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A letter from learners in Matatiele, EC

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posted on Jul, 24 2012 @ 01:08 PM
I just received this story via twitter, and have to share with everyone.

Nicholas Dawes @NicDawes RT @agirliesgirl "Please find this in your hearts to help us" - A letter from learners in Matatiele, EC

The conspiracy is that the minister of education was defended by the president Jacob Zuma on live Radio 702 yesterday morning:

Claiming to be an open book, Zuma took questions from the public as the Limpopo textbook debacle dominated most of the interview.
Blaming Motshekga for thousands of Limpopo pupil being unable to study was counterproductive, he said. “We don’t know who is responsible,” said Zuma, conceding that it was Motshekga’s job to find out. He denied one caller’s suggestion that politics had been placed ahead of education by the government, saying that policies had been and would continue to be implemented to correct such mishaps from recurring.

Which brings me to the letter from "Learner in Matatiele" in the Eastern Cape province. I will reprint in full as presented, as it includes backstory on how this letter came to light.

In early June Equal Education received a call out of the blue from learners at Moshesh Senior School in Matatiele, Eastern Cape. The learner was looking for an official from the Department of Basic Education, and was somehow directed to EE’s Joey Hasson. After the conversation, Joey asked them to record the situation they face at their school and send this information to us. The letter we received is a clear example of the need for EE’s work, the importance of EE’s Minimum Norms and Standards court case, and the need to build the capacity of students to organise locally. The school is located in Queen’s Mercy in the Eastern Cape, close Lesotho. The nearest town, where the district office is located, is Matatiele about 30kms away. EE has been supporting the learners and providing advice on how they can organise to take action against the terrible circumstances in their school. We have helped them draft a letter of grievances which they will be handing to the Department, along with protest action to draw attention to their conditions. Our hearts go out to the learners of Moshesh and their plea for help. We will continue to support and engage with this mobilised student body and assess how we can assist. If you are working at an NGO or in education in or around this area in the Eastern Cape and are able to assist in some way, please contact us at Kathryn[at] or 021 387 0022.

Dear Sir, We write this letter asking for help from you. We have big problems in our school and this lead us to fail, and it also destroy our lives and future under general. Coming to school where there are no teachers and those who are here they are not willing to teach us or help us to achieve our goals. It’s been a while this is happening. And what is more painful is that in this school we all need help and our teacher most of them do not care because they have no children in this school. This is very breaking our hearts. It’s even hard to get English teacher because she is still getting paid even if she is not doing her work. It’s been five years getting paid without working. And the Department has proved the Agriculture project to help but it has made things more worse. No teachers for that we have to pay, no fence. Those pigs are just running away and materials of school are not safe at all. We even have Grade 12 learners who live inside the school in the school compound. They have no one to look after them. This school is such a big school and it has helped many children who do not afford to go somewhere else, but we don’t have enough teachers, we only have eleven of them and eight classes and per class we do seven subjects and principal says we only have to have 18 teachers. And principal was absent from school on the past few months because of the bad management we had and this has affected us too much. Animals are all over the school going around. So we’ll be very happy if you would come and change our lives because this is hard for us, we’ll be nothing without your help you are the only hope we have. SO please find this in your hearts to help us. We need you please. We’ll appreciate you if you can offer to help us before school closed.

There is no shortage of money. It is corruption, fraud, crime and apathy that creates this, nothing else.
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posted on Aug, 3 2012 @ 02:13 AM
Mail & Guardian

Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga is set to argue in court that children do not have an unqualified constitutional right to basic education.

So 18 years after the ANC took power over a fully functional economy, with the "best" constitution in the world, a senior anc member and minister of education is going to argue AGAINST the constitutional right to basic education.

This is sick on so many levels. The same organisation, the anc, is fuelling violence in the western cape and threatening to make in ungovernable.

The anc is a curse upon the land. Long overdue for the lot of them to be put back into prison.

posted on Aug, 3 2012 @ 02:36 AM
Absolutely horrendous.

I hope that all the misguided and dumb liberals in the world who pushed the ANC onto this country from the late 1970s will be reincarnated into living under them, and having their kids living under them too.
What were those useful idiots and Marxists thinking?

Imagine - little kids in school with no textbooks!
The money for the books has been spent, yet people found the books dumped under bridges, and in rubbish-heaps.

If this happened under apartheid the world's liberals would explode in protest.

But if blacks make blacks suffer - who cares?

What a twisted, racist world we live in.

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