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Author Orson Scott Card's 1987 Prediction for 2012: Worldwide Economic Collapse and New World Order

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posted on Jul, 24 2012 @ 12:40 AM
Though the author’s predictions have not come to pass with complete accuracy, it is still a very bold and amazing forecast. There’s seems to be quite some detail in this prediction. For example the destruction of the illusion of Islam - we see a lot of sectarian conflict across Islamic ethnicities today. The fall of America as a dominant world leader – a very bold claim given the timing of the prediction yet would seem to be some truth to it given the emergence of the BRIC countries economically and militarily. Though he sees the struggle between aristocracy and proletariat in Latin America, it is a struggle that has emerged somewhat in a number of countries. A new world order emerging from.... social dislocations, seems like the stuff we are seeing today. Read and judge for yourselves...

Worldwide Economic Collapse: Orson Scott Card’s Predictions for 2012

We must count ourselves lucky if anyone has leisure enough in 2012 to open this time capsule and care what is inside. In 2012 Americans will see the collapse of Imperial America, the Pan Americana, as having ended with our loss of national will and national selflessness in the 1970s.

Worldwide economic collapse will have cost America its dominant world role; but it will not result in Russian hegemony; their enemy is too dependent on the world economy to maintain an irresistible military force. A new world order will emerge from famine, disease, and social dislocations. The re-tribalization of Africa, the destruction of the illusion of Islamic unity, the struggle between aristocracy and proletariat in Latin America — without the financial support of the industrialized nations, the old order will be gone.

The changes will be great as those emerging from the fall of Rome, with new power centers emerging wherever stability and security are established. The homogeneity of Israel will probably allow it to survive; Mexico and Japan may change rulers, but they will still be strong. If America is to recover, we must stop pretending to be what we were in 1950, and reorder our values away from pursuit of privilege.


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