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Homosexuality and YOU.

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posted on Jul, 27 2012 @ 11:52 AM
reply to post by AlreadyGone

Absolutely fantastic for you, enjoy your sexuality!

If I get the metaphor correct on your birth-control method however, then I can only hope it works for you, also to prevent STDs.

Both religious and secular views have been voiced on the thread so far, but from a religious point of view that method of "birth control" is coitus interruptus, or the sin of Onan, for which God struck him dead immediately (Genesis 38: 9-10).

But you never claimed to be religious, so I'll leave that to the homophobes who try to twist the story of Sodom with its intended rape, Lot's incest, the petrifaction of Mrs Lot and misogyny as a supposed "moral lesson" on modern gay people. How laughable, considering that the "daughters of Lot" are ultimately blamed in Ezekial 16:48-50, and the lack of charity.

They clearly watch too much TV and don't read the Bible.

But I'm glad you're proud and happy being yourself as a straight man, and that is all that matters.
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posted on Jul, 27 2012 @ 01:01 PM
reply to post by mideast

Hi Mideast,

I read your posts, and I don't agree with your interpretation of Genesis 19 as having a clear anti-gay message at all (see above post).

Your other posts also talk about TV and entertainment (at the time of Lot?), and I see some quotation marks and the exact same quote elsewhere on ATS, so I hope it's not plagiarized.

You don't come out as strongly homophobic, or as proposing willful human hurt on gay people, so I respect your personal views (which at least propose waiting for the return of an unloving, vengeful God to deal with people attracted to the same sex).

I'd say they are very incorrect however, especially with a comparison to food.
Eating is a necessity and drive - within means - and so is sexuality.
Only somebody who carefully measures every calorie to a painstaking amount of bland, uncooked food can say they only eat for survival.
Everybody else also eats for pleasure, and Mideast culture has some of the most enjoyable spices and best cooking!
I just find that a particularly bad example, that's also downright hypocritical, especially on why gay people should be oppressed or feel bad.

You probably won't agree with me on anything, but that's OK.
Some would say religion is the biggest entertainment industry on the planet, and people would be surprised at who that showbiz benefits.

I'd just like to add that there are other views, also in Islam.
One could have responded in an Islamophobic way (attacking the founder of the faith and his sexual activities, as Christians often do), but that's not helpful.
But there are other views.
I think for example of Iman Muhsin Hendricks and the Inner Circle:

In SA gay activists like Zackie Achmat continue to fight for the Palestinian people, although I sometimes feel it's like turkeys supporting Christmas.
Such activists have long records of fighting apartheid, institutionalized homophobia and for the rights of HIV-positive people.
Their voices do matter.
However, I'm not convinced gay people will benefit from Mideast "justice" or integration, and posts like yours enhance my suspicions.
I'd like to support human rights for all, but I get a constant sensation that gay rights will not be human rights in the Islamic Mideast.
By "gay rights" I mean simply tolerance and privacy for choices between adults, and not necessarily marriage or Western-style visibility.

Interesting interview from Democracy Now on the Parvez Sharma documentary: A Jihad for Love: Gay Muslims fight for rights, part 1/3 on Youtube:

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