Porter Ranch, Calif., a plume of methane is shooting into the sky. The cloud is invisible but it stretches for kilometres, as though a forest fire has been continually burning for months. All of this is emanating from a tiny pipe about 20 centimetres wide, more than a kilometre underground.
"The amount of methane and natural gas that's coming out of the Aliso Canyon Facility really is probably one of the largest volumes of gas ever recorded from a single leak," says Tim O'Connor, an oil and gas specialist with the non-profit Environmental Defense Fund (EDF).
SoCalGas spokesman Mike Mizrahi says the company 'has observed all of the safety protocols.' (Kim Brunhuber/CBC)
The Aliso Canyon Natural Gas Storage Facility, owned by SoCalGas, is the fifth biggest of its kind in U.S. But in late October, the company realized one of its wells was leaking. At first the company tried to close the leak using the conventional method of pouring fluids and mud down the well.

didn't see a specific thread so added it on this one.....

posted on Jan, 6 2016 @ 10:41 AM
a reply to: St Udio

holy cow

well, at least one ATS reader/poster read the link & post I made yesterday


here is more--- just in case there is no new thread on the topic...

the headline is:
Unprecedented Catastrophe Underway Near Los Angeles, California -

Why Haven't We Heard About This From The Mainstream Media?

" over at ENENews tells us about the largest gas leak ever recorded, equivalent to the strength of a volcanic eruption, and according to one expert, "It's so far above and beyond what I've ever seen." Telling us that what we're now watching unfolding in Los Angeles (with barely a peep from the mainstream media!!!) is 'potentially devastating on a planetary scale', we're also told we're watching a disaster unfolding in slow motion that may take up to 4 months or more to stop and is leaving thousands of Californians suffering nosebleeds and vomiting according to this story.

Being called the biggest environmental disaster since the 2010 BP oil spill, activist Erin Brockovich joins Democracy Now in the 2nd video below to talk about this unbelievable mess that has left one California city a 'ghost town' as shared in the 3rd video below while in the 1st video below, we hear the warning from a medical doctor, "if you're in the area, get out now!"

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posted on Jan, 6 2016 @ 11:47 AM
a reply to: St Udio
I can understand how it would be unpleasent for people close to the leak, but would it be potentially devastating on a planetary scale? I don't think so. From the articles I've read they seem to be very worried about the amount of methane emitted, but it isn't that much. So far, the leak has only emitted around 150 million pounds of methane.

posted on Jan, 6 2016 @ 11:48 AM
a reply to: St Udio

Not arguing, and id like to hear more accounts cause my sister in law is kind of a lil brat, still I love her and shes pretty smart and an awesome person, so I trust her opinion.

After reading about the leak this morning I had my wife contact her family near LA.

I changed the names but here is their conversation for what it's worth. Possibly this is being exaggerated?

Bryan was at the lease when that happened. He's there right now. ... It's natural gas and has no side effects everyone's stupid
9 minutes ago · Sent from Messenger

Really? No nose bleeds ?
8 minutes ago

They're trying to get it under control but they're having a hard time finding the 7 inch leak. The well was made in 1940s and that where so cal gas stored the natural gas over the years and they had a blow out which is normal but this won was huge and are having hard time getting it under control. But they're already close Bryan's there right now cementing pipe in.
7 minutes ago · Sent from Messenger

No no nose bleeds ! Bryan's been on the lease working on the rig with so cal gas moving all there supplies and if anyone should have side effects it would be Bryan and there crew because they're there allllll day and night
Everyone's dramatic
6 minutes ago · Sent from Messenger

Mama shred
Well that's good! Ill tell mike he was concerned about u guys
5 minutes ago

He's been there for the past two months. Tell mike he'd be interested. It's all a news story for no reason......
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posted on Jan, 6 2016 @ 11:51 AM
This is devastating.

The slow-motion disaster is reminiscent of BP’s efforts to seal a ruptured well that toppled the company’s enormous Deepwater Horizon drilling rig and killed 11 workers in 2010. It took the company many attempts over nearly three months to control the oil gusher as the public helplessly watched footage of a dark plume spreading through the Gulf of Mexico.


I agree that this should be covered by MSM, but it does not appear to be on any of the news wires.


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