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Do you want to play thermo-nuclear war?

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posted on Apr, 25 2003 @ 12:42 PM

Do you want to play Thermo-Nuclear War?

Is the Bush Admin posing a Texas sized bluff posing their "Do you want to play Global Thermo-Nuclear War" Game Scenario on on North Korea?

Like the '83 "War Games" movie with Matthew Broderick and Alley Sheedy, the Bush GOP Admin has been threatening the North Korean Kim Jong Il's regime with its version of a "Do you want to play Global Thermo-Nuclear War?" Game Scenario" This Game Scenario is not a rhetorical question. During ``the cold war, the U.S. government employed experts in game theory to analyze strategies of nuclear deterrence. Men with Ph.D.'s in economics, like Daniel Ellsberg, wrote background papers with titles like "The Theory and Practice of Blackmail." The main conclusion of these analyzed strategies in "game theory" for nuclear deterence was simple: Deterrence requires a credible commitment to punish bad behavior and reward good behavior.

The GOP supreme court appointed Bush administration's foreign policy toward Korea has systematically violated that simple principle. We all know the North Korea's rulers are as nasty as they come; the people are starving, the system is economically bankrupt, and we are told multitudes of North Koreans suffer under the Kim Jong Il regime. But yet again, just as the Bush Admin invaded Iraq to overthrow that regime initially based solely on a still invisible WMD threat regurgitated now as cramming democracy down the Iraqi throat, North Korea has been repeatedly threatened by the Bush Admin because they too have WMD. Far more powerful ones they just confirmed in nuclear capabilities.

In this never ending 'with us or against us' false dilemma presenting the world with a pre-emptive strike doctrine placing the US right next to the "evil axis" in rogue status, if King George's opinion of you is one of "evil" or thinks you're a 'bad guy' running a nation, you better capitulate. Or you can expect his verbal threats and name calling to turn into some bunker busting bombs from the US military dominated and ruled sky above your sovereign country.

Imagine if you will, you're suddenly the leader of a 3rd world country. The appointed King George Bush of the United States breaks off all negotiations with you as soon as he "took" his office by a coup d'etat with his faction of the GOP, relatives, friends in the CIA and a supreme court with "conflicting interests" all helped him to do in overthrowing the US govt. Then in a false analogy comparing your country and regime to be akin to Italy, Germany and Japan during WW II, this King of the US declares you a part of his "evil axis" along with Iraq and Iran because some Muslim Terrorists, all dead, ran a few jets into the symbol of their economic wealth you can only dream about for your people.

The Bush administration has denounced you fully as a leader, yet the child within this man claiming to be "born again" at 40, goes even further by ridiculing you publicly in front of the entire world as a "pygmy." Then comparing you to "a spoiled child at a dinner table" summing his feeling up by saying "I loathe Kim Jong Il."

Now as the leader of this economically troubled 3rd world country at the point of financial desperation, you know you have to take this King Clown and Chief Joker appointed to his office in the US seriously. That new doctrine of pre-emptive strike posed in a False Dilemma against the world from this King George in his "your with us or against us" speech means the U.S. will attack countries it thinks might support terrorism, and it has already done so twice!

You know this King doesn't like you at all since he publicly announces to the world "I loathe" you. You now are very sure this makes you and your country a potential target, no matter what you do. On the other hand, King George hasn't gone after you yet, even though for all intensive purposes, you just admitted to having nuclear weapons presenting a far greater threat than Iraq to this wannabe World Dictator. You even feel a need to test them now, not in attack against any country, but just test one as the US military tested hundreds in the Nevada desert for decades .

You're asking yourself what's holding this appointed King, presenting himself as the 21st century Hitler revisited with his GOP Nazi Gestapo US govt admin as the world's dictators, from making you the next country and target to invade and overthrow on the premise of this pre-emptive strike doctrine? You know Saddam Hussein was no more a supporter of terrorism than you are. You know as some of this King's own citizenry do and the rest of the world's leader do, that they haven't produced a shred of evidence of a Saddam-Al Qaeda connection. You also realize that of the three members of the axis of evil, Iraq has by far the weakest military. Yet you've enough conventional weapons aimed at South Korea that might make them think twice about invading or even sending one of those new satellite guided nuclear bunker buster bombs down your own bunkers of plutonium production causing immense wide scale collateral damage.

So this King and his US GOP Gestapo Government all say your Evil. The King representative of this world's only superpower now turned rogue nation publicly calls you a pygmy and says he loathes you. The superpower lofting its pre-emptive strike sentence over you threatening the lives of millions of your citizens won't offer you aid if you eliminate your nuclear program, because to them, that would be rewarding evil. This appointed King George won't even promise not to attack you, because he and his appointed administration believes it has a mission to destroy evil regimes, whether or not any real threat is posed to them in the US. For all intensive purposes, it seems very obvious to you in this 3rd world country, this King George and his Gestapo administration seems willing only to confront and attack regimes that are militarily weak. It all reminds you of being the smallest child back in the schoolyard with the biggest schoolyard bully intimidating you and the other smaller kids that can't defend themselves just so they can steal your lunch money.

The most ironic reality about all this, is that this US govt and its crazed King George Clown, (click on) IS BACK IN THE "NUCULAR" BOMB MAKING BUSINESS!after 14 years under this King George posing himself as dictator of the world.

All while threatening to "literally" "take you out" with its own new nuclear bunker buster bombs developed because you have some very limited nuclear capabilities that are the only answer in even providing some line of defence against this rogue US nation engaging its pre emptive strike doctrine using the world's most powerful non nuclear high tech weapons.

He must mean business to be producing more nuclear weapons for the first time in 14 years with the Cold War over now replaced by this more dangerous war on terror and its pre-emptive strike doctrine. All from the world's only superpower with already enough nuclear capabilities stockpiled to destroy the world 100 times over and exponentially as many as any other nations on earth combined. What else can you do when a crazed tryrannical, totalitarian King, who overthrew his own country's government, acts like he's the Dictator of the entire world, now is repeatedly posing direct statements and questions in actions to you that only say "Do you want to play Global Thermo-Nuclear War?" What else can you do when his Texas poker faced smug smirk keeps threatening to overthrow your country's government but call his bluff with "go ahead and do something about it" in hopes he's only pulling a giant sized Texas bluff on you and your 3rd world country?

All literary rights reserved by the writer, Justin Sane
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posted on Apr, 25 2003 @ 12:59 PM
Hows about just a quick game of plain old nuclear war? I can't afford thermo-nukes. It runs up my health insurance.


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