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Mofaz hints at Netanyahu plan to attack Iran

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posted on Jul, 25 2012 @ 01:02 AM

Everything you said is null when the US is involved. They have the logistics in the area to have non stop air attacks, with cruise missiles and MIRV's from the subs behind them, for days on end (which is all it would take).

US would take base losses in the area, from Iranian missiles no doubt.

Iraq + Iran fought for a full decade and ended in a stalemate with heavy loses; US took down the Iraqi army and infrastructure in 2 weeks.
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I am sorry to say, but My late grandmother could have taken out Iraq with her shopping bag and trolly, after years and years of sanctions, Iraq was left nothing more than a toothless tiger, the media portrayed them as a formidable enemy only for propaganda purposes to make the US feel even more superior, remember that the US supported Iraq and Iran, big difference is that Iran didnt become close freinds like Suddam did.
what happens when a country hasn't been hit with sanctions for years is what you got in Vietnam, a stalemate.
The US is trying to use the sanction card against Iran, but this time it isn't working, Iran also has something that Iraq didn't have, Russia and China willing to help but leaving enough distance to claim Plausible deniability.

as powerful as the US is, the logistics of waging a war against Iran is hard remembering that nearly every supply line would need to travel through enemy or hostile regions from Pakistan to Afghanistan and possibly Turkey who is a very unpredictable ally and Iraq which would possibly turn when push comes to shove.
Also remember that any attack on Iran means that Israel becomes the focal point which will need attending to.

So please be aware that this would not just be an isolated fast war, but a larger more deadly war that no one will win except the money people.

posted on Jul, 25 2012 @ 03:52 AM

Originally posted by CALGARIAN

More and more evidence that they will, but chances are not until after the US elections. If Obama wins, he may have more leiency because he won't be up for re-election again or if Romney wins, he will most certainly hand over his military for use.

Side-Questions, do you think the Iraqi Army would help Israel/US if the Greenzone Embassy and other sites in the country get attacked? I mean, US did liberate/equip/train them.
(visit the link for the full news article)

I personally feel that most of the countries in that region would make decisions kind of like they were on the TV show Survivor. It seems they would team up to eliminate a common enemy, only to turn on one another after that enemy has been removed as a threat. Other countries, including the USA, have done this throughout history, and I think it is definitely possible...

posted on Jul, 25 2012 @ 10:33 AM
reply to post by majesticgent

That's a cool story, bro.

Just a few things;

Egypt wouldn't attack Israel unless provoked (Egypt makes some pretty pennies from selling Israel gas) and would most likely back the attacks on Iran with political, economic support.

Iraq would become embroiled in civil war with anti-US sentiment coupled with anti-Iranian sentiment. Both sides would be propped and armed by Iran/USA.

The EU would send battle groups to fight Iran and Syria which would lead to riots on the streets at home.

Israel would need to utilize their entire air force to knock Iran out and keep themselves safe in the weeks that follow. Iran isn't going to sit back, it is going to send it's own strike groups coupled with long range missiles.

Syria wouldn't be able to do much on the ground because of the civil war but they could launch their chemical weapons and scuds into Israel/Turkey and cause some pain while Iran's ground forces begin a campaign of aggression against Turkey's land forces and US forces in Iraq.

Russia would arm Iran and make some power plays by beefing up their military strength in the region and neutralizing the ABM shield in Eastern Europe while China flexes its own muscle and draws US forces away from the Middle East, weakening the Western strike capabilities.

Libya's civil war (which is still on going) will kick off again with Gaddafi supporters and tribal mercenaries squaring off against each other and the NTC with the possibility of spilling into neighboring nations.

The Kurds would begin a bombing campaign in order to seize a homeland in Syria, Iraq, Turkey and Iran which would draw resources from all aforementioned and would give the US a regional ally (they sacrifice parts of Turkey to gather another puppet regime).

Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Yemen, Jordan and Bahrain would be embroiled in missile war against Iran and whatever uprisings may occur (accentuated by Iranian support) and would end up being caught in the midst of a storm.

Somalian pirates would start attacking vessels with anonymity because US attention would shift to Iran.

Israel starts to become over run by the constant Iranian, Syrian, Hezbollah and Hamas missile strikes and as a last ditch attempt to save themselves send a nuclear war head into Damascus and Tehran which is met with fury and hatred from the survivors and quickly turns all the middle eastern nations against Israel.

Pretty soon Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Libya, Pakistan, Russia, Iraq and Jordan all descend on Israel with intense missile strikes.

Israel recognizes it is going to fall and the US utilizes its entire arsenal to crush the Arab League and it's allies.

Pakistan, after losing thousands to radiation poisoning, decides to nuke Tel Aviv and the US retaliates by bombing Pakistan. China joins the war after Pakistan calls for help and they Pakistani-Sino forces massacre their way through India and whatever US forces they can find.

Japan and Taiwan, with S. Korean support begin attacking mainland China and are met with Russian-Chinese forces. The resultant war leaves both sides weakened but China and Russia still hold the advantage.

N and S Korea resume fighting and begin to butcher each other, the US bombs the North and China retaliates by sending missiles against S. Korean and American forces. Another front opens up with both sides taking heavy casualties.

Australia and NZ bulk up their own forces and prepare for any aggression from China while allowing US ships to dock in their ports which makes them a target.

The European Union then attacks Russia in an effort to alleviate Japan but are met with Russian missile defense systems and are kicked back, bloodied and battered. Russia then steamrolls over Europe and becomes active in the Mid Eastern front by crushing Turkey and Israel while sending hardware to Iran and to prop up Syria.

America over extends itself by fighting in Europe, Asia, Mid East and Oceania before the S. American countries rise up against them and remove whatever US forces are present.

Cuba and Mexico sign an alliance and prepare to counter any US strikes against them.

After Moscow is nuked, all major European cities are razed to the ground and left in pieces.

Peace talks are set up and the war ends.

China, after taking tens of millions of casualties, is now the dominant power in the region and controls huge swathes of India and Mongolia with Pakistan seizing land in India.
Iran, Syria, Israel, Turkey, Arabia, Egypt, Libya, Somalia, Kuwait, Jordan are all left broken.
Bahrain is returned to Iranian control while Arabia takes control of the UAE.

Korea is unified under Northern control while Taiwan and Japan retain independence.

South America is broken up again into independent nations.

WW3 ends leaving hundreds of millions dead and all world powers broken.
Countries that were neutral during the war gain power.

The End.

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