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Post your favorite picture here and help us tour the world!

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posted on Jul, 23 2012 @ 02:25 PM
With all of the recent events happening over the last few days..... I wanted to escape the stress of regular life. Unfortunately my bank account won't allow a far off vacation, so I decided to see what I could find around home for cheap. I found a secluded little beach so close I can drive there in 5 minutes. I was surprised to see that nobody else was there to take advantage of the beauty this little area had to offer.

And my favorite -

Even after my little jaunt to the woods I am left with a thirst to adventure to unknown lands. I am honest with myself though, and know that it will have to wait until I retire.

I thought maybe ATS members could help me out here and post pictures of their favorite "escapes". I love to see pictures of any area or monument or whatever picture you are proud enough to post. Wildlife included!

ATS, take me on a tour around the world.

(If you need help uploading photos, just U2U me and I will offer assistance.)

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posted on Jul, 23 2012 @ 02:57 PM
Here's a few of my local getaways:

posted on Jul, 23 2012 @ 03:02 PM
Are you in Louisiana? Those are beautiful, thank you. I have always wanted to live in a big plantation house like the one you posted.

posted on Jul, 23 2012 @ 03:10 PM
Yep. Louisiana.
"Sportsman's Paradise"

posted on Jul, 23 2012 @ 03:14 PM
I've traveled all over the world and my favorite place is right here at home in Colorado.
I go as often as I can and it's not nearly enough.

Mount Princeton Hot Springs and the area around Nathrop, CO is an awesome place.
Of course there is the hot springs but there's also plenty of places to hike, fish, ride
horses, etc. And there's plenty of wildlife as well....mountain goats, big horns, mule
deer and there are even cabin's you can rent that come complete with bunnies.
That's right, bunnies! Bunny Lane cabins is famous for their hundreds (if not
thousands) of bunnies. People come from all over to bring their exotic
pet rabbits to this gorgeous area to let them loose and roam free.

Mount Princeton

Collegiate Peaks

The wonderfully medicinal Mount Princeton Hot Springs

Gorgeous Chalk Creek (I do not know the dude in the pic)

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posted on Jul, 23 2012 @ 03:21 PM
reply to post by orbitbaby

Ah, Colorado, somewhere I have never ventured to. Those are stunning pics. I hope you don't take that scenery for granted!

posted on Jul, 23 2012 @ 05:03 PM
I don't have much on my hard drive anymore, but I thought I would at least represent NW Florida (and lower Alabama) just a little.

This first shot is in Geneva County Alabama. My wife photoshopped the straw man into this; he was actually standing in front of a local business. Cotton is still big business in Alabama.

We frequent natural springs in our area. Here are two shots of the Cypress Trees around Morrison Springs at Ponce de Leon Springs Florida, which is a favorite for divers. There are underwater caves in most of these springs, and Morrison is no exception...

I'll try to post photos of the water later on. These were just handy. The place was recently remodeled to include the raised walkways. Imagine building these structures without destroying the wetlands you're working in. Florida laws are strict about this, especially down at the beaches.

This is the beach at Destin Florida. We frequent the beaches between Destin and Panama City, and it's one of the benefits of living here.

posted on Jul, 23 2012 @ 05:17 PM
reply to post by visualmiscreant

1.) I freaking love your Avatar!

2.) I spent several fantastic years in Pensacola and Crestview. I loved that place. Thanks for offering up what you had on hand. They are beautiful pics. I love how ATS members seem to be on the, shall we say, nature awareness side of things.

posted on Jul, 23 2012 @ 05:24 PM
This is one in Northern Alabama, Christmas of 2010. It was so pretty driving through the icy trees on Christmas day. A perfect winter wonderland.

posted on Jul, 23 2012 @ 05:28 PM
reply to post by Doodle19815

I live only a few miles from Ponce de Leon Springs. The whole area is a nature-lover's paradise as far as I'm concerned. I grew up in South Miami, but I've been here most of my adult life. No regrets about the move by the way...

(I got the avatar from alphacoders. They have free wallpaper and if you look closely, there's a link for free avatars as well. This one is a crop from a wallpaper; most of them probably are.)

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posted on Nov, 13 2012 @ 06:08 PM
Only just discovered this thread!

My favourite place, but where is it?

I will give you a clue later.

posted on Nov, 13 2012 @ 06:54 PM
reply to post by PuterMan

Beautiful! The peaks look different than the mountains here. More smooth and rounded. I would love to be in a little boat enjoying that view. I will guess this is in Ireland for obvious reasons. My ancestors "Mother Land".

My view when I get out to Gatlinburg, TN.

posted on Nov, 13 2012 @ 07:10 PM
reply to post by Doodle19815

Well you are right in part. The image below explains. (PSP is Paint Shop Pro - a bit like Photoshop)

I will post some proper images another day.

posted on Nov, 13 2012 @ 07:14 PM
reply to post by PuterMan

Could you put me a little boat in there? What's a boat when you can move mountains.

posted on Nov, 13 2012 @ 07:25 PM
Im originally from New Orleans.. but since you already have a NO poster.. here are some pics from where my parents are from: Montana.

posted on Nov, 13 2012 @ 07:28 PM
reply to post by Advantage

I have never been to Montana either, so thank you for taking me there.

The top one with red rock is gorgeous!

posted on Nov, 13 2012 @ 08:52 PM
reply to post by Doodle19815

The river that was my playground as a kid...the Maumee River at Maumee OH

Sunrises on Lake Erie at the west end of the lake...

And the "Crown Jewel" of the Metro Parks in NW Ohio...Oak Openings Preserve...

Enjoy! Mike

posted on Nov, 13 2012 @ 09:02 PM
What a very nice thread! Flag for you!
My favorite place in the world, and where I want my ashes spread... Assateague Island

posted on Nov, 13 2012 @ 09:40 PM
Beautiful pictures both of you.

So not only do I get to tour the world, but I have also learned I need to brush up on my picture taking skills.

We have some great photographers on ATS!

posted on Nov, 13 2012 @ 10:12 PM

Originally posted by Doodle19815
Beautiful pictures both of you.

So not only do I get to tour the world, but I have also learned I need to brush up on my picture taking skills.

We have some great photographers on ATS!

Oh I didnt take the ones I posted! LOL!! If I had, youd see my thumb or it would be offset.. or worse.
The pics I posted were just ones Id been to, know well, and represent what **I** feel are the most beautiful things I recall about the place!

I knew a doodle in Tn.. in Dyersburg tn.. yeaaaaars ago. If youre that doodle.. amazing.

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